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Models / Holly Kiss

Avg Rating: 5.0

Holly Kiss Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  August 30, 2011

Holly Kiss is the epitomy of the sexy MILF. At 35 years old she looks hornier than most 25-year-olds - probably thanks to her 30F-26-31 body which she keeps in trim at the gym.

The redhead from the Midlands of England has been a glamour and adult model for nearly two years. This 5"7 babe loved humiliating and stripping the guys on set and has already asked to come back again.
Holly Kiss Updates

Collection Agency
Gina Gerson, Holly Kiss January 25, 2019
When a bailiff turns up to take their car away, Gina and her boyfriend are horrified. It turns out the boyfriend doesn't work and expected Gina to pay for the loan! The female bailiff takes pity on poor Gina and decides to teach the arrogant pig a lesson. She offers to leave the car if he strips naked...
Meeting The Parents
Gina Gerson, Holly Kiss November 23, 2018
When Daniel introduces his new girlfriend to his parents he makes the mistake of going to the shops and leaving them alone. His bossy mother interrogates Gina about her previous love life and even asks her if she is any good at pleasing men! She then orders her husband to stand up and she pulls his pants...
Open Auditions
April Paisley, Candi Kayne, Holly Kiss December 29, 2017
New guy Axel is trying his hand at stripping at the club's open auditions. The all female selection panel love his moves and get more into him as the layers come off. When he is down to just his thong they rip it off and help themselves to his cock. Wanking soon isn't enough and he has two mouths at...
Now The Underwear
April Paisley, Candi Kayne, Holly Kiss October 27, 2017
Three female photographers like nothing more than taking advantage of a naive male model. Today Justin is modelling underwear for them and putting up with their frequent gropes when they tell him it's time for the nudes. He explains he doesn't do that but the girls ignore him and yank his pants down....
VR Humiliation
April Paisley, Candi Kayne, Holly Kiss August 25, 2017
Three women catch their flatmate watching VR porn and stand watching and giggling for several minutes as he jerks off. They even video it on their phones. When they grab the headset off him they start slapping his cock to tell him off but he starts to like it. The girls start wanking his big dick while...
Prank Apology
Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne, Roxi Keogh April 21, 2017
Max has been in the bathroom so long that when he comes out Roxi pulls a prank on him and steals his towel, exposing his cock to Holly. Later she feels guilty and goes to apologize but seems more interested in having another look than saying sorry. She is soon wanking his cock - just as Holly walks in!...
Nude Attraction
Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne, Roxi Keogh February 17, 2017
TV game show Nude Attraction gets female contestants to pick their new boyfriends by judging them in the nude. Today, Holly from Peterborough has 3 naked guys to choose from. When their cocks are revealed, host Roxi and her assistant Jesse join Holly in having a good grope of all the exposed cocks! One...
Smile Please
Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne, Roxi Keogh December 16, 2016
When Jack loses a bet to Holly and has to pose naked for some photos he has no idea she plans to invite two of her girl friends as well! He reluctantly strips off and the girls get him to pose as they snap away with their phones. They take group selfies with his cock to send to all their friends and...
Corridor Naked
Holly Kiss, Lu Elissa January 29, 2016
Antonio has met Holly on-line and is excited about meeting up for some sexy fun. But when he arrives at her apartment she makes him strip naked in the hallway so she can examine the goods before letting him in. Holly then hides his clothes while he stands naked in the corridor - only to be discovered...
Plenty For Both
Holly Kiss, Lu Elissa November 27, 2015
The girls have been on a night out but only Holly has met a new man. As she makes out on the sofa, Lu looks depressed so Holly decides to cheer her up - by sharing her man! She orders him to strip off and as he drops his pants they see he is already fully erect! The girls push him onto the floor and...
Army Recruitment
Holly Kiss, Sally Cream May 9, 2014
Sergeant Kiss and Recruiter Sally have had a slow day trying to convince young men to join the army. When shy boy Ralph walks in to enquire about enlisting they talk him through everything he needs to know. The boy still seems unsure and they soon find out it's because he doesn't want to be away from...
Body Painting
Holly Kiss, Sally Cream February 7, 2014
Amateur artists Sally and Holly have talked their next door neighbour into letting them paint his body for one of their art projects. The guy is quite nervous as he strips off in front of them and as they start applying the paint to his groin area, he struggles to control his erection. The ladies move...
Wrong End Of The Stick
Holly Kiss, Sally Cream November 8, 2013
When Rod insults Billy's football team he jumps on his back and starts play fighting with him, just as teachers Holly and Sally walk in. They get the wrong end of the stick, seeing the boys in a compromising situation and assume they were trying to have gay sex. They send bad apple Rod out and try teaching...
ID Parade
Axa Jay, Franki Rider, Hannah Shaw, Holly Kiss July 26, 2013
Hannah has been flashed by a pervert while out running in the park and officer Holly has arranged a line up so she can identify the culprit. The problem is that it was dark and Hannah can only recognize him by his cock and the way he ejaculates. Quick-thinking Holly tells her female offices to strip...
Ruined Presentation
Axa Jay, Franki Rider, Hannah Shaw, Holly Kiss April 5, 2013
Axa is giving a presentation in front of three female executives when she is twice interrupted by Jamie. This throws her and she gives an awful speech. When they take a break she is fuming and decides to get her own back on him and hides under the lectern. As Jamie begins his presentation Axa unzips...
MPs Expenses
Holly Kiss, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Valerie Fox September 21, 2012
Member of Parliament Peter has been paid a visit by three ladies from the Fees Office investigating some strange expenses claims. It seems he has taken his sexy secretary Megan on a tour of Brazil and regular stays at the posh Dorchester hotel. He has even claimed for expensive suits and underwear that...
Prisoner Milked
Holly Kiss, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Valerie Fox January 27, 2012
Girls of loose morals, Valerie and Megan, are in prison when overcrowding in the men's prison leads to them having to share a cell with pervert Frank. Policewomen Holly and Jess lock him in the cell and walk off just as he decides to try and molest the two girls. They decide to teach him a lesson and...
Practise Makes Perfect
Gilly Sampson, Holly Kiss, Jess West December 16, 2011
Youngster Jess has been given a handjob and blowjob lesson but now needs to practice her skills. Her eccentric mum has kidnapped a poor guy and chained him up in Jess's room so she can practice any time she likes. Jess pulls him out the cupboard and takes his towel off and starts gently carressing his...
Don't Hog Him
Gilly Sampson, Holly Kiss, Jess West September 2, 2011
Jess has lured Peter into her room again and has started stripping him off. As soon as she sees his beautiful cock again she stuffs it in her mouth and starts sucking it. Unfortunately for Jess, her aunt Holly walks in at just that moment and catches her at it. She is initially furious but then sees...