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Models / Lucy Love

Avg Rating: 4.8

Lucy Love Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  March 3rd, 2009

20-year-old Lucy is a shy girl from Sussex who contacted us saying she wanted to get into modelling and was she good enough?

We took one look at her gorgeous face and sexy 32-24-32 body and gave her the date of the next PureCFNM shoot.

Her innocent manner soon evaporated on the day when she took a liking to one of the guys and gave him a blowjob in her second ever scene - he wasn't complaining though!

The 5"3 youngster is sure to be a PureCFNM favourite and is already booked to return in future scenes.
Lucy Love Updates

Yes Ma'am
Lucy Love, Red June 21, 2013
It's Lucy's birthday but she is worried about her party because a boy she likes is going to be there and she is unsure what to do with boys. Her wealthy Aunty rings her bell and in comes butler Charles. To Lucy's horror and embarrassment, her aunty commands him to strip naked so she can teach her niece...
Reluctant Substitute
Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love January 18, 2013
Cocky courier Pete has worked out what goes on inside the walls of Pure towers and each day when he drops off the parcels he asks office manager Jessica to let him get involved on a shoot. As they are chatting Jess gets a call that the male talent for that day has cancelled and she offers it to Pete....
Spunk Magnet 2
Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love October 12, 2012
After her previous problems with her saying that men everywhere were stripping naked and ejaculating over her, Jessica has been confined to a mental hospital. She is in a straight jacket and Doctor Tony has decided to treat her himself - so he can enjoy lots more of her amazing blowjobs! He strips naked...
She's Behind You
Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love April 13, 2012
Lucy thinks her boyfriend deserves a treat so she strips him naked, handcuffs him to the bed and shoves her panties in his mouth before giving him a loving blowjob. Unknown to her, Jess walks in and sees what is going on and sneaks out to get a video camera! Justin tries to tell Lucy they are being filmed...
Hunky Bartender
Hannah Shaw, Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love March 11, 2011
Three girls arrive at the local bar for a drink when they notice a hunky new bartender. They discover he is from Hungary and decide to take advantage by telling him there is a ladies night on tonight and therefore he has to work naked. He refuses but Hannah isn't taking no for an answer and comes round...
Blowjob For The Office Girls
Belinda Cook, Carmen, Elle Pharrell, Jasmine Jones, Katie Davies, Lolly Badcock, Lucy Love, Petra, Sarah, Shanti Lovelle September 17, 2010
On a boring day in the office, Lucy tells Kate and Elle about how they once found naked self pictures on Simon's computer and made him strip to punish him. They think it would be a great idea to do it again but this time in front of the whole female department! Later on all nine girls are seated in the...
Who's The Prettiest?
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love August 6, 2010
Jess, Karlie and Lucy are discussing their previous night out. They are talking about one guy they all fancied. Karlie is convinced he fancied her because she has the biggest tits, but Lucy disagrees and says he was buying her drinks all night. Jess says it was her that he wanted as she is clearly the...
Lolly's Sex Bet
Belinda Cook, Carmen, Elle Pharrell, Jasmine Jones, Katie Davies, Lolly Badcock, Lucy Love, Petra, Sarah, Shanti Lovelle May 14, 2010
World famous glamour model Lolly Badcock doesn't touch guys on camera - until she makes a foolish bet that there is no white guy with a 12-inch cock. "If you can find one, I will fuck him on camera and let Pure sell tickets," she jokes. So imagine her shock when Danny's foot-long cock comes into sight....
Italian Stallion
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love May 7, 2010
Jessica, Karlie and Lucy are waiting for their new foreign exchange student to arrive. After disasters with previous students they are apprehensive but when this attractive Italian guy walks in, the girls soon cheer up. They want to know if it's true what they say about Italian men being great lovers....
Handjob Competition
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love February 19, 2010
Karlie and Lucy are always arguing about who is better at giving handjobs. Karlie accuses her of being too slow and says that guys really like it fast and hard. To solve the problem and stop them from arguing, their friend Jess decides to get two of her male friends in so the girls can face off against...
Office Exposure
Lucy Love, Olivia Danes, Summer December 11, 2009
Three office girls are having a meeting when it is brought to manager Lucy's attention that one of their co-workers has been found with porn on his computer. It even turns out the pictures are of the shy guy naked in front of women! The girls call him into the office and ask him to explain himself but...
Baby Shower
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor August 7, 2009
Ashleigh and her friends have been taken out by her mum Wendy to celebrate her pregnancy. The bar is deserted though so Wendy decides to spice things up by offering the bartender some money to do a striptease for them. The girls gather round as he strips off and when his cock comes into view the alcohol...
Pussy Worship
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox July 24, 2009
Theo is unable to make the girlie night but has left a present for her four friends. Jess reads out her note which explains that Theo's ex-boyfriend Justin is handcuffed naked in her bedroom and part of his tasks to win her back is to make all four of her friends cum with his tongue! The girls head into...
Admiring The Stroker
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox June 19, 2009
Jessica was always doing crazy things - like this one Friday night she invited her girlfriends round to watch a complete stranger strip naked and masturbate in front of them. Shy girl Lucy was very unsure about this but her more confident friends thought it would be fun and giggled along as the guy stripped...
Mum I'm Pregnant
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor May 22, 2009
Ashleigh has gone to see her mother to tell her some bad news - she is pregnant! When Wendy finds out she is very annoyed and insists that she meets with the father immediately. She sends Ashleigh out the room so she can "deal with the young man herself. As Wendy starts interrogating him she catches...
Birthday Surprise
Jessica Pressley, Kerry Louise, Lucy Love, Paige Fox May 8, 2009
When Jess returns home with her friends she finds a strange box in the middle of her living room with birthday tape round it. The girls are even more shocked when out jumps a naked man shouting "surprise!". They burst out laughing and the man gets very embarrassed and covers himself up. It turns out...
Sex Factor
Ashleigh Mckenzie, Lucy Love, Samantha, Valery Summer, Wendy Taylor March 6, 2009
We are on set at the final of the Sex Factor and judges Wendy, Ashleigh and Valery have whittled it down to three guys. One by one the guys have to strip naked and stand in front of the three girls as they grope and inspect their cock and balls, judging them on size, shape and responsiveness. Watching...