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Models / Amanda Pickering

Avg Rating: 4.1

Amanda Pickering Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Asian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  May 12, 2006

Londoner Amanda may stand only 5"2 tall but this is one very confident, no-nonsense girl.

Her sexy 34B-25-34 figure has featured in over 30 adult films and countless magazine shoots - but you would never know it.

Talk to Amanda for a few minutes and you would never know she isn't your ordinary girl next door.However, she has a dominant side to her which frequently comes out in her PureCFNM scenes.
Amanda Pickering Updates

Workman Gets Stuck
Amanda Pickering, Axa Jay, Barbii Bucxxx, Jessica Rae February 4, 2011
A workman is trying to get the new studio painted but the scaffolding rig he has won't get close enough to the wall. In trying to reach the wall he slips and gets his body wedged in the metal rig. Four girls hear his cries for help but when they see his predicament they seem more amused than concerned....
Employee Medical
Amanda Pickering, Axa Jay, Barbii Bucxxx, Jessica Rae October 29, 2010
Dan has been faking a wrist problem in order to be signed off work but his company has sent him to the doctors today to double check his injury. Female doctor Amanda is very sceptical and calls three female nurses in to help her with the diagnosis. They force Dan to strip off in front of them and put...
Bad Directions
Amanda Pickering, Axa Jay, Barbii Bucxxx, Jessica Rae August 27, 2010
Jason rushes in the building late for his PureCFNM scene. When he asks directions to the room he mishears where to go and as he gets to the top of the stairs he goes through the wrong door and into a room where four female dancers are limbering up. Thinking they are the PureCFNM girls he strips off,...
Arranged Marriage
Amanda Pickering, Cyprus Iles, Jessica Pressley, Mai Bailey December 19, 2008
Mai is all nervous because her parents have arranged a marriage for her with a guy she has never met. She is chatting with friends Cyprus, Jess and Amanda before he comes round and persuades them to stay because she is so nervous. When he walks in, the girls are impressed by his tales of business success...
Caught With A Fleshlight
Amanda Pickering, Isabella Kay, Yazmin Daniel December 5, 2008
Simon is all excited because the Fleshlight "pretend vagina" that he ordered has arrived in the post. He goes to his bedroom, strips off and reads the instructions before sliding his cock inside and beginnning to enjoy himself. Unfortunately for him, his flat-mate Yasmin has finished her hockey practice...
Sick Boy
Amanda Pickering, Cyprus Iles, Mai Bailey August 29, 2008
Cyprus is worried about her friend Shaun who is ill in bed. She goes up to check on him and as she cradles his head to her bosom Shaun gets a bit aroused. When she asks if she can do anything to make him feel better, he pulls the bed covers down and shows her the bulge in his underwear. He says he is...
Moving House
Amanda Pickering, Shay Hendrix February 8, 2008
Amanda and Stacey are sitting in the garden with friend John reminiscing about the great times they have had at the house. They are moving home tomorrow and the two girls are remembering all the sexy times they have had there. John is amazed when they explain how they once caught a guy wanking in the...
Dressing For A Night Out
Amanda Pickering, Shay Hendrix November 23, 2007
Amanda is getting ready for a night out. When friend Stacey arrives, Amanda is only in her underwear and Stacey comments on how nice her bra and knickers look, before showing off her own underwear. Unknown to the girls, Amanda's boyfriend walks past and sees the girls in their underwear. He stands by...
Jerking In The Pool
Amanda Pickering, Shay Hendrix September 28, 2007
Stacey and Amanda are sunbathing by their friend Dave's pool. Amanda goes into the house to get them some drinks just as Dave's friend Alan turns up to have a swim. Stacey says he can carry on and goes back to her sunbathing. The sight of Stacey's shapely ass in her bikini gets Alan aroused as he swims...
The Giant Plumber
Amanda Pickering, Charlie Holays, Jessica Pressley July 21, 2006
Jess answers the door to the local plumber and is amazed at how big he is - fully 6 foot 7"! As he starts to fix the sink and then the leaky radiator in the lounge she studies him, wondering if everything is in proportion to his huge size. She calls in her two friends Charlie and Amanda who both start...
Ben Caught In The Act
Amanda Pickering, Charlie Holays, Jessica Pressley May 12, 2006
Amanda is horrified when she bursts into her flat-mate's bedroom and accidentally catches him lying on his bed naked watching a porn film and playing with himself. She is disgusted and makes fun of him to start with and threatens to tell their parents. Ben pleads with her not to and her mood lightens...