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Models / Bunny Carmen

Avg Rating: 4.5

Bunny Carmen Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Ebony
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  May 29, 2012

Sussex girl Bunny is a 22-year-old sexpot who chose porn because of her high sex drive. Unlike other girls who go into it for the money, sh genuinely has a love of cock!

The curvy 34-28-37 hottie with B cup tits is very new to the world of modelling but her sexy expressions and love of naked males is sure to make her a members favourite.
Bunny Carmen Updates

Crime Scene
Bunny Carmen, Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley June 28, 2013
Frank has been chained to the bed during a robbery and officers Jessica and Chloe ask Bunny if the crime scene is exactly as she found it. She explains that the towel wasn't covering her boyfriend's naked body and he had been lying there with an erection. The policewomen explain that everything must...
CFNM Tour Bus
Bunny Carmen, Sasha Blue June 14, 2013
Barry is out for a stroll when out of the blue, a motorhome pulls up and two girls jump out and manhandle him into the back. They drive him into the countryside and park up before stripping him naked in the back of the van. Barry tries to stop them and asks what's going on and the girls explain he is...
Keep On Cumming
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist February 22, 2013
When Jess tells her two friends about how amazing her new boyfriend is and how he can cum again and again they don't believe her and ask for proof. As soon as he comes home the poor guy is pounced on and stripped naked in front of the girls and Jess tells him "not to let her down!" She tells him to show...
Morning Wood
Bunny Carmen, Sasha Blue November 23, 2012
When Sasha walks into Trevor's bedroom to give him an early morning cup of tea she is shocked to see he has an erection under the sheets! She fetches her friend Bunny and together they laugh at the fact he has "morning wood". As they prod at the bulge he wakes up and is very embarrassed! This gets worse...
Fucking For An Audience
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist November 2, 2012
Jessica continues to blackmail Justin to do things for her or she will show his girlfriend the video of him getting a blowjob off her and her friends. Today she is going to make him fuck Bunny live on webcam while they sell access to other women! The reluctant Justin soon changes his mind as Bunny starts...
Noisy Neighbours
Bunny Carmen, Jessica Pressley, Michelle Moist July 27, 2012
Colin is trying to sleep when he is woken up by loud music next door. When he goes round to complain he discovers that the girls are having a party. He asks them to keep the noise down but they refuse and tell him to relax. When he refuses, Michelle decides to give him a new job as their male stripper!...
Blackmailed To Strip
Bunny Carmen, Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley June 1, 2012
Now Jess has video footage of Justin naked, she is going to use it to blackmail him to do whatever she wants. Today she has ordered him to come round and strip naked for two friends of hers. Justin is very reluctant but when she threatens to go public with the naked footage of him and ruin his career,...