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Models / Tammie Lee

Avg Rating: 4.8

Tammie Lee Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Long Legs
Date Joined:  April 1, 2008

23-year-old brunette babe Tammie Lee is an established glamour model and regularly presents on late night adult television chat shows in the UK.

Originally hailing from Birmingham, Tammie stands 5"7 tall and has a stunning 34-21-25 figure.

She said she had a great day shooting with the PureCFNM team and will definitely be back again soon.
Tammie Lee Updates

Catching The Photographer
Emma Butt, Tammie Lee January 7, 2011
Photographer Leo has Emma and Tammie in the studio to get some sexy underwear shots. As the girls strip off and get into some very provocative poses, Leo gets more and more aroused as he takes the pictures. He tells them to get dressed for the next set while he goes to check some equipment in the other...
Fucking The Chauffeur
Kerry Louise, Tammie Lee April 16, 2010
Rich girls Tammie and Kerry tell their limousine driver to pull over in the countryside and join them in the back seat. The chauffeur is very reluctant but you don't say no to these girls - they always get what they want. They strip him naked and blindfold him while they take turns to suck his cock....
Newsreader Facial
Michelle Moist, Nikita Law, Sasha Rose, Suzie Best, Tammie Lee January 22, 2010
Tammie Lee is reading a very different sort of news for Channel 5. Off screen four girls are wanking three naked guys and every time the guys get over excited they walk on screen and cum on Tammie's face! The off stage girls think it is hilarious, getting the guys so worked up that they cover Tammie's...
Limousine Blowjob
Kerry Louise, Tammie Lee January 8, 2010
Rich society girls Kerry and Tammie are cruising around in their chauffeur-driven limousine when they spot a guy at the side of the road hitch-hiking. He is from up north and isn't used to city life. Unfortunately the innocent guy has got into the wrong car and the two girls quickly set about seducing...
Alien Girls Experiment
Michelle Moist, Nikita Law, Sasha Rose, Suzie Best, Tammie Lee October 16, 2009
Dave is at the garage waiting for his car to be repaired. As he sits down to read his paper out of nowhere four stunning girls appear in what he thinks are fancy dress costumes. Unfortunately for him they are actually aliens and quickly transport him back to their spaceship where they intend to study...
It Geek
Michelle Moist, Nikita Law, Sasha Rose, Suzie Best, Tammie Lee July 31, 2009
Nicola is holding a meeting with her all female team to discuss next year's fashion trends. The geek from the computer department comes in to fix her laptop during the meeting and soon gets distracted as the girls stand up and show off their skirts and discuss the cut and fabric. Watching these sexy...
The 12-Incher
Keisha Kane, Kelly Marina, Tammie Lee July 10, 2009
Keisha is bragging about the huge size of her new boyfriend's penis but Tammie and Kelly don't believe a word of it. To prove them wrong Keisha invites him round and tells him to drop his trousers. After the initial embarrassment of such a request, Danny is very reluctant but Keisha pulls him forward...
Football Match
Keisha Kane, Kelly Marina, Tammie Lee May 15, 2009
Tammie, Keisha and Kelly are watching their favourite team Liverpool playing Chelsea in an important football match. The girls leap for joy as Liverpool score and they comment on how fit some of the players are. Sadly for them, Chelsea score two quick goals and end up winning the game. The girls are...
Art Class
Cate Harrington, Danica, Renee Richards, Sophia X, Tammie Lee May 1, 2009
Danica's art class is drawing a life model this week, but as the gorgeous model takes off her robe and reveals her stunning naked body, one of the students gets a bit excited. Dale is the only male in the class and the naked girl in front of him gets him quite aroused. As Danica walks round the class...
Aerobics Class
Carmen, Cate Harrington, Danica, Danielle, Heather C, Kirstin Y, Renee Richards, Sophia X, Tammie Lee February 27, 2009
Seven girls have arrived for Renee's aerobics class but they are surprised to see a guy in today's session. As Renee begins taking them through their stretching routines, the girls become more aware that the guy is only pretending to do the movements but is actually checking out their asses and looking...
69 Lesson
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox December 12, 2008
Five girls have turned up to Cate's weekly class on improving sexual technique. However, they had no idea that this week's class on the 69 position would include a practical demonstration! The girls are a bit shocked when the male model walks in and strips naked. But they then start to find the situation...
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox September 19, 2008
Jason's girlfriend Tammie is away on a course but he is feeling horny so he calls her up and the two end up having phonesex. Unknown to him, his female housemates come back early from the cinema and hear moans coming from his room. They barge in on him and laugh their heads off when they see him stroking...
Male Anatomy Lesson
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox June 6, 2008
Sister Stacey is conducting a class in male anatomy when her phone goes and she is called away to the Mother Superior's office. The giggling schoolgirls are left on their own staring at diagrams of penises when Jody arrives to deliver a package of frogs for their biology class later that day. The girls...
Nerdy Girls' Stripper
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox April 4, 2008
Six intelligent but nerdy girls are having their usual get together one evening. They start off playing silly, nerdy games as usual but Harmony has decided she wants to do something different tonight. First she tries to get them to taste their first drop of alcohol but when they say no, she wheels in...