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Models / Michelle Moist

Avg Rating: 4.9

Michelle Moist Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  July 8, 2008

Brand new, wide-eyed and full of enthusiasm is 22-year-old newcomer Michelle.

Her stunning looks, long silky hair and incredible figure are sure to make her a firm PureCFNM favourite.

She may be only 5"3 but this bundle of energy from London makes up for it with her exciteable nature.

She loved her first shoot on set with PureCFNM and is keen to come back again and again - and with looks like hers we are not going to turn her down!
Michelle Moist Updates

Keep On Cumming
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist February 22, 2013
When Jess tells her two friends about how amazing her new boyfriend is and how he can cum again and again they don't believe her and ask for proof. As soon as he comes home the poor guy is pounced on and stripped naked in front of the girls and Jess tells him "not to let her down!" She tells him to show...
Fucking For An Audience
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist November 2, 2012
Jessica continues to blackmail Justin to do things for her or she will show his girlfriend the video of him getting a blowjob off her and her friends. Today she is going to make him fuck Bunny live on webcam while they sell access to other women! The reluctant Justin soon changes his mind as Bunny starts...
Noisy Neighbours
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist July 27, 2012
Colin is trying to sleep when he is woken up by loud music next door. When he goes round to complain he discovers that the girls are having a party. He asks them to keep the noise down but they refuse and tell him to relax. When he refuses, Michelle decides to give him a new job as their male stripper!...
Cheering Up The Mascot
Angel Long, Chantelle Fox, Michelle Moist, Stacey Lacey September 16, 2011
It's been another losing afternoon for the Red Dragons and as the cheerleaders and team mascot trudge off the field they are very depressed. The mascot is particularly devastated and the girls feel sorry for him. It's been a hot day and they decide to help him out of his furry outfit but as they strip...
Dry Cleaners
Angel Long, Chantelle Fox, Michelle Moist, Stacey Lacey June 17, 2011
Tony has got a spunk stain on his trousers and sneaks into the dry cleaners, trying to leave a note before anyone stops him. Sadly Angel serves him and sniffs and even licks the stain to see how best to get it out. As Tony looks on very embarrassed, a girl he has fancied for ages, Chantelle, walks in....
Rock Chicks Groupie
Angel Long, Chantelle Fox, Michelle Moist, Stacey Lacey April 15, 2011
All female rock band "Girls Disallowed" are just finishing rehearsal when in walks obsessed fan Gareth. He idolizes the girls and can't believe he is in the same room as them. When they refuse to give him an autograph and tell him they only like really attractive and well hung groupies he decides to...
Newsreader Facial
Michelle Moist, Nikita Law, Sasha Rose, Suzie Best, Tammie Lee January 22, 2010
Tammie Lee is reading a very different sort of news for Channel 5. Off screen four girls are wanking three naked guys and every time the guys get over excited they walk on screen and cum on Tammie's face! The off stage girls think it is hilarious, getting the guys so worked up that they cover Tammie's...
Alien Girls Experiment
Michelle Moist, Nikita Law, Sasha Rose, Suzie Best, Tammie Lee October 16, 2009
Dave is at the garage waiting for his car to be repaired. As he sits down to read his paper out of nowhere four stunning girls appear in what he thinks are fancy dress costumes. Unfortunately for him they are actually aliens and quickly transport him back to their spaceship where they intend to study...
It Geek
Michelle Moist, Nikita Law, Sasha Rose, Suzie Best, Tammie Lee July 31, 2009
Nicola is holding a meeting with her all female team to discuss next year's fashion trends. The geek from the computer department comes in to fix her laptop during the meeting and soon gets distracted as the girls stand up and show off their skirts and discuss the cut and fabric. Watching these sexy...
Spying In The Cupboard
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist January 30, 2009
Paul has hidden himself in the cupboard in the girls bedroom so he can spy on them changing. As the four of them come in and start undressing he gets a bit too excited and drops his trousers and starts playing with himself as he watches their gorgeous young bodies. Unfortunately for him he gets carried...
Stable Boy
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist October 24, 2008
Ayla is showing some friends round her stables. She is very proud of her thoroughbred horses which she treats better than men. As she approaches one of the stables she sees that the stable boy has done an appalling job cleaning it out. Her prize winning stallion sleeps in this stable and she is furious...
The Rookie
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Derriere, Michelle Moist, Sasha Rose, Shay Hendrix July 11, 2008
Midchester United have just signed a new star player but what Leo doesn't know is that this club has a traditional way of welcoming new rookie players. After finishing his training session, some of his new team-mates grab him and tie him to a tree before pulling his shorts down and running off. Moments...