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Models / Syren Sexton

Avg Rating: 4.9

Syren Sexton Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  December 21, 2007

Glamour model Syren hails from Newcastle but isn't your normal strong, independent Geordie.

Instead she is shy and quite innocent - until we stripped some guys naked and put their cocks in her hand!

She certainly wasn't phased though and the gorgeous blonde 22-year-old started stroking like a pro and has already asked to come back again.
Syren Sexton Updates

Concealed Weapon
Caprice Jane, Syren Sexton July 20, 2012
Police women Caprice and Syren have been told to check out a local yard where they suspect stolen goods are being fenced. When they arrive they catch thief Jamie in the act. However, he is quite good looking and rather than take him in immediately, they decide to strip search him. The naughty cops get...
Interrupted By The Maid
Syren Sexton March 2, 2012
Roger is having a wank in his hotel rooom and doesn't hear the knock of hotel maid Syren. When she walks in and sees him naked stroking his cock she is very shocked and freezes to the spot. Since she doesn't walk out straightaway Roger asks if he can carry on and she sits on the bed and watches him....
Pretend Prank
Caprice Jane, Syren Sexton January 6, 2012
Chris thinks he has come up with a brilliant way of flashing girls without getting arrested - he ties himself to a tree and pretends it's his stag do and his friends have done it to him! Syren and Caprice find him and offer to help, but when they examine the knots they realise they aren't tight enough...
Geeks In Love
Cherry Adams, Scarlett March, Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton November 11, 2011
School nerd James is working on a project in the computer room when Cherry walks in. She has a big crush on him and wants to kiss him but when the bitchy popular girls burst in they are just out to bully James. They tease him about his tie and when Cherry defends him the pretty girls joke about them...
Last Man On Earth
Caprice Jane, Syren Sexton October 28, 2011
It's 2021 and a deadly virus has wiped out the entire male population - except one. Women across the globe hunt down this sole male survivor in the hope of getting him to impregnate them. Caprice and Syren manage to track him down and capture him in a net while he sleeps. As he struggles, they rip his...
Mouth To Mouth
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel July 15, 2011
Four girls are eyeing up the new lifeguard at the swimming club. They are chatting about how fit he is and wondering how big his cock is when MILF Wendy laughs and says in her day she would have had him eating out of her hand by now. Syren takes that as a challenge and walks over to him and pretends...
Who Milked Me?
Cherry Adams, Scarlett March, Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton May 27, 2011
When Daniel drops some coins beneath the sofa bed he climbs under to retrieve them. Syren walks in and jumps on top of the bed so he can't get up. Scarlet, Sophie and Cherry join her and decide to have some fun at his expense. They realise he can't move and is totally at their mercy. As Daniel protests...
Steam Room Flash
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel March 25, 2011
Four girls are relaxing in the steam room when the door opens and a man walks in. It's normally only girls in the steam room and they are a bit annoyed at his appearance, wearing only a towel. As they carry on chatting to each other, Yazmin's towel accidentally falls down and reveals her huge tits. The...
Swimming Class
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel January 14, 2011
Wendy is in the local swimming pool teaching three girls the breaststroke. As they stand there in their figure-hugging swimsuits, a guy starts spying on them, rubbing his groin as he watches their tight bodies. Suddenly Syren spots him and Wendy drags him out and holds his hands behind his back while...
Nudist Colony
Alexis May, Jessica Pressley, Syren Sexton, Tiffany Doll November 26, 2010
Four schoolgirls are walking through the woods trying to find the local nudist colony they have heard a rumour about. As they round a corner they see a naked man doing some stretching exercises. They watch him for a bit, giggling as they see his penis, and then they get up the courage to approach him....
Farmboy Gets A Hand
Alexis May, Jessica Pressley, Syren Sexton, Tiffany Doll September 24, 2010
