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Models / Angel Long

Avg Rating: 4.8

Angel Long Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Long Legs
Date Joined:  December 22, 2009

Angel Long has been described as one of Britain's most popular porn stars having featured in hundreds of adult DVDs and websites.

The 25-year-old blonde won the AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene in 2003 and is renowned the world over.

Standing at just over six feet tall the Wiltshire born girl cuts an imposing but beautiful figure.

She has also been a long standing presenter on the British TV adult phone sex channels and has recently been filming her own series for TelevisionX in the UK.
Angel Long Updates

Cheering Up The Mascot
Angel Long, Chantelle Fox, Michelle Moist, Stacey Lacey September 16, 2011
It's been another losing afternoon for the Red Dragons and as the cheerleaders and team mascot trudge off the field they are very depressed. The mascot is particularly devastated and the girls feel sorry for him. It's been a hot day and they decide to help him out of his furry outfit but as they strip...
Dry Cleaners
Angel Long, Chantelle Fox, Michelle Moist, Stacey Lacey June 17, 2011
Tony has got a spunk stain on his trousers and sneaks into the dry cleaners, trying to leave a note before anyone stops him. Sadly Angel serves him and sniffs and even licks the stain to see how best to get it out. As Tony looks on very embarrassed, a girl he has fancied for ages, Chantelle, walks in....
Rock Chicks Groupie
Angel Long, Chantelle Fox, Michelle Moist, Stacey Lacey April 15, 2011
All female rock band "Girls Disallowed" are just finishing rehearsal when in walks obsessed fan Gareth. He idolizes the girls and can't believe he is in the same room as them. When they refuse to give him an autograph and tell him they only like really attractive and well hung groupies he decides to...
Bullying The Geeks
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella November 5, 2010
Nerds Theo and Ella are just walking upstairs when bully Joe appears. He knocks their magazines to the ground and makes crude suggstions to them. Unfortunately for him, up walks amazon girls Angel and Emma who shout at him before knocking him unconscious! When he comes to he is tied to a chair naked...
Female Bailiffs
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella June 11, 2010
A computer genius is sitting in his empty apartment lamenting about a business deal which has bankrupt him when suddenly four female bailiffs burst in. He tries to explain he has nothing left but when they search him they find his car keys. They confiscate them and then see he has an expensive suit and...
Glass Coffee Table
Angel Long, Crystal Pink, Jessy, Krystal Niles June 4, 2010
Angel is going to a wedding and has bought a new suit for her boyfriend but when he tries it on, it doesn't fit. Although her girl friends are round for a coffee, she still insists on him taking the trousers off in front of them so she can sew them up. As Robin sits between two of the girls, they start...
Rappers Trousers
Angel Long, Crystal Pink, Jessy March 12, 2010
Jessy has brought her new boyfriend home to meet her three friends but when he walks in it is clear he is a gangster rapper wannabe. He has the baseball cap, bling jewellery and trousers halfway down showing his boxer shorts. The girls are very unimpressed and poke fun at his trousers. When he tries...
A Christmas Carol
Angel Long, Crystal Pink, Jessy, Krystal Niles December 25, 2009
Four girls are being made to work late on Christmas Eve by their Scrooge-like boss Mr Jones. He is very anti-Christmas and when he discovers a festive hat in Crystal's handbag he gets very annoyed. However, this proves to be the final straw for the girls who have had enough. They put down their pens...