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Models / Jessica Pressley

Avg Rating: 4.9

Jessica Pressley Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  May 12, 2006

Brighton girl Jessica stunned PureCFNM members with her beauty and innocence when she first appeared on the site in 2006.

She had never done anything more than topless glamour modelling when she came along for her first CFNM scene with us - but that didn't stop her diving right in and getting her hands on some cock!

The petite 5"3 beauty then emigrated down under for a year before returning to England to rekindle her love affair with CFNM.
Jessica Pressley Updates

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Italian Stallion
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love May 7, 2010
Jessica, Karlie and Lucy are waiting for their new foreign exchange student to arrive. After disasters with previous students they are apprehensive but when this attractive Italian guy walks in, the girls soon cheer up. They want to know if it's true what they say about Italian men being great lovers....

Spying On Webcam
Jessica Pressley, Lorraine Abbott, Paige Fox, Tanya March 26, 2010
Four girls are getting changed ready for their night out. They strip out of their day clothes and show off their gorgeous naked young bodies but just as they are about to get changed one of them notices a hidden webcam in the corner of the room. They realise that their housemate has been watching them...

Handjob Competition
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love February 19, 2010
Karlie and Lucy are always arguing about who is better at giving handjobs. Karlie accuses her of being too slow and says that guys really like it fast and hard. To solve the problem and stop them from arguing, their friend Jess decides to get two of her male friends in so the girls can face off against...

Teacher Blackmailed
Jessica Pressley, Theo January 29, 2010
Schoolgirls Jessica and Theo have stumbled upon a secret and they are going to blackmail their teacher with it. It seems they caught Mr Davies and Miss Jenkins in the cupboard together and are threatening to tell the head teacher unless he strips naked and teaches them all about his cock! Mr Davies tries...

Caught Wanking
Jessica Pressley, Theo November 20, 2009
Jess and Theo are chatting in the lounge when Theo says that she thinks Jess's new flatmate is really fit. Jess says he is very young and she hears him at night playing with himself in his room. The two girls decide to sneak in and see if they can catch him at it. When they open his door, there he is...

Big Cock Shower
Jessica Pressley, Lorraine Abbott, Paige Fox, Tanya October 23, 2009
Paige is telling her three friends about how big her lodger's cock is but they don't believe her. When she says it is nearly 12 inches long they say it's not possible but she assures them she caught a glimpse of it when he was in the shower recently. The girls then hear he is in the shower and decide...

Dirty Washing
Jessica Pressley, Lorraine Abbott, Paige Fox, Tanya September 4, 2009
Danny has to get his clothes washed quickly because he needs them to go out in tonight. He strips off and starts reading a magazine as the washing machine fires into action. Unfortunately for him, Paige, Jess, Tanya and Lorraine all walk in to the kitchen for a cup of tea and get quite a shock when they...

Pussy Worship
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox July 24, 2009
Theo is unable to make the girlie night but has left a present for her four friends. Jess reads out her note which explains that Theo's ex-boyfriend Justin is handcuffed naked in her bedroom and part of his tasks to win her back is to make all four of her friends cum with his tongue! The girls head into...

Admiring The Stroker
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox June 19, 2009
Jessica was always doing crazy things - like this one Friday night she invited her girlfriends round to watch a complete stranger strip naked and masturbate in front of them. Shy girl Lucy was very unsure about this but her more confident friends thought it would be fun and giggled along as the guy stripped...

Birthday Surprise
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox May 8, 2009
When Jess returns home with her friends she finds a strange box in the middle of her living room with birthday tape round it. The girls are even more shocked when out jumps a naked man shouting "surprise!". They burst out laughing and the man gets very embarrassed and covers himself up. It turns out...

Trying A White Guy
Cyprus Iles, Jessica Pressley, Mai Bailey March 27, 2009
The date of Mai's arranged marriage is getting closer and she is worried she has only ever seen her husband-to-be's cock. Friends Cyprus and Jessica decide to help her out and invite round Joe so she can compare. Jessica uses all her feminine charm to persuade Joe to show his cock to Mai but as his shorts...

