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Models / Axa Jay

Avg Rating: 4.6

Axa Jay Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  August 24, 2010

Manchester girl Axa says she has a very high sex drive so being in the adult industry comes naturally to her. The 5"5 blonde dog-lover also likes to drink neat vodka on a night out and likes her men naked and well hung!

The 34C-26-34 once had sex on the 18th hole of a golf course (at night we assume but you never know with her!) and has a fantasy of one day fuckign a policeman!
Axa Jay Updates

Gloryhole Trap
Anna Joy, Axa Jay, Catalia Valentine, Georgie Lyall, Lulu Love, Montse Swinger, Scarlett Jackson September 21, 2018
When Georgie is confronted by a cock stuck through the gloryhole she tricks the guy and ties his cock up so he can't get away. She then leaves him for the night, during which several girls walk in and either take photos of his cock, slap it or give it a good suck until they make him cum. When Georgie...
Pleasure Room
Anna Joy, Axa Jay, Lulu Love, Scarlett Jackson July 13, 2018
A group of women are shocked when Axa introduces them to the Pleasure Room, a dungeon where loads of naked males are chained up. She explains that the exposed cocks are there for the entertainment of the females. The girls don't need to be asked twice and walk round all the naked guys, groping and trying...
Swim Team Initiation
Anna Joy, Axa Jay, Lulu Love, Scarlett Jackson March 2, 2018
New boys swim team member Mark has been told to report to the girls changing room for his initiation. He is surprised to find swim coach Miss Joy there with three girls and is even more surprised when they tell him he is to do laps of the pool naked! He refuses but the girls yank his trunks off anyway....
ID Parade
Axa Jay, Franki Rider, Hannah Shaw, Holly Kiss July 26, 2013
Hannah has been flashed by a pervert while out running in the park and officer Holly has arranged a line up so she can identify the culprit. The problem is that it was dark and Hannah can only recognize him by his cock and the way he ejaculates. Quick-thinking Holly tells her female offices to strip...
Ruined Presentation
Axa Jay, Franki Rider, Hannah Shaw, Holly Kiss April 5, 2013
Axa is giving a presentation in front of three female executives when she is twice interrupted by Jamie. This throws her and she gives an awful speech. When they take a break she is fuming and decides to get her own back on him and hides under the lectern. As Jamie begins his presentation Axa unzips...
Sowing The Seed
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark March 18, 2011
Gardener Tony is showing four girls round the nursery this morning. As he goes into detailed explanations of the life cycle of plants, the girls are more interested in his cute bum and tight shorts. As he explains about how the stalks can shoot up and have nice big red ends, the girls decide to find...
Workman Gets Stuck
Amanda Pickering, Axa Jay, Barbii Bucxxx, Jessica Rae February 4, 2011
A workman is trying to get the new studio painted but the scaffolding rig he has won't get close enough to the wall. In trying to reach the wall he slips and gets his body wedged in the metal rig. Four girls hear his cries for help but when they see his predicament they seem more amused than concerned....
Car Park Wank
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark December 10, 2010
Paul is sitting in his car in a quiet car park flicking through his new porn magazine. As he gets aroused looking at the naked girls, he pulls out his cock and starts playing with himself. Little does he realise that the only car in the car park belongs to four girls and they are on their way back. Lola...
Employee Medical
Amanda Pickering, Axa Jay, Barbii Bucxxx, Jessica Rae October 29, 2010
Dan has been faking a wrist problem in order to be signed off work but his company has sent him to the doctors today to double check his injury. Female doctor Amanda is very sceptical and calls three female nurses in to help her with the diagnosis. They force Dan to strip off in front of them and put...
Joggers Catch Him
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark October 15, 2010
Four girls are out jogging through the countryside when they pass some farm buildings. Lola stops dead in her tracks as she can't believe what she spotted through the window - one of the farm boys sitting on a tractor wanking over a porn magazine! The girls watch him stroking for a few minutes and then...
Bad Directions
Amanda Pickering, Axa Jay, Barbii Bucxxx, Jessica Rae August 27, 2010
Jason rushes in the building late for his PureCFNM scene. When he asks directions to the room he mishears where to go and as he gets to the top of the stairs he goes through the wrong door and into a room where four female dancers are limbering up. Thinking they are the PureCFNM girls he strips off,...