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Models / Jess West

Avg Rating: 4.9

Jess West Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  October 27, 2009

20-year-old brunette Jess is a professional glamour model in the UK. The cute, bubbly girl from the Midlands was on her first adult shoot when she came to the set of PureCFNM but said she had a ball.

Her gorgeous 34-28-34 figure is normally seen undressing on the likes of Page 3 and the top shelf magazines but she kept her clothes on and enjoyed making fun at the naked guys.
Jess West Updates

Boxing Weigh In
Amy Matthews, Claudia Arizo, Jess West, Loretta Appleton, Nina Leigh, Stella Cox October 10, 2014
It's the day before the big fight and the challenger has arrived for the weigh in. To her horror, promoter Nina discovers that he is 2 ounces overweight and isn't going to be allowed to fight. She sends the press out of the room and questions the boxer, discovering he hasn't wanked for months. She orders...
Schoolboy Spanked
Amy Matthews, Claudia Arizo, Jess West, Loretta Appleton, Nina Leigh, Stella Cox May 2, 2014
Naughty schoolboy Ed is trying to get Jess to meet him behind the bike sheds after class. But when teacher Nina hears what is going on she calls him to the front of the class to be disciplined in front of all the other girls. She makes him drop his trousers and underwear before spanking his ass really...
Entertaining The Hens
Amy Matthews, Claudia Arizo, Jess West, Loretta Appleton, Nina Leigh, Stella Cox February 21, 2014
Jess's hen night is off to a bad start, especially when a terrible magician arrives and all his tricks go wrong! Restaurant manager Nina is furious with him and demands that he entertains her disgruntled customers in another manner. She announces him as a comedy stripper and the girls all cheer as Nina...
Exposed In Detention
Cody Coxxx, Jess West January 17, 2014
Jess and Cody are bored sitting in detention so they decide to spice things up. They get the boys attention by flashing their knickers and convince them to start undressing. "If you take it all off, we'll take it all off," they tease and the boys eagerly strip off as the girls giggle as three cocks bob...
Watching Her Masturbate
Cody Coxxx, Jess West October 18, 2013
Cody is in her bedroom feeling horny and starts playing with herself. She isn't wearing much and her gaping pussy and ass are on show as she rubs away on the bed. Little does she know that outside, James is watching through the glass panel in the door. He is in mid wank with his pants round his ankles...
Virgin Sister
Cody Coxxx, Jess West August 2, 2013
When Jess discovers that younger sister Cody is still a virgin she is determined to help her. She calls in her boyfriend and tells him to strip off and let her see his cock. He refuses but Jess won't take no for an answer and the shy Cody is soon staring at her first penis! She is wide-eyed with excitement...
Male Auction
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker May 24, 2013
Pippa is well known for her expensive auctions at which hunky men are bought by rich women. Today, seven wealthy socialites have gathered to see her latest offering. As Pippa brings Justin in the girls look impressed but soon want to see him naked. He is made to undress and Pippa then leads him round...
Unwanted Erection
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker March 8, 2013
The girls are having their usual art class but today they have a male life model to draw. When he whips his robe off the girls all giggle as they stare at his cock. As the teacher goes round looking at their work they take it in turns to tease him by lifting their skirts and showing him their tits. This...
Toga Party
Ayla, Bonnie Heart, Cody Coxxx, Jess West, Pippa Lilly, Roxi Lloyd, Sophie Parker December 28, 2012
When two guys arrive at Jess's toga party they are asked to pass "the test". Justin knows this means they check if he has any underwear on under his toga and he flashes them, gets a cheer and goes off to grab a drink. Unfortunately, no-one told Jamie about the test and he has boxers on! The girls are...
MPs Expenses
Holly Kiss, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Valerie Fox September 21, 2012
Member of Parliament Peter has been paid a visit by three ladies from the Fees Office investigating some strange expenses claims. It seems he has taken his sexy secretary Megan on a tour of Brazil and regular stays at the posh Dorchester hotel. He has even claimed for expensive suits and underwear that...
Prisoner Milked
Holly Kiss, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Valerie Fox January 27, 2012
Girls of loose morals, Valerie and Megan, are in prison when overcrowding in the men's prison leads to them having to share a cell with pervert Frank. Policewomen Holly and Jess lock him in the cell and walk off just as he decides to try and molest the two girls. They decide to teach him a lesson and...
Practise Makes Perfect
Gilly Sampson, Holly Kiss, Jess West December 16, 2011
Youngster Jess has been given a handjob and blowjob lesson but now needs to practice her skills. Her eccentric mum has kidnapped a poor guy and chained him up in Jess's room so she can practice any time she likes. Jess pulls him out the cupboard and takes his towel off and starts gently carressing his...
