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Models / Emma Lou

Avg Rating: 4.6

Emma Lou Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  April 7, 2006

Emma is from Gloucester and has a strong west country accent to match. Her stats are 34C-25-35.

Her beautiful blonde hair and hourglass figure definitely catch the eye, as does her naughty sense of humour.

She is a published glamour and adult model and loved her CFNM shoots with Pure and is hoping to do many more in the future.
Emma Lou Updates

Charity Wank
Ellena, Emma Lou, Suzie Best October 21, 2011
Ellena, Suzie and Emma have convinced hunky French student Julien to be the target for their college charity sponge toss. They strap him to two wooden posts but then spring a surprise on the poor boy as they remove the sponge toss sign and underneath is a Charity Wank sign! As he protests they start...
Chef's Special Sauce
Ellena, Emma Lou, Suzie Best October 12, 2007
Head chef Emma is horrified when a female customer sends some food back saying it was disgusting. As she argues about it, commis chef Ryan says at his old job they would have sent it back with the "chef's special sauce". Emma asks what he means and he says it meant the chef wanked into the food. Emma...
Dinner Party
Ellena, Emma Lou, Suzie Best August 10, 2007
Maria is doing an on-line quiz when stepbrother Sam walks in. The two of them disagree about the correct answer to one of the questions so they make a bet - if Sam is right, Maria does his washing for a month, but if Maria is right, Sam has to be a naked waiter for her dinner party with the girls that...
The Hitchhiker
Emma Lou, Jane November 17, 2006
As they are driving along Emma and Jane spot a guy hitch-hiking by the side of the road. They pick him up but he soon falls asleep on the backseat so they decide to have some fun with him. They drive him into the middle of nowhere and then force him out of the car before insisting he strips naked for...
Spying In The Woods
Emma Lou, Jane September 29, 2006
Emma and Jane are out for a stroll in the woods when they spot a guy acting suspiciously in a clearing in the trees. As they hide in the undergrowth and start watching him he begins to undress. The two girls are amazed at what they are seeing and start to whisper and laugh to each other as he strips...
All Men Are The Same
Emma Lou, Jane August 18, 2006
Emma and Jane are driving along chatting about men and Emma says that all men are the same and can't wait to get their cocks out at the first chance they get. Jane disagrees but Emma says she can prove it and will ask the next guy they see to get his cock out. Round the next bend she spots a guy and...
The Biker's Bulge
Emma Lou, Jane July 28, 2006
Jane loves motorbikes and as Dan pulls up on his Honda she starts to drool before asking him if he will take her for a ride. Emma is unimpressed and stays behind but when the two return, she sees that Jane's hands have dropped from holding on round the waist to actually grabbing his groin! As she gets...
The Massage Lesson
Emma Lou, Franky Knight, Natalia Raper, Yazmin Daniel May 19, 2006
Natalia has asked David in to be her willing subject as she teaches Yazmin, Emma and Franky how to give a massage. She starts massaging his chest and legs but as she goes higher up his thighs he begins to get aroused and the towel barely covers his excitement. Natalia pulls back the towel to see what...
Point Of View CFNM
Emma Lou, Franky Knight, Natalia Raper May 5, 2006
A CFNM scene shot as if the action is actually happening to you, the viewer! Natalia, Franky and Emma catch you stroking your cock and after their initial shock decide to watch for a bit. However, it's not long before they like the look of your cock and decide to take over the stroking themselves. ...
TV Censorship Board
Emma Lou, Franky Knight, Natalia Raper April 7, 2006
After his performance on the Jenny Talk Show where he masturbated and came on live television, male model Kelvin is hauled in front of the television censorship board to answer for his actions. He protests his innocence but the all-female review board are not convinced and tell him that unless they see...