All the girls working on the farm have the hots for new foreign worker Jose. As he clears some leaves from the cattle shed, Syren decides to seduce him and soon has her hands down the front of his trousers! She undresses him and starts stroking his beautiful cock but they are then interrupted by three...
Natural Sunscreen
Alexis May, Jessica Pressley, Syren Sexton, Tiffany Doll July 23, 2010
Four girls are sitting by the pool sunbathing. They are unaware that inside the house, Tony has spotted their sexy bodies and started playing with himself. His wanking gets more frantic as they go topless. Unfortunately, Syren decides to go inside for some drinks and catches him red handed. She is initially...
Is He Gay?
Alyssa Leigh, Emma Butt, Syren Sexton, Vivian March 19, 2010
Two models are getting their hair and make-up done for a photoshoot. Production manager Emma calls over Alyssa as she is concerned about the behaviour of the male hairdresser. He is supposed to be gay but seems very interested in the girls. Emma confronts him and even grabs his groin where she finds...
Girls Finishing School
Alyssa Leigh, Emma Butt, Syren Sexton, Vivian November 6, 2009
Johnny has finished a hard day's work at the school and is muttering about how the stuck up teachers are making his life difficult. He gets into his bath to relax but teacher Emma is walking past and hears his negative comments and decides to teach him a lesson. She goes and fetches her next class of...
Trapped Under The Bed
Alyssa Leigh, Emma Butt, Syren Sexton, Vivian August 28, 2009
Dave is getting ready for bed and putting his pyjamas on when he realises that there is a broken spring in the mattress. He climbs under the bed to investigate just as Alysha, Emma, Syren and Vivian walk in. They ask him what he is doing and Emma sits on the bed which pins him to the floor. He asks them...
Replacement Bank Manager
Faye Rampton, Kyla Marshall, Sasha Rose, Syren Sexton April 10, 2009
Mr Smythe has retired and his replacement is being shown around his new office. When he meets secretary Abbey he has been told by Smythe that she gives sexual favours and starts fondling her tit which promptly gets him a slap round the face. Abbey is furious and calls in Kyla and Sasha to help her punish...
Webcam Watchers
Alyssa Leigh, Poppy Morgan, Sasha Rose, Syren Sexton, Teegan Lee February 13, 2009
Poppy has persuaded boyfriend Gary to have some fun on webcam while other people watch. She has logged into a public webcam community and before long another girl enters their chatroom. Teegan is on her own in her office and starts touching herself as she tells Poppy what to do with Gary. First, she...
Sharing The Old Pervert
Sasha Rose, Syren Sexton August 22, 2008
Abbey has been given the keys to her boss's house so she can look after it while he is away. However, when the girls go round they see Mr Smythe's car. Not only is he still there but they see through the window that he is wanking while staring at a picture of Abbey! The girls are not happy and storm...
Bank Manager
Sasha Rose, Syren Sexton June 27, 2008
Beautiful blonde Sasha has come to see Bank Manager Robert Smythe for a loan but Mr Smythe isn't impressed with her figures and sends her on her way. Sasha gets as far as the door but then decides to use all her feminine assetts to get the loan. She walks back over to My Smythe and lifts up her skirt....
Broken Arm
Alyssa Leigh, Liz Eaton, Lyka Croft, Syren Sexton February 15, 2008
Lyka has been to the hospital to collect Tom who has broken his arm playing football. Her friends are waiting anxiously back at the house and are very concerned for Tom when he walks in. They decide to help him get into bed and start to undress him. He tries to stop them but doesn't have the strength....
Christmas Presents
Alyssa Leigh, Liz Eaton, Lyka Croft, Syren Sexton December 28, 2007
Five friends are opening Christmas presents together. Gemma goes first, opening her gift to reveal a sexy underwear set. The girls comment on how lovely it looks and persuade her to try them on. The others start opening their presents too and one by one they all seem to have received underwear. Simon's...
Christmas Party
Alyssa Leigh, Liz Eaton, Lyka Croft, Syren Sexton December 21, 2007
Gaz is accompanying wife Abbey to the office party. As he sits chatting to some of her work colleagues, Abbey discusses the upcoming round of promotions with boss Alyssa. Strong career woman Alyssa doesn't have much time for men but is quite taken with Abbey's husband and the two of them make an agreement...