Don't Hog Him
Gilly Sampson, Holly Kiss, Jess West September 2, 2011
Jess has lured Peter into her room again and has started stripping him off. As soon as she sees his beautiful cock again she stuffs it in her mouth and starts sucking it. Unfortunately for Jess, her aunt Holly walks in at just that moment and catches her at it. She is initially furious but then sees...
Sowing The Seed
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark March 18, 2011
Gardener Tony is showing four girls round the nursery this morning. As he goes into detailed explanations of the life cycle of plants, the girls are more interested in his cute bum and tight shorts. As he explains about how the stalks can shoot up and have nice big red ends, the girls decide to find...
Hospital Bed Bath
Amy Anderson, Brooke Jameson, Jess West, Louise Jenson February 18, 2011
Head nurse Louise is showing some new girls round the ward. One of the male patients has hurt his leg and therefore the nurses have to give him a bed bath to keep him clean. As they pull back the covers and take off his hospital gown, the two young nurses can't help but giggle when they see his shrivelled...
Buff Uncle
Jess West February 11, 2011
Jess is all excited because a long time friend of her parents who she calls "Uncle Peter" is coming to stay. She hears him go into the bathroom and goes to investigate, creeping in and watching him having a shower. As Peter starts to play with his cock Jess giggles and he sees her. He sends her to her...
Car Park Wank
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark December 10, 2010
Paul is sitting in his car in a quiet car park flicking through his new porn magazine. As he gets aroused looking at the naked girls, he pulls out his cock and starts playing with himself. Little does he realise that the only car in the car park belongs to four girls and they are on their way back. Lola...
So You Wanna Be A Stud?
Amy Anderson, Brooke Jameson, Jess West, Louise Jenson November 19, 2010
John is visiting Brooke Jameson's talent agency as he wants to join her stable of male porn studs. Brooke makes him strip naked so she can examine his body and equipment and then tells him she is going to try him out there and then. When she pulls the curtain back and reveals three of her female colleagues...
Joggers Catch Him
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark October 15, 2010
Four girls are out jogging through the countryside when they pass some farm buildings. Lola stops dead in her tracks as she can't believe what she spotted through the window - one of the farm boys sitting on a tractor wanking over a porn magazine! The girls watch him stroking for a few minutes and then...
Couple's First CFNM
Amy Anderson, Brooke Jameson, Jess West, Louise Jenson September 10, 2010
Amy and her boyfriend Johnny have gone to the PureCFNM studio to watch some of Amy's friends doing a shoot. After watching the first scene Amy is so excited that she wants to have a go herself in the next scene. Unfortunately the guy for the next scene hasn't turned up but she is so keen that she persuades...
Tight New Clothes
Jess West, Kelly Hart, Megan Coxxx, Shay Hendrix August 20, 2010
The girls have been shopping and Shay has bought flatmate Danny a new pair of shorts. When he comes home she tells him to try them on but he calls out that they are too small. When he walks in to show them the girls are stunned by the bulge at the front of the very tight shorts. That must be padding...
Insurance Saleswomen
Jess West, Kelly Hart, Megan Coxxx, Shay Hendrix April 23, 2010
Four insurance saleswomen are canvassing a housing estate but when they approach John's house they are shocked to see he is walking around naked inside. He realises they are there but is enjoying them staring at his cock. The girls knock on his door and he tries to open it and hide behind the door but...
Sharing The Massage
Jess West, Kelly Hart, Megan Coxxx, Shay Hendrix March 5, 2010
Kelly has a new boyfriend and her friends are very interested in how fit he is. They are so curious that Kelly decides to give him a massage and sneak them in the room so they can have a look for themselves! Later on she gets her boyfriend onto the massage table and gets him face down so he can't see...
Jess West, Lottie, Monica Haze, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell February 26, 2010
Karl thought it would be fun to get out the Ouija board today and have a seance. His five female friends are quite nervous about it but agree to give it a go. After some initial giggling they begin and are very shocked when the pointer starts moving on its own! It spells out that it wants Karl to undress...
Wet Paint
Jess West, Lottie, Monica Haze, Paige Fox, Tinkerbell October 30, 2009
Ed is taking his lunch break in the park and has settled down on a bench to read his newspaper. Unknown to him the bench has recently been painted and a group of girls walking past see the "wet paint" sign on the back of the bench and tell him about it. When he tries to stand up he is horrified as his...