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Models / Samantha Page

Avg Rating: 4.9

Samantha Page Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Innocent Amateur
Date Joined:  12th December 2014

24-year-old part time model Samantha hails from Kent. She has done glamour modelling in the past but never shot anything adult-orientated.
Her shoot for CumPerfection was her first ever porn shoot and she took to it like a natural!
Her sexy 34-24-27 figure is topped off with lovely natural D cup tits and her willingness to take a faceful of cum means we are likely to have her back again and again.
Samantha Page Updates

Fetish Club
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Samantha Page, Sapphire Rose May 24, 2019
Sapphire leads her boyfriend to a private room at a fetish club and ties him to the bed blindfolded and naked. What she hasn't told him is that she has a fantasy of seeing him pleasured by other women! To his horror he hears girl's voices enter the room and there are flashes as they take photos of his...
Library Committee
Ashleigh De Vere, Samantha Page, Tory Jones March 22, 2019
Librarian Samantha has called a meeting of the committee to discuss a disturbing event she witnessed recently. It turns out she caught a young couple in a compromising position on the library webcam! Her colleagues are confused so she decides to demonstrate what happened on colleague Jonny. He is shocked...
Suits You Sir
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Samantha Page, Sapphire Rose February 8, 2019
Steve is at the clothes store to buy some new trousers. When he steps into the changing room, assistant Samantha sneaks a peak round the curtain and is shocked by the size of his big black cock. She gets her three female colleagues to look as well and they are so curious that they drag him out and start...
Nightclub Liberties
Ashleigh De Vere, Samantha Page, Tory Jones January 18, 2019
Marc is enjoying a drink at his local Boobies bar when he gropes waitress Tory's tits. A few minutes later he grabs Samantha's ass and the waitresses decide to gang up and teach him a lesson - just because they are in skimpy outfits doesn't mean he can touch! They start groping him to see how he likes...
Losing Him
Ashleigh De Vere, Samantha Page, Tory Jones November 16, 2018
Ashleigh confides in her friends that she is worried she is losing Jake. He doesn't think she is adventurous enough in the bedroom so she asks for their help. She begs them to join in and give him a foursome so he will think she is the best girlfriend ever! Samantha creeps in and strips to her lingerie...
Mixed Wrestling
Kimmie Foxx, Samantha Page March 3, 2017
When Josh finds two girls in the wrestling arena he asks them to move but ends up being challenged! Him and Samantha wrestle for several minutes before she throws him to the ground and pins him by sitting on his face and putting her knees on his arms. She then calls over her lesbian lover Kimmie and...
Relationship Sabotage
Kimmie Foxx, Samantha Page November 25, 2016
Kimmie hates her sister's fiance and wants to break them up. When she finds him groggy after his stag do, she decides to find out if her sister likes him because he has a big cock. With her friend Samantha, they strip him off and start wanking his cock. He starts moaning about how good his fiancee is...
No Wanking
Madlin Moon, Samantha Page, Sienna Day, Tara Holiday January 1, 2016
When Tara catches step son Sam jerking off in his room again she is furious. She calls in her precious girls so she can teach him a lesson once and for all. She refuses to let him get dressed and bends him over the desk so all the girls can take turns spanking his ass. She then turns him round and shows...
Caught In The Rain
Madlin Moon, Samantha Page, Sienna Day, Tara Holiday October 30, 2015
A sudden rainstorm means John and three female friends arrive at their university dorm soaking wet. House mother Tara tells them to strip off so they don't catch cold and she can put their clothes in the dryer. John doesn't want to take his trousers off as he has gone commando but Tara is insistent and...
Prison Discipline
Madlin Moon, Samantha Page, Sienna Day, Tara Holiday August 28, 2015
Governors Samantha and Tara are visiting the male cell block to find out why the female prison officers are having such success controlling them. Officer Sienna demonstrates her methods which involve stripping the inmate naked and using his penis to control his behaviour. "Drain their balls and men aren't...
Butler Interview 2
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day July 10, 2015
It's been a few years since Kelly Hart's famous "Butler Interview" and three of her friends ave tracked down the same guy for a party of their own. They convince him to show off his new outfit and are shocked to see a bizarre red thong. They laugh about the fact he doesn't fill it but when they pull...
Writer's Block
Emma Leigh, Samantha Page June 26, 2015
Emma is struggling with writer's block as she tries to write the key sex scene for her book. Flatmate Samantha decides she needs some visual stimulation and grabs hold of their friend Mac and starts taking his clothes off. "Just write what you see," she says as she starts wanking and sucking his dick....
Meet My Mum
Devon Breeze, Samantha Page May 8, 2015
Cameron is nervous about meeting his girlfriend's mother for the first time. She orders him to stand while she asks if her daughter has seen him naked yet. When he says no she orders him to strip. He refuses but she grabs him and rips his clothes off, telling her daughter she must see his cock before...
Premature Control
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day April 24, 2015
Experienced Red is going to teach poor Cedric to conquer his problems with premature ejaculation. She leads him into a bedroom where two sexy girls in satin nighties are asleep. She strips him naked and removes their bed covers so he can see their gorgeous bodies. He cries that he is going to cum and...
Multiple Orgasms
Cathy Heaven, Samantha Page, Tasha Holz April 17, 2015
During an extra tuition biology class, teachers Mike and Cathy clash over whether men can also have multiple orgasms. She teaches the girls that only women can cum twice but Mike claims he can do it himself - so the girls jump on him and intend to find out! They strip him naked and start jerking his...
Cocks On Page Four
Red, Samantha Page, Sienna Day February 27, 2015
The Sun Newspaper has famously brought back topless girls on Page 3 - but now they have gone a step further! They are going to feature naked guys on page four to give equality to women. Simon is the first model to be photographed for the new feature but he is very nervous and his agent Red even has to...
Popcorn Surprise
Cathy Heaven, Samantha Page, Tasha Holz February 13, 2015
Practical joker Jamie thinks it would be funny to stick his cock through the bottom of a popcorn box while the girls are eating out of it. They munch away unaware until their hands get further down and then they cry out in horror! The girls don't find it funny having eaten his penis coated popcorn and...
Nerd Overpowered
Cathy Heaven, Samantha Page, Tasha Holz December 12, 2014
Nerdy Sean can't help but laugh when he hears the stupid comments of three beautiful girls at the art exhibition. He tries to educate them but only manages to upset them, angering them to the point that they pounce on him. The women want to show him they are NOT the weaker sex and strip him naked before...