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Models / Stephanie Blows

Avg Rating: 4.9

Stephanie Blows Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  December 18, 2012

After so long in the adult industry, it's rare for us to be blown off our feet by a model - but Stephanie certainly managed it!

The 28-year-old had a brief foray into the world of porn when she was just 18 and has just returned to it recently. The confidence she has gained in those 10 years certainly comes across and she was in her element ordering the men about in our scenes.

Her amazing round ass and cheeky smile, combined with her amazing ability to act out a scene meant we fell in love with her the moment she stepped on set! Expect to see plenty more of this bombshell from the south coast of England!
Stephanie Blows Updates

Hockey Girls
Alyssa Divine, Stephanie Blows July 12, 2013
Stephanie and Alyssa are getting changed after hockey when Mr White bursts in. He didn't realize they were in there and apologizes but, as Stephanie quickly dresses, Alyssa grabs hold of their teacher. Unless he does what she asks, she will tell the principal that he was in their changing room while...
Dorm Lock Out
Lexi Lou, Stephanie Blows, Wendy Taylor May 3, 2013
When Jon argues with his girlfriend she throws him out of her dorm room without any clothes. As he is trying to persuade his way back in, school matron Wendy and two pupils discover him and she is very unimpressed. She has him up against the wall as the young girls giggle at his nudity and then she throws...
Dirty Little Boy
Alyssa Divine, Stephanie Blows March 22, 2013
Jamie and Alyssa are sitting in their maths lesson listening to teacher Stephanie droning on about fractions. Alyssa teases Jamie that he fancies the teacher and likes her ass, running her hand over his bulge to get him excited. She tempts him that if he drops his trousers she will wank him off without...
Female Casting Agents
Lexi Lou, Stephanie Blows, Wendy Taylor February 1, 2013
Well known casting agent Wendy Taylor is interviewing a new male actor today. She often takes advantage of the good looking guys who need her help and today is no different. She explains that if he wants her to represent him she needs to see him naked - in case that's what the role calls for. After letching...
Special Arrangement
Alyssa Divine, Stephanie Blows December 21, 2012
Alyssa is having coffee with her friend Stephanie when the next door neighbour comes downstairs and says he has finished her cleaning. Alyssa is confused but it soon becomes clear that they have a "special arrangement" - Justin does chores around the house and in return Stephanie allows him to walk around...