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Models / Ashleigh Mckenzie

Avg Rating: 4.8

Ashleigh Mckenzie Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Dreamy Eyes
Date Joined:  November 25, 2005

London girl Ashleigh began modelling a few years ago when she was approcahed by a photographer in a lap dancing club. She did a few shoots and decided that she loved it enough to make a career out of it!

Ashleigh has done a number of shoots for PureCFNM and says "I love the creativity behind it and being able to express myself in a creative and sexual way." She has a wonderul blend of innocence and beauty which appeals to a lot of members who like her role as the "daughter" in a number of our scenes along with Wendy Taylor and Emma May.
Ashleigh Mckenzie Updates

Baby Shower
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor August 7, 2009
Ashleigh and her friends have been taken out by her mum Wendy to celebrate her pregnancy. The bar is deserted though so Wendy decides to spice things up by offering the bartender some money to do a striptease for them. The girls gather round as he strips off and when his cock comes into view the alcohol...
Mum I'm Pregnant
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor May 22, 2009
Ashleigh has gone to see her mother to tell her some bad news - she is pregnant! When Wendy finds out she is very annoyed and insists that she meets with the father immediately. She sends Ashleigh out the room so she can "deal with the young man herself. As Wendy starts interrogating him she catches...
Sex Factor
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor March 6, 2009
We are on set at the final of the Sex Factor and judges Wendy, Ashleigh and Valery have whittled it down to three guys. One by one the guys have to strip naked and stand in front of the three girls as they grope and inspect their cock and balls, judging them on size, shape and responsiveness. Watching...
Spying On Emma
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor January 26, 2007
When Nick hears that his sister's friend Emma is staying over, he decides to creep into their room while they are sleeping. He pulls back the covers and pulls out his cock and starts stroking himself while he looks at Emma's gorgeous body in her nightwear. Unfortunately for him, his mother walks by and...
Mum's Boyfriend
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor December 8, 2006
Wendy has brought her new boyfriend home for dinner but there's no food in the house. Wendy goes to the shops leaving her boyfriend to get to know her daughter. Little does she realise that Ashleigh isn't impressed with her mum getting a boyfriend and has a devious plan. Ashleigh and friend Emma ask...
Helping Ashleigh's Friend
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Emma Butt, Wendy Taylor October 20, 2006
Ashleigh's friend Emma is upset because she thinks she is ugly and none of the boys fancy her. Hearing the commotion, Ashleigh's mum comes in to help console her but Emma sobs that she has never even seen a man's penis, let alone had sex. Wendy decides to do something to boost Emma's ego and calls in...
The Fitness Class
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Bexy, Jenny Lang April 21, 2006
Ashleigh, Bexy and Jenny start their work-out with fitness trainer Alphons and are working up a good sweat until they lie down to do some sit ups and notice they can see right up the inside leg of his shorts. Not only that but they can see his cock and balls clearly through the opening and all three...
Tied To The Bed
Amber Leigh, Ashleigh Mckenzie, Bexy, Jenny Lang March 17, 2006
After seeing him accidentally cum in front of them in their art class, the students are desperate to see Nick's hot body again. Even the teacher wants another look at this strapping lad and his big cock so they sneak into his bedroom and tie his hands to the bed before waking him up. As Nick struggles...
The Life Model
Amber Leigh, Ashleigh Mckenzie, Bexy, Jenny Lang February 17, 2006
Nick has been booked as the subject of a life drawing class but when he turns up there are only girls in the class and the female teacher instructs him they wish to draw him with a hard on so they can study shadows for their art project. He isn't sure at first as it a very unusual request but the teacher...
Cheated At Strip Poker
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Kyla Marshall, Tequila Woods December 30, 2005
Girls can't beat boys at a game of cards, right? Wrong, especially when they cheat! Sarah has quick hands and always deals herself, Ashleigh and Kyla with good cards while the boys get nothing. Hand by hand the boys steadily lose their clothing until they lose the final hand and are told to pleasure...
Tricking The Foreign Student
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Kyla Marshall December 16, 2005
Poor French student Julien has rented a room at Ashleigh's mother's house but the young english rose is not happy about having to give up her room. When Julien arrives, Ashleigh tells him of the "English Tradition" that all men must strip when they enter a new house to show the women they have nothing...
Tricked By Strippers
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Tequila Woods November 25, 2005
Settling down for a lads night in, these 3 unlucky guys think they are in for the time of their lives when they hire two sexy strippers. Sadly for them the two strippers have other things in mind and halfway through their show they turn the tables and tell the guys to hand over their clothes! The girls...