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Models / Donna Mills

Avg Rating: 5.0

Donna Mills Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  June 17, 2008

Tall, leggy Donna is a lapdancer from Essex.

The 5"8 beauty certainly knows how to work her body and had everyone on set transfixed in her first PureCFNM shoot.

The 24-year-old said she enjoyed her first ever video shoot and was keen to come back for more so watch this space guys.
Donna Mills Updates

Dumb Blond
Donna Mills, Kellee, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell, Zara Gold April 9, 2010
Zara is a gorgeous but not very clever blond girl and Karl has decided to take advantage of this fact. He challenges her to a game of strip poker and cheats all the way through. The dumb Zara can't work out why she keeps losing but as her clothes come off Karl gets more excited. When she is totally naked...
Asleep In The Pool
Donna Mills, Kellee, Tinkerbell, Zara Gold January 15, 2010
Zara and her friends are looking forward to sunbathing by the swimming pool but when they get to her house they find her brother asleep naked on a waterbed in the pool! Zara is horrified but the other three girls think he is very fit and are enjoying looking at his naked body. They enjoy a good look...
Watching Her Sleep
Donna Mills, Kellee, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell, Zara Gold October 9, 2009
Zara has fallen asleep in the conservatory in her underwear, but in their private house it shouldn't be a problem. Not until Shaun walks past though and spots her there looking all sexy and gets a bit aroused. As he stands outside watching this stunning half naked blonde, he starts rubbing the front...
Spying In The Cupboard
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist January 30, 2009
Paul has hidden himself in the cupboard in the girls bedroom so he can spy on them changing. As the four of them come in and start undressing he gets a bit too excited and drops his trousers and starts playing with himself as he watches their gorgeous young bodies. Unfortunately for him he gets carried...
Embarrassed In The Jacuzzi
Donna Mills, Kelly Hart, Sasha Rose, Shay Hendrix January 16, 2009
Four gorgeous girls are enjoying a jacuzzi and want to persuade their male friend to join them. He doesnt have any trunks but they persuade him to jump in commando. Naughty Kelly rubs his leg under the water and gives him a hard on and then she pulls him up out of the water so all the girls can see his...
Window Cleaner
Donna Mills, Jessica Pressley, Kelly Hart, Tia Brodie January 2, 2009
Jess is in her room enjoying some time alone. She starts to feel horny and begins playing with herself thinking she is alone. Unfortunately, outside Jody has arrived to clean the windows and as he climbs the ladder he sees right into her bedroom! He is getting quite aroused watching this gorgeous girl...
Stable Boy
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Mills, Michelle Moist October 24, 2008
Ayla is showing some friends round her stables. She is very proud of her thoroughbred horses which she treats better than men. As she approaches one of the stables she sees that the stable boy has done an appalling job cleaning it out. Her prize winning stallion sleeps in this stable and she is furious...
Massaging A Girl
Donna Mills, Jessica Pressley, Kelly Hart, Tia Brodie September 5, 2008
Kelly is giving a class on massage technique using beautiful blonde Donna as her subject. Unfortunately, the frequent glimpses of Donna's naked body under the towel gets Toby, the only male in the class, a little excited. Kelly decides to take advantage of the situation and makes him strip naked so...
Advertising Campaign
Donna Mills, Jessica Pressley, Kelly Hart, Tia Brodie June 20, 2008
Rich businessman Mr Vanderhoff has organised some model auditions for his new advertising campaign. Model agency owner Tia introduces the three models to him and explains to them that he runs a lingerie company and the campaign is all about stockings so they need to show him how good their legs are....