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Models / Wendy Taylor

Avg Rating: 4.7

Wendy Taylor Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  January 13, 2006

Beautiful English MILF Wendy is 5ft 2 tall and 8 stone in weight. Her vital statistics are 34d-23-35 and she is a UK dress size of 8. She has been in more PureCFNM scenes than any other of our female models. She genuinely loves acting out the scenes and has really taken to her main role of 'mother' to some of the wayward boys and girls she comes across in her CFNM adventures.

Wendy is a veteran of the UK adult industry and has starred in hundreds of explicit videos. In her own words ""I never fake anything, so I suppose I'm not really an actress - it's just me enjoying myself
Wendy Taylor Updates

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Dorm Lock Out
Lexi Lou, Stephanie Blows, Wendy Taylor May 3, 2013
When Jon argues with his girlfriend she throws him out of her dorm room without any clothes. As he is trying to persuade his way back in, school matron Wendy and two pupils discover him and she is very unimpressed. She has him up against the wall as the young girls giggle at his nudity and then she throws...
Female Casting Agents
Lexi Lou, Stephanie Blows, Wendy Taylor February 1, 2013
Well known casting agent Wendy Taylor is interviewing a new male actor today. She often takes advantage of the good looking guys who need her help and today is no different. She explains that if he wants her to represent him she needs to see him naked - in case that's what the role calls for. After letching...
The Pawnbrokers
Cleo Summers, Eva May, Wendy Taylor April 20, 2012
Jamie is visiting the pawnbrokers as he needs cash urgently. He plans to sell them his watch but when the girls behind the counter see his cheap, crappy watch they aren't interested. They perk up though when they see the designer clothes he is wearing. They offer him cash for his shirt and then his trousers...
Lingerie Shop
Cleo Summers, Eva May, Wendy Taylor November 4, 2011
Rodney has gone to the lingerie shop to buy his girlfriend a present. He isn't sure what size she is and when sexy shop assistant Cleo offers to model some of the items for him he jumps at the chance. As she puts on the first bra and panty set he spies on her in the changing room and starts rubbing the...
Mouth To Mouth
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel July 15, 2011
Four girls are eyeing up the new lifeguard at the swimming club. They are chatting about how fit he is and wondering how big his cock is when MILF Wendy laughs and says in her day she would have had him eating out of her hand by now. Syren takes that as a challenge and walks over to him and pretends...
The Tailor's
Cleo Summers, Eva May, Wendy Taylor June 24, 2011
Jack is visiting Wendy's Tailor's shop to get fitted for a new suit. When she starts measuring him she has trouble getting a correct reading around his inside leg and asks if he would take his trousers off. When she sees the bulge in his boxers she takes these off as well and likes the sight of his cock...
Steam Room Flash
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel March 25, 2011
Four girls are relaxing in the steam room when the door opens and a man walks in. It's normally only girls in the steam room and they are a bit annoyed at his appearance, wearing only a towel. As they carry on chatting to each other, Yazmin's towel accidentally falls down and reveals her huge tits. The...
Swimming Class
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel January 14, 2011
Wendy is in the local swimming pool teaching three girls the breaststroke. As they stand there in their figure-hugging swimsuits, a guy starts spying on them, rubbing his groin as he watches their tight bodies. Suddenly Syren spots him and Wendy drags him out and holds his hands behind his back while...
Teen Handjob Lesson
Chloe Conrad, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor May 21, 2010
Chloe is in her bedroom with her boyfriend and suggests they take their relationship a step further - she wants to touch his cock! He eagerly accepts and she strips him off and starts trying to give him a handjob. Unfortunately Chloe isn't very experienced and isn't doing a very good job and he tells...
Leave Me Alone
Chloe Conrad, Hannah Shaw, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor February 5, 2010
Nathan has settled down in the basement to enjoy some time alone with his cock. Unfortunately he has just started playing with it when Wendy walks down the stairs and catches him! She is shocked but soon wants to join in and fights him for access to his cock. The noise brings Chloe running and she joins...
Seduced By MILFs
Hannah Shaw, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor December 18, 2009
When naive 18-year-old delivery boy Shane turns up at the doorstep of MILFs Jan and Wendy, he has no idea what is in store for him. The middle-aged women see his ripped jeans and think he hasn't got much money and tell him they will sew them up for him. He tries telling them it is the fashion but before...
Baby Shower
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor August 7, 2009
Ashleigh and her friends have been taken out by her mum Wendy to celebrate her pregnancy. The bar is deserted though so Wendy decides to spice things up by offering the bartender some money to do a striptease for them. The girls gather round as he strips off and when his cock comes into view the alcohol...
Mum I'm Pregnant
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor May 22, 2009
Ashleigh has gone to see her mother to tell her some bad news - she is pregnant! When Wendy finds out she is very annoyed and insists that she meets with the father immediately. She sends Ashleigh out the room so she can "deal with the young man herself. As Wendy starts interrogating him she catches...
Car Crash
Emma Butt, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor March 20, 2009
