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Models / Cyprus Iles

Avg Rating: 4.8

Cyprus Iles Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  June 1, 2007

Bristol-based blonde bombshell Cyprus Iles has been working in the adult industry for just over a year.

The 25-year-old is very outgoing and loves showing off her slim 34D-26-32 figure. The 5"7 stunner originally got into the business with her boyfriend at the time but when they split up she decided she enjoyed it too much to stop! His loss is our gain.
Cyprus Iles Updates

Trying A White Guy
Cyprus Iles, Jessica Pressley, Mai Bailey March 27, 2009
The date of Mai's arranged marriage is getting closer and she is worried she has only ever seen her husband-to-be's cock. Friends Cyprus and Jessica decide to help her out and invite round Joe so she can compare. Jessica uses all her feminine charm to persuade Joe to show his cock to Mai but as his shorts...
Arranged Marriage
Amanda Pickering, Cyprus Iles, Jessica Pressley, Mai Bailey December 19, 2008
Mai is all nervous because her parents have arranged a marriage for her with a guy she has never met. She is chatting with friends Cyprus, Jess and Amanda before he comes round and persuades them to stay because she is so nervous. When he walks in, the girls are impressed by his tales of business success...
Sick Boy
Amanda Pickering, Cyprus Iles, Mai Bailey August 29, 2008
Cyprus is worried about her friend Shaun who is ill in bed. She goes up to check on him and as she cradles his head to her bosom Shaun gets a bit aroused. When she asks if she can do anything to make him feel better, he pulls the bed covers down and shows her the bulge in his underwear. He says he is...
Brother Humiliated
Cyprus Iles, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Jessy July 18, 2008
Liz and Cyprus are sitting with Jessy talking about how much her brother fancies Cyprus and giggling about it. When her brother comes in, Jessy is embarrassed about how he behaves around Cyprus and sends him off to get them all some drinks. She decides to teach him a lesson and tells the other girls...
Hung In The Barn
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Lady Tiffany, Rose Wood, Wendy Taylor March 14, 2008
Mark is in the bathroom when he suddenly sees his clothes getting pulled through the doorway. He runs out and sees Ellena running off with them. He chases her into a barn where she stops and he demands his clothes back. However, when he turns round he realises that four of her friends have blocked his...
The Co-Worker
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Rose Wood January 25, 2008
Rose is having a night in with the girls and as they enjoy their first drink she announces that she has a surprise in store for them. She saw an advert on the internet from a guy who wanted to come and strip down to just a collar and cuffs at a girls night and then allow them to order him around as they...
Copying The Porn Mag
Cyprus Iles, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Emma Butt December 14, 2007
Gareth is masturbating to a porn mag completely unaware that Emma, Cyprus and Liz are watching him from the doorway. They are giggling as they watch him get excited looking at the girls pictures and decide to get involved. They burst in and he is very embarrassed and tries to cover up what he was doing....
Wanking Through The Window
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Rose Wood December 7, 2007
Sean is enjoying a quiet afternoon wank with his favourite porn mag when suddenly schoolgirls Cyprus and Ellena walk past the window and see what he is doing. They are shocked but find it very funny and they creep up to the window to look closer. Eventually they can't contain their laughter any more...
Blindfolded And Shared
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Rose Wood November 9, 2007
Matt and girlfriend Cyprus are walking in the woods when she suddenly confides in him that she has a fantasy about blindfolding and then having some fun with him in a public place. Matt isn't sure but she says she likes the excitement of being outside and maybe getting caught. Cyprus blindfold and strips...
Face-Sitting The Stripper
Ayla, Cyprus Iles, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Jessy, Loz Lorrimar, Tiffany Kingston June 1, 2007
Seven girls are having a get together for Liz's birthday and they have hired a stripper. Before he arrives pretty blonde Cyprus warns them that he doesn't allow touching but when he arrives and starts dancing round the room stripping off, the girls can't help themselves. He pushes them away to start...