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Models / Kaicee Marie

Avg Rating: 4.3

Kaicee Marie Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  December 2, 2008

23-year-old Kaicee is a bubbly west country girl from Wiltshire. A full time glamour model, she has only been modelling for about six months but is a natural.

Standing at 5"3 she has ample 36C breasts and a curvy figure and is certainly not shy!

"It was great fun taking the piss out of all these naked guys and doing what I wanted with them," she laughed after the shoot. She has already requested to come back again.
Kaicee Marie Updates

Chat Show Bonus
Evey Krystal, Kaicee Marie, Kelly Johansson, Lucie Sachs November 27, 2009
Evey is working on the late night adult chat show and is talking dirty to a caller. Lucie and Kelly are manning the video camera and boom microphone when studio boss Alan walks in. He takes a liking to Evey in her underwear and starts groping himself while he watches her on the couch. As Evey's session...
Pianist's Penis
Evey Krystal, Kaicee Marie, Kelly Johansson, Lucie Sachs September 18, 2009
A pianist is giving a recital to four girls in a posh country house. They are totally moved by his music and start to find themselves attracted to him. As he continues to play the girls start discussing whether it is true that the size of a man's hands are proportional to the size of his penis. Kaicee...
Fancy Dress Mistake
Evey Krystal, Kaicee Marie, Kelly Johansson, Lucie Sachs July 17, 2009
A group of girls are at a fancy dress party and Evey has been bragging to them about this guy she had sex with a few night before. She tells them he had a huge cock and made her scream with ecstasy. The girls don't believe a word of it but Evey says he is supposed to be coming to the party dressed as...
Tormenting The Ex-Girlfriend
Isabella Kay, Kaicee Marie, Yazmin Daniel June 5, 2009
Isabella has always hated Yazmin and has just managed to steal her boyfriend, Leo, off her. To really rub it in she invites her friend Kaicee round and hatches a plot to ring Yazmin and then make her listen while they perform sexual acts on Leo. They strip Leo naked and then telephone Yazmin who is less...