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Models / Jessy

Avg Rating: 4.2

Jessy Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Sexy Accent
Date Joined:  June 1, 2007

Sultry raven-haired Jessy is from German / Hungarian descent giving her a sexy European accent.

The 24-year-old beauty speaks perfect English though and loves showing off her tiny 30-23-30 figure.

Londoner Jessy is also an accomplished photographer and got into the adult world to take pictures before realising she enjoyed being in front of the camera more!
Jessy Updates

Hen Party Dare
Alessa Savage, Ella Hughes, Jessy October 9, 2015
Jessy's two best friends are determined to make her hen party a lively one. They have a series of dares that she has to do and the first one is to convince a random guy to show her his cock! Jessy's grabs the next guy to walk by and talks him into flashing his penis. When they see it though, the girls...
Stunt Double
Alessa Savage, Ella Hughes, Jessy August 7, 2015
Three female movie execs are casting for a body double for their leading man. He is a large guy and until Tony walked in they were having problems finding someone. They explain that he would have to wear a loin cloth in the film and get him to strip off in front of them and try it on. As they grope the...
Triple Treat
Alessa Savage, Ella Hughes, Jessy May 29, 2015
Ella has planned a special surprise for her boyfriend's birthday. She blindfolds him and leads him into the lounge where she strips him naked and wanks and sucks him off. Little does the boyfriend realize that they are not alone and two other girls are also in the room. The other girls then join in with...
Glass Coffee Table
Angel Long, Crystal Pink, Jessy, Krystal Niles June 4, 2010
Angel is going to a wedding and has bought a new suit for her boyfriend but when he tries it on, it doesn't fit. Although her girl friends are round for a coffee, she still insists on him taking the trousers off in front of them so she can sew them up. As Robin sits between two of the girls, they start...
Rappers Trousers
Angel Long, Crystal Pink, Jessy March 12, 2010
Jessy has brought her new boyfriend home to meet her three friends but when he walks in it is clear he is a gangster rapper wannabe. He has the baseball cap, bling jewellery and trousers halfway down showing his boxer shorts. The girls are very unimpressed and poke fun at his trousers. When he tries...
A Christmas Carol
Angel Long, Crystal Pink, Jessy, Krystal Niles December 25, 2009
Four girls are being made to work late on Christmas Eve by their Scrooge-like boss Mr Jones. He is very anti-Christmas and when he discovers a festive hat in Crystal's handbag he gets very annoyed. However, this proves to be the final straw for the girls who have had enough. They put down their pens...
Brother Humiliated
Cyprus Iles, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Jessy July 18, 2008
Liz and Cyprus are sitting with Jessy talking about how much her brother fancies Cyprus and giggling about it. When her brother comes in, Jessy is embarrassed about how he behaves around Cyprus and sends him off to get them all some drinks. She decides to teach him a lesson and tells the other girls...
Skinny Dipping
Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Ellena, Jessy January 18, 2008
Justin is enjoying a summer drink by the pool with a few girlfriends. He fancies seeing the girls naked and suggests they go skinny dipping. The girls are disgusted by his suggestion and call him a pervert, saying he just wants to see them naked. But Ellena suddenly has an idea and whispers to the other...
Nerdy Girl's Homework
Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Ellena, Jessy October 26, 2007
School nerd Ellena fancies sporty, good-looking Jonny. She has just finished doing his homework for him in return for getting a quick look at him naked. He takes the homework and walks off but she stops him telling him to keep his side of the bargain. He thought she was joking but can now see she wasn't...
Surprised In The Jacuzzi
Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Ellena, Jessy September 14, 2007
Jeremy is having a very stressful time at work. He confides in friend Ellena and she says he needs to relax and suggests he takes a jacuzzi. He hasn't got any swimming costume but she tells him no-one else is around and it will make him feel better. But no sooner has he got in the jacuzzi than Ellena...
Face-Sitting The Stripper
Ayla, Cyprus Iles, Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Jessy, Loz Lorrimar, Tiffany Kingston June 1, 2007
Seven girls are having a get together for Liz's birthday and they have hired a stripper. Before he arrives pretty blonde Cyprus warns them that he doesn't allow touching but when he arrives and starts dancing round the room stripping off, the girls can't help themselves. He pushes them away to start...