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Models / Shay Hendrix

Avg Rating: 4.6

Shay Hendrix Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Big Ass
Date Joined:  September 28, 2007

Raunchy welsh girl Shay started modelling only recently and PureCFNM was one of her first ever shoots.

The gorgeous 24-year-old took to it naturally though and has been e-mailing staff at PureCFNM asking to come back again!

There's many that wouldn't mind seeing her 34EE breasts walking back into the studio again very soon so it won't be long before the 5"7 girl from the valleys is back in action.
Shay Hendrix Updates

Apple Pie
Anna Joy, Daniella Daniella, Shay Hendrix May 20, 2011
Kai is on the phone to a friend who tells him that fucking an apple pie feels just like a pussy. By coincidence there is a fresh pie cooling in the kitchen and Kai decides to see if it is true. Unfortunately he is stripped off and halfway through fucking the fruit pie when Shay, Daniella and Anna walk...
Show Us, Show You
Anna Joy, Daniella Daniella, Shay Hendrix February 25, 2011
Three female co-workers are fed up with Mike staring at their tits all day and decide to see how easy it would be to get him naked. They tell him that if he shows them his body, they will show him theirs. Mike jumps at the chance of seeing the girls naked and is soon stripping off. He keeps trying to...
Carol Singers
Anna Joy, Daniella Daniella, Shay Hendrix December 24, 2010
Three carol singers have knocked on Damian's door but when they start singing he is horrified and starts hurling verbal abuse at them saying how much he hates Christmas. When he calls them "bitches" the girls snap and push him inside the house so they can teach him a lesson. They hold him down and spank...
Tight New Clothes
Jess West, Kelly Hart, Megan Coxxx, Shay Hendrix August 20, 2010
The girls have been shopping and Shay has bought flatmate Danny a new pair of shorts. When he comes home she tells him to try them on but he calls out that they are too small. When he walks in to show them the girls are stunned by the bulge at the front of the very tight shorts. That must be padding...
Insurance Saleswomen
Jess West, Kelly Hart, Megan Coxxx, Shay Hendrix April 23, 2010
Four insurance saleswomen are canvassing a housing estate but when they approach John's house they are shocked to see he is walking around naked inside. He realises they are there but is enjoying them staring at his cock. The girls knock on his door and he tries to open it and hide behind the door but...
Sharing The Massage
Jess West, Kelly Hart, Megan Coxxx, Shay Hendrix March 5, 2010
Kelly has a new boyfriend and her friends are very interested in how fit he is. They are so curious that Kelly decides to give him a massage and sneak them in the room so they can have a look for themselves! Later on she gets her boyfriend onto the massage table and gets him face down so he can't see...
Embarrassed In The Jacuzzi
Donna Mills, Kelly Hart, Sasha Rose, Shay Hendrix January 16, 2009
Four gorgeous girls are enjoying a jacuzzi and want to persuade their male friend to join them. He doesnt have any trunks but they persuade him to jump in commando. Naughty Kelly rubs his leg under the water and gives him a hard on and then she pulls him up out of the water so all the girls can see his...
Cave Women
Donna Derriere, Kelly Hart, Sasha Rose, Shay Hendrix August 15, 2008
It's 10,000 BC and an all female tribe is out hunting for food. They see a figure approaching and jump himfrom behind, hitting him with their clubs until he surrenders. But as they examine their catch they are shocked to see a "snake" between his legs. They have never seen a man before and are confused....
The Rookie
Ayla, Claudia Price, Donna Derriere, Michelle Moist, Sasha Rose, Shay Hendrix July 11, 2008
Midchester United have just signed a new star player but what Leo doesn't know is that this club has a traditional way of welcoming new rookie players. After finishing his training session, some of his new team-mates grab him and tie him to a tree before pulling his shorts down and running off. Moments...
Moving House
Amanda Pickering, Shay Hendrix February 8, 2008
Amanda and Stacey are sitting in the garden with friend John reminiscing about the great times they have had at the house. They are moving home tomorrow and the two girls are remembering all the sexy times they have had there. John is amazed when they explain how they once caught a guy wanking in the...
Dressing For A Night Out
Amanda Pickering, Shay Hendrix November 23, 2007
Amanda is getting ready for a night out. When friend Stacey arrives, Amanda is only in her underwear and Stacey comments on how nice her bra and knickers look, before showing off her own underwear. Unknown to the girls, Amanda's boyfriend walks past and sees the girls in their underwear. He stands by...
Jerking In The Pool
Amanda Pickering, Shay Hendrix September 28, 2007
Stacey and Amanda are sunbathing by their friend Dave's pool. Amanda goes into the house to get them some drinks just as Dave's friend Alan turns up to have a swim. Stacey says he can carry on and goes back to her sunbathing. The sight of Stacey's shapely ass in her bikini gets Alan aroused as he swims...