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Models / Theo

Avg Rating: 4.5

Theo Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  November 25, 2008

Every now and again a girl walks through the door and you know she has star quality. It was just this way with 21-year-old Theo.

The stunning petite blonde is a former Playboy contract model and has a wonderful girl-next-door cutesiness about her.

Her 32-24-32 figure has also been wowing the audiences of the Adult Channel in the UK and the gorgeous Essex girl now plies her trade as a glamour model.
Theo Updates

Bullying The Geeks
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella November 5, 2010
Nerds Theo and Ella are just walking upstairs when bully Joe appears. He knocks their magazines to the ground and makes crude suggstions to them. Unfortunately for him, up walks amazon girls Angel and Emma who shout at him before knocking him unconscious! When he comes to he is tied to a chair naked...
Female Bailiffs
Angel Long, Emma Butt, Theo, Tiffany Ella June 11, 2010
A computer genius is sitting in his empty apartment lamenting about a business deal which has bankrupt him when suddenly four female bailiffs burst in. He tries to explain he has nothing left but when they search him they find his car keys. They confiscate them and then see he has an expensive suit and...
Spying On Jessica
Jessica Pressley, Theo May 28, 2010
Jessica is having a shower and doesn't hear the estate agent let himself in so he can take some measurements. When he sees her beautiful naked body in the bathroom he starts watching her and soon undoes his trousers and starts wanking his cock. Unfortunately for him, Jessica's flatmate Theo comes home...
Teacher Blackmailed
Jessica Pressley, Theo January 29, 2010
Schoolgirls Jessica and Theo have stumbled upon a secret and they are going to blackmail their teacher with it. It seems they caught Mr Davies and Miss Jenkins in the cupboard together and are threatening to tell the head teacher unless he strips naked and teaches them all about his cock! Mr Davies tries...
Caught Wanking
Jessica Pressley, Theo November 20, 2009
Jess and Theo are chatting in the lounge when Theo says that she thinks Jess's new flatmate is really fit. Jess says he is very young and she hears him at night playing with himself in his room. The two girls decide to sneak in and see if they can catch him at it. When they open his door, there he is...
Handjob In The Cinema
Belinda Cook, Katie Davies, Louise Kay, Michelle Barrett, Miranda Hodges, Sarah Kent, Theo April 3, 2009
Theo and Michelle are feeling naughty so have gone to the local cinema where they are showing an adult film. Sitting in the back row, they spot a guy on his own further down and decide to have some fun. They ask him if they can sit next to him and start talking to him about whether the film is turning...
Lesbian Torment
JC, Mia Moore, Nikita Law, Theo, Valentina Cruz February 20, 2009
Francesca is mad that her friend Mia's boyfriend has been cheating on her so she kidnaps him and ties him to a chair. Although he denies any wrong doing, Mia and Francesca are determined to teach him a lesson and strip him naked before starting to kiss each other in front of him. The two girls then get...
Stroked For An Audience
Belinda Cook, Katie Davies, Louise Kay, Michelle Barrett, Miranda Hodges, Sarah Kent, Theo January 23, 2009
After their ordeal at the hands of robbers in "Dinner Party Hold Up", Theo and Justin have split up. Justin is desperate to get her back though and when she comes up with a very strange test for him, he has no option to comply or risk losing her forever. The test is that he must allow her to strip him...
Dinner Party Hold Up
Mia Moore, Nikita Law, Theo, Valentina Cruz November 28, 2008
Two posh couples are having a dinner party when robbers Francesca and Mia burst in and demand their jewellery and wallets. They force them to empty their pockets and take off their valuables and then force them to strip! The men are stripped naked and the girls down to their underwear and then they are...