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Models / Lara Lee

Avg Rating: 4.7

Lara Lee Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Leggy
Best Feature:  Bubbly Extrovert
Date Joined:  25 December 2020
Twitter:  @laralee95x

Gorgeous brunette Lara is a newcomer to the porn industry but is sure to end up a star.
Her bubbly enthusiasm and love of all things sex make her great on set and her pert 23-year-old body doesn't hurt either!
Standing 5"8 without heels and over 6 feet with them, she has a 34-26-32 figure and all natural B cup tits.
Lara Lee Updates

Office Junior
Gigi Rouge, Lara Lee, Venom Evil September 2, 2022
Spanish girl Venom is fed up of being perved on by the new office junior so her secretary colleagues decide to teach him a lesson. They call him in and tease him by letting him looking up their skirts and down their blouses and accidentally rub their ass in his crotch as they walk past him. When he gets...
Free Use
Gigi Rouge, Lara Lee, Venom Evil June 10, 2022
In return for staying in the apartment, Justin has agreed to have his body freely used by the girls whenever they want. When Lara comes home from work stressed she decides to have free use of his cock. Justin continues reading his book as all three girls take turns fondling his package. They then yank...
Phone Finder
Gigi Rouge, Lara Lee, Venom Evil March 25, 2022
Gigi is distraught because she has lost her phone. Fortunately, just then, Lara's phone rings and it is a stranger who has found the phone in the local park. He offers to drop it round and the girls celebrate and discuss how they are going to thank him. When Calvin walks in and they see what a fit young...
You're Nicked!
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee July 16, 2021
Three female police officers are checking door to door for a suspected flasher. The woman gave a description of the man's genitals as it was dark and that's all she saw. So the three girls order the guy to strip in front of them so they can examine his cock and balls. Reluctantly he does so and they...
Customized Boyfriend
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee May 14, 2021
Three girls are making their own "perfect man". Using a computer program they work out how they want him to look and are now choosing what clothing he is in. They discuss the merits of the chef, doctor and soldier but when he appears naked with a hard on, they promptly opt for that one! Their customized...
Early Massage
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee March 5, 2021
Lara uses her salon for dual purposes. Today she is giving a massage at 4pm but before then she is holding a sex education class for two young ladies to improve their tantric skills. Unfortunately her 4pm massage got the time wrong and arrives early, getting onto the table with no idea the girls weren't...
Dirty Kit
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee December 25, 2020
When Sam comes in covered in mud from football, his step sister Amber offers to wash his clothes. He strips naked, covering himself as she giggles and takes his clothes away. Unfortunately for him, her two friends come round for a coffee and catch him naked in the kitchen! They pull his hands away and...