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Models / Danica

Avg Rating: 4.9

Danica Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Mediterranean
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  March 30, 2007

Danica is an ex stripper and lapdancer from London.

Very well-spoken and articulate, she stands at 5"7 and has a lovely 36F-26-37 figure.

She has been glamour modelling for the past few years and has been in high demand because of her gorgeous Mediterranean-style looks.
Danica Updates

Cleopatra's Slave
Danica, Harmony Hex, Honey B, Jasmine Lau October 1, 2010
Cleopatra is discussing the affairs of her kingdom with her servant girls when one of her soldiers is brought in. It appears he was caught trying to sneak into the temple of the virgins. Cleopatra is furious and decides to teach the man a lesson in controlling his sexual urges. She tells her servant...
Facial Scrubs
Danica, Harmony Hex, Honey B, Jasmine Lau July 2, 2010
Harmony has gone to see her doctor because she has some spots on her face. Dr Danica takes a close look and prescribes an ancient remedy - male semen! Harmony doesn't have a boyfriend though so Danica calls in her male colleague and asks him to help out. Two female interns join them and she starts removing...
Padded Cell
Danica, Harmony Hex, Honey B, Jasmine Lau April 30, 2010
After getting stripped and milked by the Netball girls, schoolteacher Ron's life took a downward spiral and he has ended up in a mental institution. Unfortunately for him, the female doctors think it was him who preyed on the schoolgirls, not the other way around and they are going to teach him a lesson....
Art Class
Cate Harrington, Danica, Renee Richards, Sophia X, Tammie Lee May 1, 2009
Danica's art class is drawing a life model this week, but as the gorgeous model takes off her robe and reveals her stunning naked body, one of the students gets a bit excited. Dale is the only male in the class and the naked girl in front of him gets him quite aroused. As Danica walks round the class...
Aerobics Class
Carmen, Cate Harrington, Danica, Danielle, Heather C, Kirstin Y, Renee Richards, Sophia X, Tammie Lee February 27, 2009
Seven girls have arrived for Renee's aerobics class but they are surprised to see a guy in today's session. As Renee begins taking them through their stretching routines, the girls become more aware that the guy is only pretending to do the movements but is actually checking out their asses and looking...
Party Leftovers
Ayla, Danica, Louise Parker July 27, 2007
Louise, Ayla and Danica held a house party last night but when they come down to breakfast they find that a guy is left over from the party and is asleep on their sofa. They are even more shocked when they lift up the cover to find he is naked. However, the naughty girls soon decide to have some fun...
Cameraman Stand In
Ayla, Danica, Louise Parker May 11, 2007
Inside News reporter Danica is on the set of PureCFNM to interview two of the girls and get the inside scoop on what goes on during a shoot. After chatting with the girls, she asks if her and her cameraman can stay on and watch the next scene. Unfortunately the guy for the next scene hasn't turned up...
Before The Ballet
Ayla, Danica, Louise Parker March 30, 2007
Omar is warming up with his fellow dancers before their next performance of the Ballet. Unfortunately he is feeling unusually aroused this evening by the sight of the three female dancers getting changed into their ballet costumes. He starts to get an erection in his tights and can't help touching his...