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Models / Tiffany Ella

Avg Rating: 4.6

Tiffany Ella Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  June 8, 2010

Welsh youngster Tiffany is a full-time glamour model but only started in the industry fairly recently. Her shy, innocent manner was 100% real as her visit to PureCFNM was the first adult shoot she had ever been on.

The 20-year-old certainly seemed to enjoy herself though and has already asked to return. Standing an elegant 5"6 tall and with a gorgeous 30-24-33 figure she is sure to become a members favourite.
Tiffany Ella Updates

Please Doctor
Tiffany Ella January 11, 2013
Tiffany is at the doctor's, claiming to have pains in her chest. She places the doctor's hand on her tits and he soon realizes she has other reasons for her visit. She says she is inexperienced with men and wants him to teach her about a man's body. The doctor is very reluctant but when she starts rubbing...
Learning To Fuck
Blondie Fesser, Eva Simmonds, Renee Richards, Tiffany Ella April 8, 2011
Inexperienced Tiffany has asked sex expert Renee Richards to teach her how to be an expert in bed. For her first lesson Tiffany is shocked to find a young stud and two female spectators in the room but before she knows what is going on, Renee has her on her knees with the naked boy's cock in her mouth....
Scotsman's Kilt
Blondie Fesser, Eva Simmonds, Renee Richards, Tiffany Ella January 21, 2011
The girls are getting ready to go out to a party and are waiting for Alistair to come and pick them up. When he turns up they discover he is wearing the complete Scottish kilt outfit and Renee can't help but grab hold of the lovely tartan kilt to feel its quality. By doing so she accidentally brushes...
Bullying The Geeks
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella November 5, 2010
Nerds Theo and Ella are just walking upstairs when bully Joe appears. He knocks their magazines to the ground and makes crude suggstions to them. Unfortunately for him, up walks amazon girls Angel and Emma who shout at him before knocking him unconscious! When he comes to he is tied to a chair naked...
Gloryhole CFNM
Blondie Fesser, Eva Simmonds, Renee Richards, Tiffany Ella October 22, 2010
Eva has sneaked into the toilet so she can send a private text message but as she is sitting there she suddenly cries out in shock as a penis emerges through a hole in the wall! She calls out for friends Renee, Laura and Ella who rush in. The other girls are stunned as well but streetwise Renee tells...
Female Bailiffs
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella June 11, 2010
A computer genius is sitting in his empty apartment lamenting about a business deal which has bankrupt him when suddenly four female bailiffs burst in. He tries to explain he has nothing left but when they search him they find his car keys. They confiscate them and then see he has an expensive suit and...