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Models / Keisha Kane

Avg Rating: 3.6

Keisha Kane Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Ebony
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  May 12, 2009

World famous adult and glamour model Keisha Kane is one of the bubbliest and craziest girls we have ever had on PureCFNM.

The 5"9 London stunner has an infectious enthusiasm for her work and is sure to be a PureCFNM favourite. Her chatty personality and confidence disguizes the fact she is only 20 years old.

Her sexy 34C-27-31 figure combines perfectly with her olive skin to create a very exotic and sexy girl who is set to star in many PureCFNM scenes in the future.
Keisha Kane Updates

Thanking The Bouncer
Anaya Leon, Keisha Kane, Tilly Hardy, Yazmin Daniel November 13, 2009
Yazmin is doing a sexy lapdance for a customer when he gets over-excited and starts grabbing her tits. She smacks his face and calls for Scott the bouncer and he soon charges in and manhandles the guy out the door. Yazmin is very grateful to Scott for saving her and as the other girls crowd round to...
Nightclub Owner
Anaya Leon, Keisha Kane, Tilly Hardy, Yazmin Daniel August 21, 2009
Nightclub owner Sensi is auditioning a new dancer for his lapdancing club. He has two of his existing girls sitting either side of him and as this gorgeous new girl starts dancing and stripping in front of him, he gets a bit aroused. He tells the two girls to undo his trousers and start wanking him while...
The 12-Incher
Keisha Kane, Kelly Marina, Tammie Lee July 10, 2009
Keisha is bragging about the huge size of her new boyfriend's penis but Tammie and Kelly don't believe a word of it. To prove them wrong Keisha invites him round and tells him to drop his trousers. After the initial embarrassment of such a request, Danny is very reluctant but Keisha pulls him forward...
Who's The Best Dancer?
Anaya Leon, Keisha Kane, Tilly Hardy, Yazmin Daniel June 12, 2009
Lapdancers Keisha, Yazmin, Anaya and Tilly are hanging around the bar as their club is quite quiet tonight. One of the girls makes a comment and Keisha says it is quite clear that she is the best dancer out of the lot of them. The other girls don't agree though and an argument follows in which they all...
Football Match
Keisha Kane, Kelly Marina, Tammie Lee May 15, 2009
Tammie, Keisha and Kelly are watching their favourite team Liverpool playing Chelsea in an important football match. The girls leap for joy as Liverpool score and they comment on how fit some of the players are. Sadly for them, Chelsea score two quick goals and end up winning the game. The girls are...