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Models / Paige Fox

Avg Rating: 4.3

Paige Fox Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  May 5th, 2009

Sussex stunner Paige is the real life best friendof PureCFNM favourite Jessica. Jessica has worked for PureCFNM for several years and mentioned to Paige one day how much fun she had on our shoots.

The cute 21-year-old Paige didn't need asking twice and was soon on set, giggling away as she saw all these strange men stripping naked.

Unsurprisingly, the men quite enjoyed it when the bubbly 5"4 blonde got her hands on their cocks. Her and Jessica are sure to prove a formidable tag team for PureCFNM shoots of the future!
Paige Fox Updates

Pity Fuck
Emma Butt, Jasmine Lau, Paige Fox July 13, 2012
Poor old Mr Smythe is still in a Care Home and is feeling sorry for himself. When sexy nurse Jasmine walks in to check on him he says he has nothing to live for. Knowing he is quite wealthy, Jasmine decides to perk him up and lets him see her stockings. The old man becomes very aroused and strips off...
Breaking The Mannequin
Emma Butt, Jasmine Lau, Paige Fox February 24, 2012
Store manager Emma is redesigning the shop window displays when Nick comes in to buy his girlfriend a present. While browsing he accidentally trips and bumps into Emma, sending her mannequin crashing to the floor in piece. She is furious and hasn't got a replacement so she decides to make Nick pay -...
Foreign Girl And The Washing
Lexy, Paige Fox, Scarlet Lovatt January 20, 2012
Foreign exchange student Lexy is waiting for her friend Paige to come home when Pete arrives to do his washing. He isn't put off by the sexy Hungarian sitting before him ad starts stripping off so he can put his clothes in the washing machine. She is shocked and asks him to stop but when his cock springs...
Nursing Home
Emma Butt, Paige Fox September 9, 2011
Ex bank manager Robert Smythe has ended up in a nursing home. With no family, the nurses are circling him like vultures trying to get into his will. As he lays in bed, nurses Emma and Paige come in to work their way into his affections. They bend over and accidentally let him see up their skirts and...
Idle Hands
Krystal Niles, Paige Fox, Stacey Lacey September 3, 2010
Paige gets bored sitting in detention so starts flirting with Phil at the back of the class. Before long they are groping each other's naughty bits - something which does not amuse teacher Krystal when she walks into the room. She decides to teach them a lesson about "idle hands doing the devil's work"...
Truth Or Dare
Krystal Niles, Paige Fox, Stacey Lacey July 9, 2010
Paige, Krystal and Stacey are relaxing with their friend Matt when they decide to play the game Truth Or Dare. It starts off with some personal questions including the gorgeous Stacey having to admit to how many men she has slept with. But when she chooses Dare next, Matt says she has to lift her top...
Dumb Blond
Donna Mills, Kellee, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell, Zara Gold April 9, 2010
Zara is a gorgeous but not very clever blond girl and Karl has decided to take advantage of this fact. He challenges her to a game of strip poker and cheats all the way through. The dumb Zara can't work out why she keeps losing but as her clothes come off Karl gets more excited. When she is totally naked...
Spying On Webcam
Jessica Pressley, Lorraine Abbott, Paige Fox, Tanya March 26, 2010
Four girls are getting changed ready for their night out. They strip out of their day clothes and show off their gorgeous naked young bodies but just as they are about to get changed one of them notices a hidden webcam in the corner of the room. They realise that their housemate has been watching them...
Jess West, Lottie, Monica Haze, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell February 26, 2010
Karl thought it would be fun to get out the Ouija board today and have a seance. His five female friends are quite nervous about it but agree to give it a go. After some initial giggling they begin and are very shocked when the pointer starts moving on its own! It spells out that it wants Karl to undress...
Wet Paint
Jess West, Lottie, Monica Haze, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell October 30, 2009
Ed is taking his lunch break in the park and has settled down on a bench to read his newspaper. Unknown to him the bench has recently been painted and a group of girls walking past see the "wet paint" sign on the back of the bench and tell him about it. When he tries to stand up he is horrified as his...
Big Cock Shower
Jessica Pressley, Lorraine Abbott, Paige Fox, Tanya October 23, 2009
Paige is telling her three friends about how big her lodger's cock is but they don't believe her. When she says it is nearly 12 inches long they say it's not possible but she assures them she caught a glimpse of it when he was in the shower recently. The girls then hear he is in the shower and decide...
Watching Her Sleep
Donna Mills, Kellee, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell, Zara Gold October 9, 2009
Zara has fallen asleep in the conservatory in her underwear, but in their private house it shouldn't be a problem. Not until Shaun walks past though and spots her there looking all sexy and gets a bit aroused. As he stands outside watching this stunning half naked blonde, he starts rubbing the front...
Dirty Washing
Jessica Pressley, Lorraine Abbott, Paige Fox, Tanya September 4, 2009
Danny has to get his clothes washed quickly because he needs them to go out in tonight. He strips off and starts reading a magazine as the washing machine fires into action. Unfortunately for him, Paige, Jess, Tanya and Lorraine all walk in to the kitchen for a cup of tea and get quite a shock when they...
Pussy Worship
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox July 24, 2009
Theo is unable to make the girlie night but has left a present for her four friends. Jess reads out her note which explains that Theo's ex-boyfriend Justin is handcuffed naked in her bedroom and part of his tasks to win her back is to make all four of her friends cum with his tongue! The girls head into...
Admiring The Stroker
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox June 19, 2009
Jessica was always doing crazy things - like this one Friday night she invited her girlfriends round to watch a complete stranger strip naked and masturbate in front of them. Shy girl Lucy was very unsure about this but her more confident friends thought it would be fun and giggled along as the guy stripped...
Birthday Surprise
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox May 8, 2009
When Jess returns home with her friends she finds a strange box in the middle of her living room with birthday tape round it. The girls are even more shocked when out jumps a naked man shouting "surprise!". They burst out laughing and the man gets very embarrassed and covers himself up. It turns out...