Window Cleaner
Donna Mills, Jessica Pressley, Kelly Hart, Tia Brodie January 2, 2009
Jess is in her room enjoying some time alone. She starts to feel horny and begins playing with herself thinking she is alone. Unfortunately, outside Jody has arrived to clean the windows and as he climbs the ladder he sees right into her bedroom! He is getting quite aroused watching this gorgeous girl...

Arranged Marriage
Amanda Pickering, Cyprus Iles, Jessica Pressley, Mai Bailey December 19, 2008
Mai is all nervous because her parents have arranged a marriage for her with a guy she has never met. She is chatting with friends Cyprus, Jess and Amanda before he comes round and persuades them to stay because she is so nervous. When he walks in, the girls are impressed by his tales of business success...

Tied and Teased
Desi, Holly, Jessica Pressley October 31, 2008
New girls Desi and Holly had such a great time in their first CFNM audition with Jessica that they have persuaded her to do it again with them. However, male model Danny says he is too busy and heads to the bar for a drink instead. Unknown to him the girls won't take no for an answer and spike his drink...

Massaging A Girl
Donna Mills, Jessica Pressley, Kelly Hart, Tia Brodie September 5, 2008
Kelly is giving a class on massage technique using beautiful blonde Donna as her subject. Unfortunately, the frequent glimpses of Donna's naked body under the towel gets Toby, the only male in the class, a little excited. Kelly decides to take advantage of the situation and makes him strip naked so...

Training New Models
Desi, Holly, Jessica Pressley July 25, 2008
Two new models, Desi and Holly, have come down to the PureCFNM studios to see what CFNM is all about. Jessica, the beautiful star of several PureCFNM scenes, greets them and talks them through the basics but then decides the easiest way is to just show them. She calls over Toby, a guy who has featured...

Advertising Campaign
Donna Mills, Jessica Pressley, Kelly Hart, Tia Brodie June 20, 2008
Rich businessman Mr Vanderhoff has organised some model auditions for his new advertising campaign. Model agency owner Tia introduces the three models to him and explains to them that he runs a lingerie company and the campaign is all about stockings so they need to show him how good their legs are....

Ladies Night
Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Gemma Parker, Jessica Pressley, Kaz B, Tori Baynes March 23, 2007
Pub landlady Tori has got some of her female regulars into the function room for a Ladies Night. Two of the male regulars have run up big bar bills and can't pay so she is going to get her pound of flesh another way. As the girls scream and cheer, Tori brings the two guys out dressed in only a towel...

Chatting Up The Dancer
Jessica Pressley, Yazmin Daniel October 27, 2006
Dave wanders into the bar and is transfixed with the beauty of the pole dancer, Jess. He stares at her dancing for a while and then when she finishes he follows her back stage and starts chatting her up. Unfortunately she doesn't fall under his charm and he has to tell her how large he is downstairs...

Is It True About Bodybuilders?
Jessica Pressley, Pascha Knight October 9, 2006
Daniel is in the warm up room getting ready for the bodybuilding contest when Jess comes in to take his muscle measurements and oil him up for the show. As she rubs the oil all over his body she can't take her eyes off his tiny posing pouch and wonders to herself if it is true that bodybuilders have...

Blowing Her Boyfriend
Gemma Parker, Jessica Pressley, Yazmin Daniel September 22, 2006
At the bar Gemma runs into Jess, a friend she hasn't seen in ages. As she introduces new boyfriend Matt, Jess asks how they met and Gemma tells the story of how they met in Biology class at school and Matt was stripped naked by the teacher and forced to cum in front of all the girls in the class. Jess...

The Giant Plumber
Amanda Pickering, Charlie Holays, Jessica Pressley July 21, 2006
Jess answers the door to the local plumber and is amazed at how big he is - fully 6 foot 7"! As he starts to fix the sink and then the leaky radiator in the lounge she studies him, wondering if everything is in proportion to his huge size. She calls in her two friends Charlie and Amanda who both start...

Ben Caught In The Act
Amanda Pickering, Charlie Holays, Jessica Pressley May 12, 2006
Amanda is horrified when she bursts into her flat-mate's bedroom and accidentally catches him lying on his bed naked watching a porn film and playing with himself. She is disgusted and makes fun of him to start with and threatens to tell their parents. Ben pleads with her not to and her mood lightens...

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