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Models / Sienna Day

Avg Rating: 4.6

Sienna Day Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  30 January 2015

Blonde bombshell Sienna Day is a 23-year-old pornstar from the north of England. The bubbly Geordie began her adult career just six months ago but has already made a big name for herself shooting for some of the biggest companies in America and Europe.
Standing at 5"4 she has a slim 30-24-32 figure with impressive DD boobs perched on top!
Sienna Day Updates

Eviction Notice
Emma Louisee, Sienna Day, Sophia Delane September 16, 2016
Bitchy landladies Emma and Sienna have decided to evict Sophia and her boyfriend. When the couple come round to beg them to reconsider the girls ask to see Peter naked in return for letting them stay. As Sophia watches in horror, the girls strip Peter and then help themselves to his cock. As she tells...
Secret Blowjob
Emma Louisee, Sienna Day, Sophia Delane July 15, 2016
Max is having breakfast with wife Sophia when she goes to make the tea. While her back is turned, her two naughty nieces creep in and sneak under the table. When Sophia returns she is completely unaware that the girls have taken her husband's cock out and are taking turns to wank and suck it under the...
Sharks' Den
Emma Louisee, Sienna Day, Sophia Delane May 13, 2016
Popular TV show the Shark's Den sees budding entrepreneurs trying to pitch some wealthy business women their money-spinning ideas. Today, Josh is after $100,000 for his product which increases the male ejaculation. The three female investors are interested in the figures but won't commit before seeing...
No Wanking
Madlin Moon, Samantha Page, Sienna Day, Tara Holiday January 1, 2016
When Tara catches step son Sam jerking off in his room again she is furious. She calls in her precious girls so she can teach him a lesson once and for all. She refuses to let him get dressed and bends him over the desk so all the girls can take turns spanking his ass. She then turns him round and shows...
Caught In The Rain
Madlin Moon, Samantha Page, Sienna Day, Tara Holiday October 30, 2015
A sudden rainstorm means John and three female friends arrive at their university dorm soaking wet. House mother Tara tells them to strip off so they don't catch cold and she can put their clothes in the dryer. John doesn't want to take his trousers off as he has gone commando but Tara is insistent and...
Prison Discipline
Madlin Moon, Samantha Page, Sienna Day, Tara Holiday August 28, 2015
Governors Samantha and Tara are visiting the male cell block to find out why the female prison officers are having such success controlling them. Officer Sienna demonstrates her methods which involve stripping the inmate naked and using his penis to control his behaviour. "Drain their balls and men aren't...
Butler Interview 2
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day July 10, 2015
It's been a few years since Kelly Hart's famous "Butler Interview" and three of her friends ave tracked down the same guy for a party of their own. They convince him to show off his new outfit and are shocked to see a bizarre red thong. They laugh about the fact he doesn't fill it but when they pull...
Police Training
Ava Dalush, Chessie Kay, Sienna Day June 19, 2015
Chessie is training two new policewomen on how to apprehend a flasher in the park. She shows them how to kick a man in the balls and handcuff him. WPC Ava doesn't do very well and complains that as he is fully clothed it's not realistic. Chessie agrees and strips the poor guy naked in front of them....
Premature Control
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day April 24, 2015
Experienced Red is going to teach poor Cedric to conquer his problems with premature ejaculation. She leads him into a bedroom where two sexy girls in satin nighties are asleep. She strips him naked and removes their bed covers so he can see their gorgeous bodies. He cries that he is going to cum and...
Which Underwear
Angel Scott, Ava Dalush, Chessie Kay, Sienna Day April 3, 2015
Four girls have been shopping for new underwear to impress their boyfriends. When Peter walks in they ask his opinion but he isn't interested. The girls decide to show him the underwear on and he suddenly gets VERY interested! As one by one the girls strip naked and then put on the new underwear sets,...
Cocks On Page Four
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day February 27, 2015
The Sun Newspaper has famously brought back topless girls on Page 3 - but now they have gone a step further! They are going to feature naked guys on page four to give equality to women. Simon is the first model to be photographed for the new feature but he is very nervous and his agent Red even has to...
Chained Up Guest
Angel Scott, Ava Dalush, Chessie Kay, Sienna Day January 30, 2015
When chamber maid Sienna discovers a guest chained naked to the hotel bed she rushes to fetch her colleagues. He tells supervisor Angel that his Tinder date chained him up then stole his wallet - after he had taken a Viagra! Angel decides the girls must relieve their guest's blue balls while they are...