Emma and Jan are walking along the road when they witness a serious car crash. Paramedic Wendy is quickly on the scene and the three of them manage to pull the driver from the wreckage. He has a serious leg injury and Wendy attends to it while instructing Jan to cut off his trousers. Wendy has just been...
Sex Factor
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor March 6, 2009
We are on set at the final of the Sex Factor and judges Wendy, Ashleigh and Valery have whittled it down to three guys. One by one the guys have to strip naked and stand in front of the three girls as they grope and inspect their cock and balls, judging them on size, shape and responsiveness. Watching...
Jan Gets Her Way
Emma Butt, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor October 17, 2008
Jan is having a coffee with friend Wendy when Wendy's son Nick walks in. Jan is quite taken with what a handsome man he has become and when they are left alone together she "accidentally" spills a drink on his trousers. She tells him to take them off so she can wash them and, despite his objections,...
Wrong Room
Anna, Foxy Blonde, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor September 12, 2008
Wendy, Jan, Foxy and Anna have been out on the town. When they get back to the hotel, they can't remember which room they are in. They accidentally go into the wrong room and get a shock when they discover aging musician Jonny lying on his bed naked and masturbating to a porn movie! After their initial...
Youth v Experience
Anna, Foxy Blonde, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor June 13, 2008
Foxy is on the verge of getting married but over coffee in the hotel one morning, Jan says it is such a waste as her fiance is such a fine young man and she is too young to know what to really do with him. An argument follows in which Foxy and Anna say the youngsters know just as much about pleasing...
Sniffing The Knickers
Anna, Foxy Blonde, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor April 11, 2008
Alan is on his way out when he passes Anna at the front door. She looks great in her short skirt and when she says she is off to have a shower, Alan decides to sneak back in and see if he can steal her knickers. After spying on her stripping off, Alan grabs her knickers off the floor and is so transfixed...
Hung In The Barn
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Lady Tiffany, Rose Wood, Wendy Taylor March 14, 2008
Mark is in the bathroom when he suddenly sees his clothes getting pulled through the doorway. He runs out and sees Ellena running off with them. He chases her into a barn where she stops and he demands his clothes back. However, when he turns round he realises that four of her friends have blocked his...
Curing Blue Balls
Anna, Foxy Blonde, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor February 22, 2008
Wendy is having a coffee with friends and explaining how her second son James is out on a date. He hasn't had much luck with girls lately so she is hoping it goes well. As Rebecca and Anna decide to go home, Jan goes to make another coffee. James walks in and explains to his mum that his date was a "cock...
Relieving The Cameraman
Emma Butt, Roxy Stox, Wendy Taylor September 7, 2007
It's the end of a long day's shooting and the girls are relaxing with cameraman Ben. He is pretending to alter some settings but is actually still filming them. They ask him if he gets turned on watching them giving guys handjobs and when he says he does, the girls decide to pounce on him and see if...
Hanging From The Balcony
Chrissie, Emma Butt, Roxy Stox, Wendy Taylor July 6, 2007
Nick is making out in Emma's room when they suddenly hear his mum coming up the stairs! The only place to hide is for him to hang over the edge of the balcony until she leaves. Unfortunately for him, the reason Wendy has come upstairs is to warn Emma that she has a real estate agent showing a prospective...
Garage Sale
Emma Butt, Roxy Stox, Wendy Taylor May 25, 2007
Wendy is sorting through her boyfriend's old clothes to see what fits him and what can be sold off in their garage sale. He tries on various items of clothing before she comes across and old fashioned bathing costume which she makes him try on for the amusement value. Just as he puts it on though, in...
Spying On Emma
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor January 26, 2007
When Nick hears that his sister's friend Emma is staying over, he decides to creep into their room while they are sleeping. He pulls back the covers and pulls out his cock and starts stroking himself while he looks at Emma's gorgeous body in her nightwear. Unfortunately for him, his mother walks by and...
Mum's Boyfriend
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor December 8, 2006
Wendy has brought her new boyfriend home for dinner but there's no food in the house. Wendy goes to the shops leaving her boyfriend to get to know her daughter. Little does she realise that Ashleigh isn't impressed with her mum getting a boyfriend and has a devious plan. Ashleigh and friend Emma ask...
Helping Ashleigh's Friend
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor October 20, 2006
Ashleigh's friend Emma is upset because she thinks she is ugly and none of the boys fancy her. Hearing the commotion, Ashleigh's mum comes in to help console her but Emma sobs that she has never even seen a man's penis, let alone had sex. Wendy decides to do something to boost Emma's ego and calls in...
Lifeguard Review Meeting
Angel, Melons Marie, Wendy Taylor May 26, 2006
After successfully landing the job as lifeguard to the local women's club pool, it is time for Julien's appraisal meeting with his bosses Marie, Wendy and Angel. He has just come from his duties at the pool so only has his regulation thong swimming trunks on and Angel starts fondling him as soon as he...

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