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Models / Ayla

Avg Rating: 4.7

Ayla Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  March 30, 2007

Surrey girl Ayla had a very priveleged upbringing and went to private school - hence her very posh accent.

But the 27-year-old soon got bored of the high life and decided to rebel by becoming a glamour model.

The 5"3 cutie has an infectious enthusiasm on set which has put even the most nervous of first time guys at ease.
Ayla Updates

Male Auction
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker May 24, 2013
Pippa is well known for her expensive auctions at which hunky men are bought by rich women. Today, seven wealthy socialites have gathered to see her latest offering. As Pippa brings Justin in the girls look impressed but soon want to see him naked. He is made to undress and Pippa then leads him round...
Unwanted Erection
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker March 8, 2013
The girls are having their usual art class but today they have a male life model to draw. When he whips his robe off the girls all giggle as they stare at his cock. As the teacher goes round looking at their work they take it in turns to tease him by lifting their skirts and showing him their tits. This...
Toga Party
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker December 28, 2012
When two guys arrive at Jess's toga party they are asked to pass "the test". Justin knows this means they check if he has any underwear on under his toga and he flashes them, gets a cheer and goes off to grab a drink. Unfortunately, no-one told Jamie about the test and he has boxers on! The girls are...
Not Gay Just Shy
Alexa Andreas, Ayla, Barbie Styles August 13, 2010
Alexa and Barbie are discussing how fit Ayla's new young lodger is but they are disappointed when Ayla says she thinks he is gay. She never sees any girls around and he wears cardigans! When the lodger walks in the girls giggle and make homosexual comments. When he realises that they think he is gay...
Snowball Fight
Alexa Andreas, Ayla, Barbie Styles June 18, 2010
It's a freezing cold snowy day and Trevor thinks it would be great fun to pelt the girls with snowballs as they walk past. Unfortunately for him the girls decide to fight back and with three of them against one of him he is soon covered in snow! He runs inside complaining of being soaking wet and the...
Netball Match
Alexa Andreas, Ayla, Barbie Styles February 12, 2010
It's the day of the big netball semi-final and Ayla is determined her team will win. As she warms up in the changing room with her team-mates they hatch a plan to corrupt the referee and get him on their side. When he comes in to give them a pre-match talk Ayla starts complimenting him and even rubs...
Punishing The Photographer
Ayla, Loz Lorrimar, Tiffany Kingston September 11, 2009
Loz, Ayla and Tiffany are doing an outside bikini shoot. They are a bit concerned about some of the very suggestive poses their photographer makes them get into but they are professionals and get on with the job. When they break to change bikinis they are chatting to each other in the changing room when...
Spying In The Cupboard
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist January 30, 2009
Paul has hidden himself in the cupboard in the girls bedroom so he can spy on them changing. As the four of them come in and start undressing he gets a bit too excited and drops his trousers and starts playing with himself as he watches their gorgeous young bodies. Unfortunately for him he gets carried...
Stable Boy
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist October 24, 2008
Ayla is showing some friends round her stables. She is very proud of her thoroughbred horses which she treats better than men. As she approaches one of the stables she sees that the stable boy has done an appalling job cleaning it out. Her prize winning stallion sleeps in this stable and she is furious...
The Rookie
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Derriere, Michelle Moist, Sasha Rose, Shay Hendrix July 11, 2008
Midchester United have just signed a new star player but what Leo doesn't know is that this club has a traditional way of welcoming new rookie players. After finishing his training session, some of his new team-mates grab him and tie him to a tree before pulling his shorts down and running off. Moments...
Party Leftovers
Ayla, Danica, Louise Parker July 27, 2007
Louise, Ayla and Danica held a house party last night but when they come down to breakfast they find that a guy is left over from the party and is asleep on their sofa. They are even more shocked when they lift up the cover to find he is naked. However, the naughty girls soon decide to have some fun...
Cleaner's Upskirt Punishment
Ayla, Loz Lorrimar, Tiffany Kingston June 29, 2007
Laura, Ayla and Tiffany are working away at the computer when the cleaner comes in. They tell him to carry on with his chores and not disturb them. He starts cleaning the desk and then goes to clean the floor when he notices that he can see right up Laura's skirt as she sits at the computer. He is really...
Face-Sitting The Stripper
Ayla, Cyprus Iles, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Jessy, Loz Lorrimar, Tiffany Kingston June 1, 2007
Seven girls are having a get together for Liz's birthday and they have hired a stripper. Before he arrives pretty blonde Cyprus warns them that he doesn't allow touching but when he arrives and starts dancing round the room stripping off, the girls can't help themselves. He pushes them away to start...
Cameraman Stand In
Ayla, Danica, Louise Parker May 11, 2007
Inside News reporter Danica is on the set of PureCFNM to interview two of the girls and get the inside scoop on what goes on during a shoot. After chatting with the girls, she asks if her and her cameraman can stay on and watch the next scene. Unfortunately the guy for the next scene hasn't turned up...
Before The Ballet
Ayla, Danica, Louise Parker March 30, 2007
Omar is warming up with his fellow dancers before their next performance of the Ballet. Unfortunately he is feeling unusually aroused this evening by the sight of the three female dancers getting changed into their ballet costumes. He starts to get an erection in his tights and can't help touching his...