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Models / Liz Rainbow

Avg Rating: 4.9

Liz Rainbow Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Hispanic
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Enthusiastic Performer
Date Joined:  2 June 2017
Twitter:  @liz__rainbow

Spanish pornstar was on a "working holiday" in England when she was hired by one of our amateur contributors to do a CFNM scene.
The 22-year-old raven haired sexpot certainly loves her work and couldn't wait to get him naked and his cock in her mouth.
The leggy 5"6 babe with a raunchy 33-34-35 figure also has lovely pert B cup natural breasts.
Liz Rainbow Updates

Swimming Bribe
Bella Angel, Liz Rainbow November 10, 2023
Star swimmers Bella and Liz are far from happy when a new hotshot joins the college team. They burst into the boys changing room and order him to swim slower in the upcoming heats so they look good and remain number one. When he refuses, the girls grab him by the balls, strip him naked and push him to...
Sisters' New Rules
Bella Angel, Liz Rainbow September 8, 2023
Luke's dad has remarried and he finds himself with two new foreign step sisters. They burst into his room and inform him that there are some new rules because this is a "female led" household! The pictures on his wall of sexy girls must go and there is to be no masturbating. He laughs at this but they...
Better Than A Machine
Bella Angel, Liz Rainbow July 7, 2023
Justin's flatmates have gone out so he sets up his fucking machine and slides in his cock. He is having a great time but Liz and Bella come home early and can't believe their eyes when they see what he is doing! They are in hysterics and grab the controller off him so they can mess with the speed. They...
Butler's New Uniform
Jenna D, Jessika Taylor, Liz Rainbow July 8, 2022
Rich girl Jenna orders her butler to try on a new uniform - nothing but a bow tie! She loves seeing the fit young stuf in the buff and chuckles even more when the doorbell goes and 2 of her girlfriends arrive! He isn't allowed to cover up as they enter and the girls giggle as they make him jerk off to...
Cock Before Cash
Jenna D, Jessika Taylor, Liz Rainbow May 6, 2022
Marc is getting overly familiar with one of the strippers when the house mum and another girl come over to tell him off. He tries buying them off but the girls tell him he can't treat them like a piece of meat. To teach him a lesson, they strip him naked and push him onto a chair, treating him like a...
Spanked By Neighbors
Jenna D, Jessika Taylor, Liz Rainbow February 18, 2022
Liz has caught Justin wanking again so she decides to spank him as punishment. As he lies across her knee getting spanked, two neighboring girls walk past the window and stop and watch, giggling at his red ass getting whacked. Liz sees them and invites them in to join in. He dies of embarrassment as...
No Taxis
Jenna D, Jessika Taylor, Liz Rainbow December 3, 2021
Billy and girlfriend Jessika are struggling to get a taxi home after a night out. When they see two waitresses finishing their shift, they offer to pay them if they can drive them home. But the two girls don't want money - they want Billy's cock! Jessika reluctantly gives in and they give them a lift...
Last Night Of Freedom
Liz Rainbow, Princess Eve, Satine Spark November 27, 2020
Dave's mates have played a prank on him for his stag do. They chained him to a wall and left his cock sticking out of the skin suit they made him wear! Sadly for Dave, three girls are the first ones to find him and rather than untying him they decide to take selfies with his exposed penis! They then...
The Dad Bod
Liz Rainbow, Princess Eve, Satine Spark March 20, 2020
Three girls are discussing what turns them on. Satine explains she likes a "dad bod" but the others don't understand what this is. She spots a guy in the cafe who looks like he has a dad bod and she calls him over. She persuades him to take his shirt off and the girls are soon all groping him. They then...
Natural Viagra
Liz Rainbow, Princess Eve, Satine Spark January 17, 2020
Dr Satine has discovered a phenomenon she has called "natural viagra" - a condition where males are fully erect without any stimulation. She is presenting a seminar on it and demonstrates in front of her female colleagues by stripping a male subject naked. When he drops his pants the women are shocked...
Horny Consultant
Belle O'Hara, Bluebell, Liz Rainbow, Lucia Love December 13, 2019
The fashion company has brought in a management consultant to improve productivity. He sits in on a product meeting where the four girls analyze the new sports line, modeled by Liz. As she squats in front of him, the consultant gets a boner and the girls notice! They are furious at his lack of professionalism...
Slimming Wrap
Belle O'Hara, Bluebell, Liz Rainbow, Lucia Love June 28, 2019
Belle is demonstrating a new slimming wrap and asks some of the audience to have a go but when she turns her back they accidentally wrap the male volunteer's arms up as well. When he calls them stupid the girls get very angry and yank down his shorts to teach him a lesson. The audience bursts out laughing...
The Bully
Belle O'Hara, Bluebell, Liz Rainbow, Lucia Love April 19, 2019
Office bully Frank comes onto all the new girls and pressures them into giving him a blowjob on their first day. The other secretaries have had enough and when they discover he has been moonlighting as a nude pin up for gay men they threaten to go public unless he does what they say. Firstly, he must...
Chef's Table
Kylie K, Liz Rainbow, Rebecca Smyth, Selina Sky November 3, 2017
Waitress Rebecca is entertaining some of her friend's at the special chef's table inside the kitchen when the chef bursts in furious after a diner has sent back a meal. Rebecca suggests they give him some "special sauce" and she strips the chef naked in front of her friends who are only too happy to...
No PE Kit
Kylie K, Liz Rainbow, Rebecca Smyth, Selina Sky September 1, 2017
Jack has forgotten his PE Kit again so teacher Rebecca tells him to do the class in his underwear - only he isn't wearing any! To teach him a lesson she hauls him to the front of the class and strips him naked in front of all the girls! The humiliated boy is then made to jerk off in front of them while...
Daughter's Friends
Kylie K, Liz Rainbow, Rebecca Smyth, Selina Sky June 30, 2017
When Brian's wife asks him to keep their daughter's friends entertained until she comes home, little did he realize what he had let himself in for! It turns out the three horny youngsters are into older men and soon seduce their friend's dad and yank his trousers down. They are in mid wank when Rebecca...
Take Turns On Him
Angel Rain, Laura Lou, Liz Rainbow, Yasmin Scott June 2, 2017
Dan's wife caught him watching porn and as punishment she has tied him up naked to their bed and invited her female friends round. As they enjoy a few laughs in the living room, one by one she sends the friends in to have some fun with him. The girls agree not to make him cum but one by one they break...