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Models / Red

Avg Rating: 4.6

Red Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  December 9, 2005

Ultra naughty uber-MILF Red has been shooting fetish films for years. A veteran of the British adult scene, she has a natural controlling nature and likes nothing more than to strip and humiliate guys for her pleasure - not theirs!

Red has made numerous appearances on Television X, Adult Channel, Playboy TV in the UKaswell as over 100 professional film releases.
Red Updates

Butler Interview 2
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day July 10, 2015
It's been a few years since Kelly Hart's famous "Butler Interview" and three of her friends ave tracked down the same guy for a party of their own. They convince him to show off his new outfit and are shocked to see a bizarre red thong. They laugh about the fact he doesn't fill it but when they pull...
Premature Control
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day April 24, 2015
Experienced Red is going to teach poor Cedric to conquer his problems with premature ejaculation. She leads him into a bedroom where two sexy girls in satin nighties are asleep. She strips him naked and removes their bed covers so he can see their gorgeous bodies. He cries that he is going to cum and...
Cocks On Page Four
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day February 27, 2015
The Sun Newspaper has famously brought back topless girls on Page 3 - but now they have gone a step further! They are going to feature naked guys on page four to give equality to women. Simon is the first model to be photographed for the new feature but he is very nervous and his agent Red even has to...
Yes Ma'am
Lucy Love, Red June 21, 2013
It's Lucy's birthday but she is worried about her party because a boy she likes is going to be there and she is unsure what to do with boys. Her wealthy Aunty rings her bell and in comes butler Charles. To Lucy's horror and embarrassment, her aunty commands him to strip naked so she can teach her niece...
Sex Addiction Clinic
Louise Jenson, Red, Rio Lee March 15, 2013
Red has three newcomers in her sex addiction clinic. Louise and Rio are diagnosed nymphomaniacs and Christian is a chronic masturbator. But, as she gets them to discuss their problems, the girls take a liking to Christian. Before Red knows what is happening they are stripping him off, ignoring her shouts...
Son Of A Boss
Louise Jenson, Red, Rio Lee April 27, 2012
Company owner Red gives her sales girls a real dressing down just before introducing her son as the new work experience boy. She then runs off to a meeting, leaving the two women to show him the ropes. Unfortunately the girls hate Red and are out for revenge! They pretend to be nice to the boy and tell...
Upskirt In The Shoe Shop
Red, Rio Lee February 10, 2012
Shoe shop manager Red is chatting to staff member Rod about how slow things are when a glamorous woman walks in. Rod instantly tends to her, hoping to make a big sale. But, as she sits down to try on the shoes, he notices he can see right up her skirt. The naughty minx is wearing crotchless panties and...
Wedding Day
Lara Latex, Red, Sammy July 13, 2007
Sammy is getting married but halfway through getting ready she gets upset as it suddenly hits her that after today she will only be able to touch one man's penis for the rest of her life. Her friends Red and Lara come in and try to console her but she is still upset so Red hatches a plan and tells them...
Shaving The New Boy
Lara Latex, Red, Sammy April 27, 2007
Sammy is passing the boys changing room when she sees one of the new boy's showering. She is shocked to see that he has pubic hair - which is against school rules for boys. She calls her colleagues Lara and Red who decide he can't be allowed to walk around like that. The three older women walk in on...
Win A Date
Harmony Hex, Lauren Hurley, Red August 11, 2006
After having so much fun at the expense of James bursting out of his shorts earlier, the girls and the camp counsellor decide to have some more fun with one of the visiting French boys. Red blindfolds him and says she has a surprise for him. When she takes off the blindfold he sees the two gorgeous blondes...
Flasher Punished
Faye Rampton, Harmony Hex, Kaz B, Lauren Hurley, Pascha Knight, Red July 7, 2006
A group of six girls are out for a gentle Sunday afternoon stroll. As they walk past a farmhouse out jumps Daniel and before they know what is happening he has opened his coat and flashed them! The girls cry out seeing he has nothing on underneath but far from running away in fright, their numbers give...
Too Big For His Shorts
Harmony Hex, Lauren Hurley, Red June 30, 2006
Camp Counsellor Red has had complaints from some of the girls that James has been flashing them and showing them his cock. When she calls him in to tell him off, he pleads his innocence and says its not his fault but the regulation issue shorts are too small and he "bursts" out of them. Red laughs and...
Showing Off Husband
Harmony Hex, Lauren Hurley, Red June 9, 2006
Red is sitting in her lounge explaining to her two young friends Sarah and Harmony all about the facts of life. When she starts explaining about men's cocks using her husband as an example, he unexpectedly walks in on them and they all go bright red. The husband can see they have talking about him and...
Hiding In The Cupboard
Jamie Brooks, Kyla Marshall, Red January 6, 2006
Jamie has been spying on her nextdoor neighbour for weeks. His cock is huge and she can't take her eyes off it - so much so that she tells her friend Kyla about it. Kyla desperately wants to see it for herself so they break into his house and hide in the cupboard. But when Mr Edwards gets home he...
Caught Wanking In The Bath
Jamie Brooks, Red December 23, 2005
Andy is enjoying stroking his cock while he soaks in the bath but doesn't realise that Jamie and her friend Laura are watching him through the window. They decide they want a closer look, enter the bathroom and force Andy to stand up and expose himself. Jamie gasps when she sees his cock up close but...
Peeping Tom Punished
Jamie Brooks, Red December 9, 2005
Johnny has a great view through the crack in the door of Jamie as she undresses and does her make-up. What he didn't bank on was Laura walking up behind and catching him in the act. Jamie is furious that he has been spying on her and the two girls decide to get their own back by telling him to strip...