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Models / Bluelah

Avg Rating: 4.9

Bluelah Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Mixed Race
Body Type:  Slim and Toned
Best Feature:  Enthusiastic Newcomer
Date Joined:  18 September 2020
Twitter:  @Bluelah3

A stunning brunette who goes by the name "Bluelah", this girl is just 20 years old and hails from London, England.
Openly bi-sexual and into S&M she is 5"5 and has exotic Arabian good looks.
Her figure is all natural with pert C cup tits.
Bluelah Updates

Surprise Party
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona September 1, 2023
Charlie has planned a surprise party for her husband with all her friends there. They turn out the lights and wait to spring out on him. Unfortunately, when he sees the lights off he thinks he is in for a sexy time so he strips off in the hallway and walks in naked! The friends shout surprise but are...
Dress Down Friday
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona June 30, 2023
All the office girls are shocked when Billy walks in wearing shorts, flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt! He thought it was dress down Friday but it turns out that is only the end of each month. When boss Charlie walks in she is furious. She tells him that he either wears a suit or nothing at all and orders...
Squid Gamers
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona April 28, 2023
Four female contestants are worried about the next Squid Game. They decide to seduce one of the guards in a hope of getting a heads up on what the next game is. The four girls start groping him and unzip his uniform, gasping as his cock springs out. They push him onto the bed and take turns to jerk his...
Stepson On The Menu
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona February 17, 2023
Charlie is furious when her annoying stepson Sky interrupts her dinner party. She embarrasses him by telling the girls how she caught him spying on her in the shower. She then orders him to serve them naked for the rest of the dinner. When he comes back in the girls laugh at him trying to hide his cock...
Odd One Out
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London September 24, 2021
After being fucked in front of everyone in "Filming The Sky Girl", Kitten returns to the party room having changed her dress. Most of the guys have left but Max is still there having not had his turn yet. When his named gets pulled out the girls decide to all have a go with him. They make him strip naked...
Filming The Shy Girl
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London July 23, 2021
During a game of "5 minutes in heaven", shy girl Kitten gets paired with her crush Luke. One thing leads to another and they end up kissing before she sucks his cock. When she bends over and he starts fucking her they are unaware that one of the other party guests is filming them. He goes back and tells...
You're Nicked!
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee July 16, 2021
Three female police officers are checking door to door for a suspected flasher. The woman gave a description of the man's genitals as it was dark and that's all she saw. So the three girls order the guy to strip in front of them so they can examine his cock and balls. Reluctantly he does so and they...
Wank Club
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London May 21, 2021
"The first rule about Wank Club is you don't talk about Wank Club!" organizer Bluelah instructs the guests at her underground CFNM meeting. The males are instructed to strip naked while the girls watch. Then the females circulate the room groping and fondling all the cocks on show. The excited girls...
Customized Boyfriend
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee May 14, 2021
Three girls are making their own "perfect man". Using a computer program they work out how they want him to look and are now choosing what clothing he is in. They discuss the merits of the chef, doctor and soldier but when he appears naked with a hard on, they promptly opt for that one! Their customized...
Crime Investigation
Bluelah, Jess Harrington April 16, 2021
Police officers Jess and Blue have been called to a motel where a male guest is shouting for help. After breaking the door down they discover a naked guy chained to the bed. He says he has been robbed but, judging by the bondage gear scattered around the room, it is clear he wanted to be tied up. The...
Early Massage
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee March 5, 2021
Lara uses her salon for dual purposes. Today she is giving a massage at 4pm but before then she is holding a sex education class for two young ladies to improve their tantric skills. Unfortunately her 4pm massage got the time wrong and arrives early, getting onto the table with no idea the girls weren't...
Fake Script
Bluelah, Jess Harrington February 5, 2021
Jess and Blue are movie execs who like using their positions to get men naked. Today they are holding an audition for a movie that doesn't exist. They are going to get young male hopefuls in to read the fake script which involves them stripping naked and being jerked off. First actor Jake questions the...
Dirty Kit
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee December 25, 2020
When Sam comes in covered in mud from football, his step sister Amber offers to wash his clothes. He strips naked, covering himself as she giggles and takes his clothes away. Unfortunately for him, her two friends come round for a coffee and catch him naked in the kitchen! They pull his hands away and...
New Manager
Bluelah, Jess Harrington December 4, 2020
Jess and Blue have heard that a new manager is coming to run their department. When they hear he is a guy they decide to honey trap him and then coerce him into giving them a raise. Blue makes herself scarce as he chats to Jess who lets him look up her skirt. As he gets hornier, she convinces him to...
Sitting On His Lap
Bluelah, Jess Harrington September 18, 2020
Jess and Blue decide to tease their nerdy flatmate Justin. They ask his opinion on their outfits for tonight and bend over suggestively in front of him. They then sit on his lap and ask him how the material feels. The sensation of two hot girls rubbing on his crotch makes the geek cum in his pants! The...