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Models / Pascha Knight

Avg Rating: 4.9

Pascha Knight Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Long Legs
Date Joined:  June 2, 2006

27-year-old Pascha is a super-lively girl from the south coast of England.

Having previously worked as a barmaid and club rep in Ibiza she returned to England and began a modelling career.

Her 34-29-34 figure soon got her lots of work and she has featured in top shelf magazines, numerous internet sites and DVDs and has also spent time presenting on XXX Live TV in the UK.
Pascha Knight Updates

Room-mate's Laptop
Elle Callista, Pascha Knight September 30, 2011
When Elle goes out to the shops, her room-mate Phil takes the opportunity to sneak into her room for some sexy fun. He plays with a pair of her panties and even finds pictures of her in her underwear on her laptop. Unfortunately, Elle comes home early with friend Pascha and catch him in the act. Elle...
Scared Of Cocks
Elle Callista, Pascha Knight December 17, 2010
Eve has gone to see therapist Pascha Knight because she has a problem - she is afraid of penises! Pascha says she can help her and starts demonstrating how to correctly touch a man's "lovestick" by using a bottle. As Eve gets used to feeling something long and thin, Pascha calls in her next patient Michael...
Prima Donna
Carmen S, Chantel Lane, Keeley Magee, Pascha Knight, Tia Layne August 14, 2009
Top model Pascha Knight is a real diva and often behaves like a prima donna. On this particular day when she is getting her nails manicured by one assistant and fed grapes by another, she gets annoyed when her PA tells her she has a photographer waiting for a photoshoot. When the photographer asks her...
Showing Off The Chauffeur
Carmen S, Chantel Lane, Keeley Magee, Pascha Knight, Tia Layne May 29, 2009
Chantel walks into the kitchen to hear her chauffeur talking to the butler about how her and her friends are all stuck-up posh cows. She is very angry at his insolent attitude and tells him off. She sends the butler out and calls her friends in to help her teach this rude staff member a lesson. She tells...
High Society Women
Carmen S, Chantel Lane, Keeley Magee, Pascha Knight, Tia Layne March 13, 2009
A group of wealthy, upper class women have met for their weekly get together. This week they are at the impressive mansion of Tia Layne. Tia arrives late but is shown in by her butler, the grey-haired Charles. The posh girls all comment on the fact that they regularly have sex with their servants and...
Is It True About Bodybuilders?
Jessica Pressley, Pascha Knight October 9, 2006
Daniel is in the warm up room getting ready for the bodybuilding contest when Jess comes in to take his muscle measurements and oil him up for the show. As she rubs the oil all over his body she can't take her eyes off his tiny posing pouch and wonders to herself if it is true that bodybuilders have...
Can I Have Your Autograph?
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight September 1, 2006
Starstruck Pascha spots male model Kelvin getting out of his car and decides she just has to have his autograph. After appearing on The Jenny Show he has become famous and she rushed over. Her two friends Faye and Kaz are less impressed and have never heard of him. Pascha tries to explain to them who...
Flasher Punished
Faye Rampton, Harmony Hex, Kaz B, Lauren Hurley, Pascha Knight, Red July 7, 2006
A group of six girls are out for a gentle Sunday afternoon stroll. As they walk past a farmhouse out jumps Daniel and before they know what is happening he has opened his coat and flashed them! The girls cry out seeing he has nothing on underneath but far from running away in fright, their numbers give...
Tied To A Tree
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight June 23, 2006
Paul's mates are playing a college prank on him by tying him to a tree in an area of the local woods frequented by walkers. After trying him up they pull his trousers down leaving him with just his boxer shorts on! Unfortunately for Paul the first walkers that come by are all female and rather than letting...
Trapped In The Sunroof
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight June 2, 2006
James and Kaz have just taken a new car for a test drive with saleswoman Faye. However, during the drive Kaz has noticed her husband looking down Fay'e stop and she is not happy about it at all. When they park up to discuss the deal she encourages him to check out the sunroof and then quickly closes...