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Models / Rose Wood

Avg Rating: 4.8

Rose Wood Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Classy Look
Date Joined:  December 29, 2006

Leggy Hampshire model Rose has been glamour modelling for 5 years.

The 5"9 raven-haired stunner is the epitomy of the English rose - well-spoken, classy and beautiful.

Add to that her love of wanking cocks and she's probably the perfect woman!
Rose Wood Updates

Hung In The Barn
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Lady Tiffany, Rose Wood, Wendy Taylor March 14, 2008
Mark is in the bathroom when he suddenly sees his clothes getting pulled through the doorway. He runs out and sees Ellena running off with them. He chases her into a barn where she stops and he demands his clothes back. However, when he turns round he realises that four of her friends have blocked his...
The Co-Worker
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Rose Wood January 25, 2008
Rose is having a night in with the girls and as they enjoy their first drink she announces that she has a surprise in store for them. She saw an advert on the internet from a guy who wanted to come and strip down to just a collar and cuffs at a girls night and then allow them to order him around as they...
Wanking Through The Window
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Rose Wood December 7, 2007
Sean is enjoying a quiet afternoon wank with his favourite porn mag when suddenly schoolgirls Cyprus and Ellena walk past the window and see what he is doing. They are shocked but find it very funny and they creep up to the window to look closer. Eventually they can't contain their laughter any more...
Blindfolded And Shared
Cyprus Iles, Ellena, Rose Wood November 9, 2007
Matt and girlfriend Cyprus are walking in the woods when she suddenly confides in him that she has a fantasy about blindfolding and then having some fun with him in a public place. Matt isn't sure but she says she likes the excitement of being outside and maybe getting caught. Cyprus blindfold and strips...
The Pizza Boy
Karlie Simon, Rose Wood, Sandie Caine April 6, 2007
Rose, Karlie and Candie are having a night in for Karlie's birthday. They have hired a stripper but he hasn't turned up so when Jason arrives with their pizza they decide to offer him some money to stand in and strip for them. As he doesn't earn a lot, he reluctantly agrees but soon gets into the swing...
Bathroom Revenge
Karlie Simon, Rose Wood, Sandie Caine February 16, 2007
Karlie is happily having her bath when Steve bursts in not realising she was in there. Despite her trying to cover up he sees her naked and really annoys her by not leaving immediately and having a good stare while apologising for bursting in. When she finished her bath she gets friends Rose and Sandie...
Santa's Grotto
Karlie Simon, Rose Wood, Sandie Caine December 29, 2006
Karlie has a tradition that every year she goes to see Santa Claus. Even though she is a young woman now she still visits the Grotto every year. However, when she sits on Santa's knee in her short skirt and low cut top, it soon has an effect on Santa. As Karlie is telling him what she wants for Christmas,...