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Models / Claudia Price

Avg Rating: 2.7

Claudia Price Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Ebony
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  July 8, 2008

24-year-old ebony stunner Claudia is a London-based lapdancer. She was referred to PureCFNM by one of our other models and she couldn't wait to give it a try - so much so she arrived at the shoot four hours early!

Her curvy 34-24-34 figure and huge DD tits soon had all the guys on set reaching for their groins though and once she got on camera she proved to be a natural.

"I really enjoyed myself so I guess that comes across when you watch the scenes," she joked
Claudia Price Updates

Hannah's Dirty Pictures
Claudia Price, Hannah Shaw, Jess Blonde, Masie Dee April 2, 2010
Johnny is in his office when he finds some naughty pictures of Hannah on the computer. He gets very aroused and whips out his cock and starts playing with it. He is listening to music on his headphones and doesn't hear Maisie walk in and she is horrified at what he is doing. She goes to fetch the other...
Wolf Whistle
Claudia Price, Hannah Shaw, Jess Blonde, Masie Dee December 4, 2009
Four girls are on their way out for an early drink when they pass a building site. One of the labourers wolf whistles at them and shouts for them to get their tits out. The girls are appalled at such crude behaviour and decide to teach the guy a lesson. They chase after and corner him and tell him that...
Here Doggie
Claudia Price, Hannah Shaw, Jess Blonde, Masie Dee September 25, 2009
Four young girls are getting ready for a night out on the town. The are stripped off in their changing room, deciding what to wear and doing their make-up. Geeky American Sean is on his mobile phone when he walks past their window and sees their naked bodies. He hangs up and starts watching them, getting...
Spying In The Cupboard
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist January 30, 2009
Paul has hidden himself in the cupboard in the girls bedroom so he can spy on them changing. As the four of them come in and start undressing he gets a bit too excited and drops his trousers and starts playing with himself as he watches their gorgeous young bodies. Unfortunately for him he gets carried...
Stable Boy
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist October 24, 2008
Ayla is showing some friends round her stables. She is very proud of her thoroughbred horses which she treats better than men. As she approaches one of the stables she sees that the stable boy has done an appalling job cleaning it out. Her prize winning stallion sleeps in this stable and she is furious...
The Rookie
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Derriere, Michelle Moist, Sasha Rose, Shay Hendrix July 11, 2008
Midchester United have just signed a new star player but what Leo doesn't know is that this club has a traditional way of welcoming new rookie players. After finishing his training session, some of his new team-mates grab him and tie him to a tree before pulling his shorts down and running off. Moments...