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Models / Cody Coxxx

Avg Rating: 4.3

Cody Coxxx Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  December 25, 2012

Cody is a newcomer to the adult scene having previously only worked for the likes of Zoo and Loaded as a glamour model. She now has a regular slot on Babestation TV due to her excellent firty talk - something that comes out in her PureCFNM films!

The 23-year-old from Essex has a stunning 34D-26-32 figure and is close friends with PureCFNM regular Jess West.
Cody Coxxx Updates

Exposed In Detention
Cody Coxxx, Jess West January 17, 2014
Jess and Cody are bored sitting in detention so they decide to spice things up. They get the boys attention by flashing their knickers and convince them to start undressing. "If you take it all off, we'll take it all off," they tease and the boys eagerly strip off as the girls giggle as three cocks bob...
Watching Her Masturbate
Cody Coxxx, Jess West October 18, 2013
Cody is in her bedroom feeling horny and starts playing with herself. She isn't wearing much and her gaping pussy and ass are on show as she rubs away on the bed. Little does she know that outside, James is watching through the glass panel in the door. He is in mid wank with his pants round his ankles...
Virgin Sister
Cody Coxxx, Jess West August 2, 2013
When Jess discovers that younger sister Cody is still a virgin she is determined to help her. She calls in her boyfriend and tells him to strip off and let her see his cock. He refuses but Jess won't take no for an answer and the shy Cody is soon staring at her first penis! She is wide-eyed with excitement...
Male Auction
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker May 24, 2013
Pippa is well known for her expensive auctions at which hunky men are bought by rich women. Today, seven wealthy socialites have gathered to see her latest offering. As Pippa brings Justin in the girls look impressed but soon want to see him naked. He is made to undress and Pippa then leads him round...
Unwanted Erection
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker March 8, 2013
The girls are having their usual art class but today they have a male life model to draw. When he whips his robe off the girls all giggle as they stare at his cock. As the teacher goes round looking at their work they take it in turns to tease him by lifting their skirts and showing him their tits. This...
Toga Party
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker December 28, 2012
When two guys arrive at Jess's toga party they are asked to pass "the test". Justin knows this means they check if he has any underwear on under his toga and he flashes them, gets a cheer and goes off to grab a drink. Unfortunately, no-one told Jamie about the test and he has boxers on! The girls are...