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Models / Kaz B

Avg Rating: 4.5

Kaz B Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  June 2, 2006

Kaz is a 28-year-old full-time glamour and adult model from Sussex, England.

She is a regular on SportXXX TV in the UK and has featured in Escort and Just 18 magazines to name but a few.

Kaz has filmed several scenes for PureCFNM, mostly featuring real-life boyfriend James (JJ) and the embarrassing situations she can get him into.
Kaz B Updates

Paying The Taxi Driver
Chelsea, Kaz B, Lena Leigh, Yazmin Daniel October 5, 2007
After getting sacked by the airline, stewardesses Yazmin and Chelsea are offered a lift home by Kaz and Lena. Unfortunately each of them thought the other was paying and halfway home they realise they don't have any money. When the taxi driver overhears this he pulls the car over and chucks them out...
Nervous Flyer
Chelsea, Kaz B, Lena Leigh, Sky Monroe, Yazmin Daniel August 31, 2007
John is very nervous about flying and is getting very agitated as the crew and passengers wait for their plane to be given clearance to take off. Fellow passenger Lena tries to calm him down but has to call in stewardess Yazmin to help. She decides that the only way to calm him down is to take his mind...
Exposed On The Airplane
Chelsea, Kaz B, Lena Leigh, Sky Monroe, Yazmin Daniel July 20, 2007
James has planned a holiday on his own away but as he slumps with relief into the airplane seat he realises to his horror that wife Kaz has booked the seat next to him! She didn't want him going away without her and decides to teach him a lesson for leaving her behind. When stewardess Yazmin brings round...
Stuck In The Car
Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Kaz B, Tori Baynes June 8, 2007
The day has arrived for James and Kaz's car to be serviced. While they are waiting for it to be ready, Tori shows them round some of the race cars currently in the garage as James has a passion for the sport. He is like an excited little boy as she lets him put a helmet on and straps him into the cockpit....
Ladies Night
Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence, Gemma Parker, Jessica Pressley, Kaz B, Tori Baynes March 23, 2007
Pub landlady Tori has got some of her female regulars into the function room for a Ladies Night. Two of the male regulars have run up big bar bills and can't pay so she is going to get her pound of flesh another way. As the girls scream and cheer, Tori brings the two guys out dressed in only a towel...
Memories Of The Sunroof
Kaz B, Tori Baynes September 15, 2006
James and Kaz have taken their car in for a service. While they are booking it in, garage owner Tori says something which makes Kaz think back to when they first bought the car. Despite protests from James, Kaz tells Tori the whole story of how she trapped James in the sunroof and took turns with the...
Can I Have Your Autograph?
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight September 1, 2006
Starstruck Pascha spots male model Kelvin getting out of his car and decides she just has to have his autograph. After appearing on The Jenny Show he has become famous and she rushed over. Her two friends Faye and Kaz are less impressed and have never heard of him. Pascha tries to explain to them who...
Flasher Punished
Faye Rampton, Harmony Hex, Kaz B, Lauren Hurley, Pascha Knight, Red July 7, 2006
A group of six girls are out for a gentle Sunday afternoon stroll. As they walk past a farmhouse out jumps Daniel and before they know what is happening he has opened his coat and flashed them! The girls cry out seeing he has nothing on underneath but far from running away in fright, their numbers give...
Tied To A Tree
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight June 23, 2006
Paul's mates are playing a college prank on him by tying him to a tree in an area of the local woods frequented by walkers. After trying him up they pull his trousers down leaving him with just his boxer shorts on! Unfortunately for Paul the first walkers that come by are all female and rather than letting...
Trapped In The Sunroof
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight June 2, 2006
James and Kaz have just taken a new car for a test drive with saleswoman Faye. However, during the drive Kaz has noticed her husband looking down Fay'e stop and she is not happy about it at all. When they park up to discuss the deal she encourages him to check out the sunroof and then quickly closes...