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Models / Jessica Pressley

Avg Rating: 4.8

Jessica Pressley Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  May 12, 2006

Brighton girl Jessica stunned PureCFNM members with her beauty and innocence when she first appeared on the site in 2006.

She had never done anything more than topless glamour modelling when she came along for her first CFNM scene with us - but that didn't stop her diving right in and getting her hands on some cock!

The petite 5"3 beauty then emigrated down under for a year before returning to England to rekindle her love affair with CFNM.
Jessica Pressley Updates

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Cum In The Bath
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon August 23, 2013
Jess is suspicious that her male flatmate has been wanking in the bath they all share. Karlie is disgusted and suggests they catch him in the act when he is next in the bathroom. They listen at the door, opening it a crack so they can watch him jacking off. They then burst in and confront the naked boy,...
Crime Scene
Bunny Carmen, Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley June 28, 2013
Frank has been chained to the bed during a robbery and officers Jessica and Chloe ask Bunny if the crime scene is exactly as she found it. She explains that the towel wasn't covering her boyfriend's naked body and he had been lying there with an erection. The policewomen explain that everything must...
Magic Powder
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon May 17, 2013
Jess and Karlie both fancy Ben and plan to seduce and share him when he comes round for a coffee. But, when he arrives he announces that he has a new girlfriend and is in love! The girls are devastated but Jess tips a crushed sleeping pill into his tea and he soon passes out on their sofa. The girls...
Another Peek
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon March 29, 2013
Steve finishes his shower and goes to get a drink from the kitchen but his towel accidentally slips off and Jess and Karlie get a full on look at his cock! Steve is very embarrassed and retreats to his room but Jess walks in soon after asking for another look! He reluctantly shows her but they are disturbed...
Keep On Cumming
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist February 22, 2013
When Jess tells her two friends about how amazing her new boyfriend is and how he can cum again and again they don't believe her and ask for proof. As soon as he comes home the poor guy is pounced on and stripped naked in front of the girls and Jess tells him "not to let her down!" She tells him to show...
Reluctant Substitute
Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love January 18, 2013
Cocky courier Pete has worked out what goes on inside the walls of Pure towers and each day when he drops off the parcels he asks office manager Jessica to let him get involved on a shoot. As they are chatting Jess gets a call that the male talent for that day has cancelled and she offers it to Pete....
Her Best Friend
Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley November 30, 2012
Chloe is all excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her best friend Jessica. But when she goes out to make the coffee, he comes on to the beautiful Jessica. She decides to teach him a lesson and tells him she only sleeps with guys with big cocks - if he shows her his dick right now then she might...
Fucking For An Audience
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist November 2, 2012
Jessica continues to blackmail Justin to do things for her or she will show his girlfriend the video of him getting a blowjob off her and her friends. Today she is going to make him fuck Bunny live on webcam while they sell access to other women! The reluctant Justin soon changes his mind as Bunny starts...
Spunk Magnet 2
Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love October 12, 2012
After her previous problems with her saying that men everywhere were stripping naked and ejaculating over her, Jessica has been confined to a mental hospital. She is in a straight jacket and Doctor Tony has decided to treat her himself - so he can enjoy lots more of her amazing blowjobs! He strips naked...
Drinking The Sperm Sample
Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley September 7, 2012
Mr Davies is on his final day at the nursing hospital recovering from his injuries. Nurses Jessica and Chloe have one final test to complete and it's on his sperm. They give him a jar and ask him to fill it but as they go to leave he shows them his hands and they realise he has no way of pleasuring himself...
Noisy Neighbours
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist July 27, 2012
Colin is trying to sleep when he is woken up by loud music next door. When he goes round to complain he discovers that the girls are having a party. He asks them to keep the noise down but they refuse and tell him to relax. When he refuses, Michelle decides to give him a new job as their male stripper!...
Glued Hands
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon July 6, 2012
Jess and Karlie are fed up of being spied on by the pervy caretaker of their apartment block. They hatch a plan to teach him a lesson and call him to fix a "problem" in their flat. They cover the doorframe in superglue and when he arrives they get him to feel the doorframe and he is soon stuck fast!...
Blackmailed To Strip
Bunny Carmen, Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley June 1, 2012
Now Jess has video footage of Justin naked, she is going to use it to blackmail him to do whatever she wants. Today she has ordered him to come round and strip naked for two friends of hers. Justin is very reluctant but when she threatens to go public with the naked footage of him and ruin his career,...
