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Models / Jasmine Lau

Avg Rating: 4.7

Jasmine Lau Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  October 19, 2007

18-year-old Justine quite literally blew us away when she walked through the door for her first PureCFNM shoot.

The 5"7 beauty travelled over seven hours to get to our studio because she was so keen to be featured on the PureCFNM website.

Hull-based Justine then showed why she will be an adult star of the future by grabbing the opportunity with both hands - literally!
Jasmine Lau Updates

Fake Hypnosis
Honour May, Jasmine Lau January 19, 2018
Honour and boyfriend Jake want to have a CFNM experience but don't want things to get awkward with their friend Jasmine. So Honour pretends to hypnotize him and gets him to strip naked in front of her to prove he is under her spell. She then encourages Jasmine to wank and then suck his cock! With both...
Sponsored Nudity
Honour May, Jasmine Lau November 17, 2017
Two office girls are shocked when Bob from accounts walks in doing a sponsored nude day in aid of prostate cancer. After they stop laughing the girls decide to have some fun with him and offer ??20 if he flashes them his cock. He does it for the charity but they then offer more money if they can take...
Choosing Dresses
Honour May, Jasmine Lau September 22, 2017
Honour and Jasmine are trying to decide which dresses to wear for their evening out. They decide to use flatmate Daniel as a "bonermeter" - changing from dress to dress and seeing which one makes his cock twitch the most. They giggle as he tents in his trousers as soon as he sees them in their underwear....
Hacker Test
Alexis Crystal, Grace Harper, Jasmine Lau, Skyler Mckay December 23, 2016
Super rich bad girl Jasmine needs to break into a top secret computer system. Hacker Stanley is the only one who can do it fast enough but first she needs to check he is up to the job. While her female henchmen restrain him, gorgeous babe Alexis takes his trousers off and starts sucking his cock. While...
Foreskin Play
Alexis Crystal, Grace Harper, Jasmine Lau, Skyler Mckay August 19, 2016
Miss Lau is trying to teach her class about foreskins but the girls seem confused. When teaching assistant Jason walks in saying the headmaster would like to see her after class, Jasmine pounces on him and asks him if he has a foreskin. When he admits he has, she strips him naked so she can show the...
Pity Fuck
Emma Butt, Jasmine Lau, Paige Fox July 13, 2012
Poor old Mr Smythe is still in a Care Home and is feeling sorry for himself. When sexy nurse Jasmine walks in to check on him he says he has nothing to live for. Knowing he is quite wealthy, Jasmine decides to perk him up and lets him see her stockings. The old man becomes very aroused and strips off...
Breaking The Mannequin
Emma Butt, Jasmine Lau, Paige Fox February 24, 2012
Store manager Emma is redesigning the shop window displays when Nick comes in to buy his girlfriend a present. While browsing he accidentally trips and bumps into Emma, sending her mannequin crashing to the floor in piece. She is furious and hasn't got a replacement so she decides to make Nick pay -...
Cleopatra's Slave
Danica, Harmony Hex, Honey B, Jasmine Lau October 1, 2010
Cleopatra is discussing the affairs of her kingdom with her servant girls when one of her soldiers is brought in. It appears he was caught trying to sneak into the temple of the virgins. Cleopatra is furious and decides to teach the man a lesson in controlling his sexual urges. She tells her servant...
Facial Scrubs
Danica, Harmony Hex, Honey B, Jasmine Lau July 2, 2010
Harmony has gone to see her doctor because she has some spots on her face. Dr Danica takes a close look and prescribes an ancient remedy - male semen! Harmony doesn't have a boyfriend though so Danica calls in her male colleague and asks him to help out. Two female interns join them and she starts removing...
Padded Cell
Danica, Harmony Hex, Honey B, Jasmine Lau April 30, 2010
After getting stripped and milked by the Netball girls, schoolteacher Ron's life took a downward spiral and he has ended up in a mental institution. Unfortunately for him, the female doctors think it was him who preyed on the schoolgirls, not the other way around and they are going to teach him a lesson....
Naked Waiter
Ellena, Jasmine Lau, Lola Flame, Tanya Cox April 18, 2008
Chef Lola has hired Jack to be a naked waiter to encourage more women into her restaurant. She gets him to strip off in the kitchen and then examines his cock and balls, turning them over with a spoon, before sending him out with a tray to serve the guests. As he approaches a table of five girls,...
Can't Pay For Dinner
Jasmine Lau, Lola Flame, Tanya Cox January 11, 2008
Robin has taken his new date out for dinner and is trying to impress her. He pretends to be very rich and orders the most expensive of everything. However, when the bill comes Robin is horrified to find he has forgotten his wallet. His date, thinking she was being treated, hasn't got any money with her...
Under The Table
Jasmine Lau, Tanya Cox October 19, 2007
Charlotte is having a romantic dinner with her boyfriend when she confides in him that she has always fantasised about playing with his cock in a public place. She sees that two women are having dinner behind them and tells him she really wants to carry out her fantasy then and there! Before he can object...