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Models / Shay London

Avg Rating: 5.0

Shay London Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim and Toned
Best Feature:  Enthusiastic Newcomer
Date Joined:  29 January 2021
Twitter:  @__shaylondon

Youngster Shay is a newcomer to the world of porn and is just 20 years old!
The sexy black haired babe has a petite size 6 body with juice FF tits.
She is 5"7 tall without heels and has sparkling blue eyes.
Shay London Updates

Odd One Out
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London September 24, 2021
After being fucked in front of everyone in "Filming The Sky Girl", Kitten returns to the party room having changed her dress. Most of the guys have left but Max is still there having not had his turn yet. When his named gets pulled out the girls decide to all have a go with him. They make him strip naked...
Owned By Students
Belle O'Hara, Jordanna Foxx, Shay London August 6, 2021
After being caught out by some girls in "Carry On Sir", word has spread around the college. Teacher Jordanna calls Max into her classroom and orders him to strip naked in front of her students so she can teach male anatomy. He refuses but she explains she now has a copy of the video of him jerking off...
Filming The Shy Girl
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London July 23, 2021
During a game of "5 minutes in heaven", shy girl Kitten gets paired with her crush Luke. One thing leads to another and they end up kissing before she sucks his cock. When she bends over and he starts fucking her they are unaware that one of the other party guests is filming them. He goes back and tells...
Conference Call Mistake
Belle O'Hara, Jordanna Foxx, Shay London June 18, 2021
Billy is on a conference call with several female work colleagues. He thinks the call has ended and stands up, revealing that he is naked from the waist down. But his cam was still on and his boss Jordanna is less than impressed. She gathers the girls and they head to Billy's house where she explains...
Wank Club
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London May 21, 2021
"The first rule about Wank Club is you don't talk about Wank Club!" organizer Bluelah instructs the guests at her underground CFNM meeting. The males are instructed to strip naked while the girls watch. Then the females circulate the room groping and fondling all the cocks on show. The excited girls...
Ex Girlfriend Payback
Belle O'Hara, Jordanna Foxx, Shay London April 9, 2021
When Calvin's friends find out his girlfriend has cheated on him, they tell him to get his own back. They tell him to send his ex some photos of him with sexy girls to make her jealous - then they volunteer themselves! Before he can say no, they strip him naked and set up a mobile phone to record everything....
Enlargement Clinic
Belle O'Hara, Jordanna Foxx, Shay London January 29, 2021
Justin is having treatment to enlarge his penis and sister Belle is showing two student nurses how to use the penis pump. After she demonstrates, the two young girls pump away on Justin's cock, making him very embarassed as he gets a large erection. Nurse Belle removes the pump and examines their work...