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Models / Faye Rampton

Avg Rating: 4.8

Faye Rampton Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  June 2, 2006

Faye is a veteran of the UK porn industry and has been shooting hardcore films for over 6 years.

There's not much she hasn't done on camera and her scenes for PureCFNM are amongst her tamest.

She recently took a break to have her first child but is now back in action on a screen near you!
Faye Rampton Updates

Replacement Bank Manager
Faye Rampton, Kyla Marshall, Sasha Rose, Syren Sexton April 10, 2009
Mr Smythe has retired and his replacement is being shown around his new office. When he meets secretary Abbey he has been told by Smythe that she gives sexual favours and starts fondling her tit which promptly gets him a slap round the face. Abbey is furious and calls in Kyla and Sasha to help her punish...
Can I Have Your Autograph?
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight September 1, 2006
Starstruck Pascha spots male model Kelvin getting out of his car and decides she just has to have his autograph. After appearing on The Jenny Show he has become famous and she rushed over. Her two friends Faye and Kaz are less impressed and have never heard of him. Pascha tries to explain to them who...
Flasher Punished
Faye Rampton, Harmony Hex, Kaz B, Lauren Hurley, Pascha Knight, Red July 7, 2006
A group of six girls are out for a gentle Sunday afternoon stroll. As they walk past a farmhouse out jumps Daniel and before they know what is happening he has opened his coat and flashed them! The girls cry out seeing he has nothing on underneath but far from running away in fright, their numbers give...
Tied To A Tree
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight June 23, 2006
Paul's mates are playing a college prank on him by tying him to a tree in an area of the local woods frequented by walkers. After trying him up they pull his trousers down leaving him with just his boxer shorts on! Unfortunately for Paul the first walkers that come by are all female and rather than letting...
Trapped In The Sunroof
Faye Rampton, Kaz B, Pascha Knight June 2, 2006
James and Kaz have just taken a new car for a test drive with saleswoman Faye. However, during the drive Kaz has noticed her husband looking down Fay'e stop and she is not happy about it at all. When they park up to discuss the deal she encourages him to check out the sunroof and then quickly closes...