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Models / Emma Butt

Avg Rating: 4.5

Emma Butt Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  October 20, 2006

Sussex born 27-year-old Emma has been a successful glamour and adult model for several years now.

The 34GG stunner says she particularly enjoys the dominant side of her PureCFNM shoots - and standing at 5"11, there's not many guys who would stand up to her.
Emma Butt Updates

Can't Function
Emma Butt, Luna Rival December 30, 2016
Emma is getting ready to go out to a posh dinner but her husband Jake walks in totally disorientated. His clothes are done up wrong and he can't talk properly. She realizes it is because men can't function unless they get a regular milking. She calls in young maid Luna and instructs her to undress him....
Finishing School
Emma Butt, Luna Rival October 28, 2016
Emma is trying to teach teen Luna the finer points of being a lady so she can bag herself a rich gentleman. Sadly the clueless youngster can't walk or talk properly so Emma decides to teach her the only other way to get a man - become skilled at milking his cock! She calls in the janitor and strips...
Pity Fuck
Emma Butt, Jasmine Lau, Paige Fox July 13, 2012
Poor old Mr Smythe is still in a Care Home and is feeling sorry for himself. When sexy nurse Jasmine walks in to check on him he says he has nothing to live for. Knowing he is quite wealthy, Jasmine decides to perk him up and lets him see her stockings. The old man becomes very aroused and strips off...
Breaking The Mannequin
Emma Butt, Jasmine Lau, Paige Fox February 24, 2012
Store manager Emma is redesigning the shop window displays when Nick comes in to buy his girlfriend a present. While browsing he accidentally trips and bumps into Emma, sending her mannequin crashing to the floor in piece. She is furious and hasn't got a replacement so she decides to make Nick pay -...
Nursing Home
Emma Butt, Paige Fox September 9, 2011
Ex bank manager Robert Smythe has ended up in a nursing home. With no family, the nurses are circling him like vultures trying to get into his will. As he lays in bed, nurses Emma and Paige come in to work their way into his affections. They bend over and accidentally let him see up their skirts and...
Catching The Photographer
Emma Butt, Tammie Lee January 7, 2011
Photographer Leo has Emma and Tammie in the studio to get some sexy underwear shots. As the girls strip off and get into some very provocative poses, Leo gets more and more aroused as he takes the pictures. He tells them to get dressed for the next set while he goes to check some equipment in the other...
Bullying The Geeks
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella November 5, 2010
Nerds Theo and Ella are just walking upstairs when bully Joe appears. He knocks their magazines to the ground and makes crude suggstions to them. Unfortunately for him, up walks amazon girls Angel and Emma who shout at him before knocking him unconscious! When he comes to he is tied to a chair naked...
Female Bailiffs
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella June 11, 2010
A computer genius is sitting in his empty apartment lamenting about a business deal which has bankrupt him when suddenly four female bailiffs burst in. He tries to explain he has nothing left but when they search him they find his car keys. They confiscate them and then see he has an expensive suit and...
Is He Gay?
Alyssa Leigh, Emma Butt, Syren Sexton, Vivian March 19, 2010
Two models are getting their hair and make-up done for a photoshoot. Production manager Emma calls over Alyssa as she is concerned about the behaviour of the male hairdresser. He is supposed to be gay but seems very interested in the girls. Emma confronts him and even grabs his groin where she finds...
Girls Finishing School
Alyssa Leigh, Emma Butt, Syren Sexton, Vivian November 6, 2009
Johnny has finished a hard day's work at the school and is muttering about how the stuck up teachers are making his life difficult. He gets into his bath to relax but teacher Emma is walking past and hears his negative comments and decides to teach him a lesson. She goes and fetches her next class of...
Trapped Under The Bed
Alyssa Leigh, Emma Butt, Syren Sexton, Vivian August 28, 2009
Dave is getting ready for bed and putting his pyjamas on when he realises that there is a broken spring in the mattress. He climbs under the bed to investigate just as Alysha, Emma, Syren and Vivian walk in. They ask him what he is doing and Emma sits on the bed which pins him to the floor. He asks them...
Car Crash
Emma Butt, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor March 20, 2009
Emma and Jan are walking along the road when they witness a serious car crash. Paramedic Wendy is quickly on the scene and the three of them manage to pull the driver from the wreckage. He has a serious leg injury and Wendy attends to it while instructing Jan to cut off his trousers. Wendy has just been...
Jan Gets Her Way
Emma Butt, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor October 17, 2008
Jan is having a coffee with friend Wendy when Wendy's son Nick walks in. Jan is quite taken with what a handsome man he has become and when they are left alone together she "accidentally" spills a drink on his trousers. She tells him to take them off so she can wash them and, despite his objections,...
Copying The Porn Mag
Cyprus Iles, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Emma Butt December 14, 2007
Gareth is masturbating to a porn mag completely unaware that Emma, Cyprus and Liz are watching him from the doorway. They are giggling as they watch him get excited looking at the girls pictures and decide to get involved. They burst in and he is very embarrassed and tries to cover up what he was doing....
Relieving The Cameraman
Emma Butt, Roxy Stox, Wendy Taylor September 7, 2007
It's the end of a long day's shooting and the girls are relaxing with cameraman Ben. He is pretending to alter some settings but is actually still filming them. They ask him if he gets turned on watching them giving guys handjobs and when he says he does, the girls decide to pounce on him and see if...
Hanging From The Balcony
Chrissie, Emma Butt, Roxy Stox, Wendy Taylor July 6, 2007
Nick is making out in Emma's room when they suddenly hear his mum coming up the stairs! The only place to hide is for him to hang over the edge of the balcony until she leaves. Unfortunately for him, the reason Wendy has come upstairs is to warn Emma that she has a real estate agent showing a prospective...
Garage Sale
Emma Butt, Roxy Stox, Wendy Taylor May 25, 2007
Wendy is sorting through her boyfriend's old clothes to see what fits him and what can be sold off in their garage sale. He tries on various items of clothing before she comes across and old fashioned bathing costume which she makes him try on for the amusement value. Just as he puts it on though, in...
Spying On Emma
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor January 26, 2007
When Nick hears that his sister's friend Emma is staying over, he decides to creep into their room while they are sleeping. He pulls back the covers and pulls out his cock and starts stroking himself while he looks at Emma's gorgeous body in her nightwear. Unfortunately for him, his mother walks by and...
Mum's Boyfriend
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor December 8, 2006
Wendy has brought her new boyfriend home for dinner but there's no food in the house. Wendy goes to the shops leaving her boyfriend to get to know her daughter. Little does she realise that Ashleigh isn't impressed with her mum getting a boyfriend and has a devious plan. Ashleigh and friend Emma ask...
Helping Ashleigh's Friend
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor October 20, 2006
Ashleigh's friend Emma is upset because she thinks she is ugly and none of the boys fancy her. Hearing the commotion, Ashleigh's mum comes in to help console her but Emma sobs that she has never even seen a man's penis, let alone had sex. Wendy decides to do something to boost Emma's ego and calls in...