She's Behind You
Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love April 13, 2012
Lucy thinks her boyfriend deserves a treat so she strips him naked, handcuffs him to the bed and shoves her panties in his mouth before giving him a loving blowjob. Unknown to her, Jess walks in and sees what is going on and sneaks out to get a video camera! Justin tries to tell Lucy they are being filmed...
Loser Has A Dream
Jessica Pressley, Mai Bailey March 16, 2012
The girls at the office can't stand total loser Patrick. He walks past them into the office but still overhears them saying bitchy comments about him. He fancies the sexy girls so much though that when he settles into bed that night with his teddy bear, he still dreams about them. All of a sudden the...
Blowjob Competition
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon February 17, 2012
Karlie comes into Jessica's bedroom to tell her about the hot date she had the previous night. She liked the guy so much that she gave him a blowjob on their first date. She thinks this will definitely keep him coming back as she thinks she is the best at giving a blowjob! Jess doesn't agree though and...
Soaked Delivery Man
Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley January 13, 2012
Chloe is just signing for a delivery when she notices that the courier is drenched from the rain. She invites him in and leads him to the lounge where her and friend Jessica tell him they will dry his clothes for him. The courier is very reluctant but the girls strip him down to his underwear and sit...
Spunk Magnet
Jessica Pressley October 7, 2011
Jessica is at the psychiatrist's office to discuss her problem - she is a spunk magnet. She tells the doctor that everywhere she goes, everything she does ends up in a guy appearing, dropping his trousers and cumming on her. We see flashbacks of this happening including a vivid dream she has where she...
Double Oil Massage
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon July 1, 2011
An unsuspecting guy has visited the massage parlour today because of pain in his lower back. Little does he realise that when masseuses Jessica and Karlie spot a guy they like, they will pull out all the stops to see him naked and have their way with him! After an initial gentle massage in which they...
Hunky Bartender
Hannah Shaw, Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love March 11, 2011
Three girls arrive at the local bar for a drink when they notice a hunky new bartender. They discover he is from Hungary and decide to take advantage by telling him there is a ladies night on tonight and therefore he has to work naked. He refuses but Hannah isn't taking no for an answer and comes round...
Nudist Colony
Alexis May, Jessica Pressley, Syren Sexton, Tiffany Doll November 26, 2010
Four schoolgirls are walking through the woods trying to find the local nudist colony they have heard a rumour about. As they round a corner they see a naked man doing some stretching exercises. They watch him for a bit, giggling as they see his penis, and then they get up the courage to approach him....
Farmboy Gets A Hand
Alexis May, Jessica Pressley, Syren Sexton, Tiffany Doll September 24, 2010
All the girls working on the farm have the hots for new foreign worker Jose. As he clears some leaves from the cattle shed, Syren decides to seduce him and soon has her hands down the front of his trousers! She undresses him and starts stroking his beautiful cock but they are then interrupted by three...
Who's The Prettiest?
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love August 6, 2010
Jess, Karlie and Lucy are discussing their previous night out. They are talking about one guy they all fancied. Karlie is convinced he fancied her because she has the biggest tits, but Lucy disagrees and says he was buying her drinks all night. Jess says it was her that he wanted as she is clearly the...
Natural Sunscreen
Alexis May, Jessica Pressley, Syren Sexton, Tiffany Doll July 23, 2010
Four girls are sitting by the pool sunbathing. They are unaware that inside the house, Tony has spotted their sexy bodies and started playing with himself. His wanking gets more frantic as they go topless. Unfortunately, Syren decides to go inside for some drinks and catches him red handed. She is initially...
Spying On Jessica
Jessica Pressley, Theo May 28, 2010
Jessica is having a shower and doesn't hear the estate agent let himself in so he can take some measurements. When he sees her beautiful naked body in the bathroom he starts watching her and soon undoes his trousers and starts wanking his cock. Unfortunately for him, Jessica's flatmate Theo comes home...
Italian Stallion
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love May 7, 2010
Jessica, Karlie and Lucy are waiting for their new foreign exchange student to arrive. After disasters with previous students they are apprehensive but when this attractive Italian guy walks in, the girls soon cheer up. They want to know if it's true what they say about Italian men being great lovers....
Spying On Webcam
Jessica Pressley, Lorraine Abbott, Paige Fox, Tanya March 26, 2010
Four girls are getting changed ready for their night out. They strip out of their day clothes and show off their gorgeous naked young bodies but just as they are about to get changed one of them notices a hidden webcam in the corner of the room. They realise that their housemate has been watching them...
Handjob Competition
Jessica Pressley, Karlie Simon, Lucy Love February 19, 2010
Karlie and Lucy are always arguing about who is better at giving handjobs. Karlie accuses her of being too slow and says that guys really like it fast and hard. To solve the problem and stop them from arguing, their friend Jess decides to get two of her male friends in so the girls can face off against...

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