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Models / Yazmin Daniel

Avg Rating: 4.8

Yazmin Daniel Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  April 14, 2006

Londoner Yazmin has a proper "cockney" accent and a twinkle in her eye. She is incredibly enthusiastic about her modelling work and loves the chance to get hands on with the guys in CFNM situations.

With a variety of hairstyles, Yazmin can go from wide-eyed innocent youngster to tough, no-nonsense air hostess in the blink of an eye.
Yazmin Daniel Updates

Mouth To Mouth
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel July 15, 2011
Four girls are eyeing up the new lifeguard at the swimming club. They are chatting about how fit he is and wondering how big his cock is when MILF Wendy laughs and says in her day she would have had him eating out of her hand by now. Syren takes that as a challenge and walks over to him and pretends...
Steam Room Flash
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel March 25, 2011
Four girls are relaxing in the steam room when the door opens and a man walks in. It's normally only girls in the steam room and they are a bit annoyed at his appearance, wearing only a towel. As they carry on chatting to each other, Yazmin's towel accidentally falls down and reveals her huge tits. The...
Swimming Class
Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton, Wendy Taylor, Yazmin Daniel January 14, 2011
Wendy is in the local swimming pool teaching three girls the breaststroke. As they stand there in their figure-hugging swimsuits, a guy starts spying on them, rubbing his groin as he watches their tight bodies. Suddenly Syren spots him and Wendy drags him out and holds his hands behind his back while...
Thanking The Bouncer
Anaya Leon, Keisha Kane, Tilly Hardy, Yazmin Daniel November 13, 2009
Yazmin is doing a sexy lapdance for a customer when he gets over-excited and starts grabbing her tits. She smacks his face and calls for Scott the bouncer and he soon charges in and manhandles the guy out the door. Yazmin is very grateful to Scott for saving her and as the other girls crowd round to...
Nightclub Owner
Anaya Leon, Keisha Kane, Tilly Hardy, Yazmin Daniel August 21, 2009
Nightclub owner Sensi is auditioning a new dancer for his lapdancing club. He has two of his existing girls sitting either side of him and as this gorgeous new girl starts dancing and stripping in front of him, he gets a bit aroused. He tells the two girls to undo his trousers and start wanking him while...
Who's The Best Dancer?
Anaya Leon, Keisha Kane, Tilly Hardy, Yazmin Daniel June 12, 2009
Lapdancers Keisha, Yazmin, Anaya and Tilly are hanging around the bar as their club is quite quiet tonight. One of the girls makes a comment and Keisha says it is quite clear that she is the best dancer out of the lot of them. The other girls don't agree though and an argument follows in which they all...
Tormenting The Ex-Girlfriend
Isabella Kay, Kaicee Marie, Yazmin Daniel June 5, 2009
Isabella has always hated Yazmin and has just managed to steal her boyfriend, Leo, off her. To really rub it in she invites her friend Kaicee round and hatches a plot to ring Yazmin and then make her listen while they perform sexual acts on Leo. They strip Leo naked and then telephone Yazmin who is less...
Caught With A Fleshlight
Amanda Pickering, Isabella Kay, Yazmin Daniel December 5, 2008
Simon is all excited because the Fleshlight "pretend vagina" that he ordered has arrived in the post. He goes to his bedroom, strips off and reads the instructions before sliding his cock inside and beginnning to enjoy himself. Unfortunately for him, his flat-mate Yasmin has finished her hockey practice...
Paying The Taxi Driver
Chelsea, Kaz B, Lena Leigh, Yazmin Daniel October 5, 2007
After getting sacked by the airline, stewardesses Yazmin and Chelsea are offered a lift home by Kaz and Lena. Unfortunately each of them thought the other was paying and halfway home they realise they don't have any money. When the taxi driver overhears this he pulls the car over and chucks them out...
Nervous Flyer
Chelsea, Kaz B, Lena Leigh, Sky Monroe, Yazmin Daniel August 31, 2007
John is very nervous about flying and is getting very agitated as the crew and passengers wait for their plane to be given clearance to take off. Fellow passenger Lena tries to calm him down but has to call in stewardess Yazmin to help. She decides that the only way to calm him down is to take his mind...
Exposed On The Airplane
Chelsea, Kaz B, Lena Leigh, Sky Monroe, Yazmin Daniel July 20, 2007
James has planned a holiday on his own away but as he slumps with relief into the airplane seat he realises to his horror that wife Kaz has booked the seat next to him! She didn't want him going away without her and decides to teach him a lesson for leaving her behind. When stewardess Yazmin brings round...
Chatting Up The Dancer
Jessica Pressley, Yazmin Daniel October 27, 2006
Dave wanders into the bar and is transfixed with the beauty of the pole dancer, Jess. He stares at her dancing for a while and then when she finishes he follows her back stage and starts chatting her up. Unfortunately she doesn't fall under his charm and he has to tell her how large he is downstairs...
Blowing Her Boyfriend
Gemma Parker, Jessica Pressley, Yazmin Daniel September 22, 2006
At the bar Gemma runs into Jess, a friend she hasn't seen in ages. As she introduces new boyfriend Matt, Jess asks how they met and Gemma tells the story of how they met in Biology class at school and Matt was stripped naked by the teacher and forced to cum in front of all the girls in the class. Jess...
The Massage Lesson
Emma Lou, Franky Knight, Natalia Raper, Yazmin Daniel May 19, 2006
Natalia has asked David in to be her willing subject as she teaches Yazmin, Emma and Franky how to give a massage. She starts massaging his chest and legs but as she goes higher up his thighs he begins to get aroused and the towel barely covers his excitement. Natalia pulls back the towel to see what...
Uncle's Dressing Gown
Corinne, Lady Tiffany, Yazmin Daniel April 14, 2006
Tiffany goes round to see a long-standing family friend who she refers to as "uncle". She takes her two friends Yazmin and Natasha with her but when they take a seat on the sofa they are shocked to see that they can see right up her uncle's dressing gown. They try to ignore it but as they sit there making...