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Models / Kitten

Avg Rating: 4.9

Kitten Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Innocent Newcomer
Date Joined:  3 March 2021
Twitter:  @kxtten_x

Cute 20-year-old Kitten is a cam girl from the midlands of England. She has recently started doing porn and was an innocent newcomer when she visited the Lady Voyeurs / PureCFNM set.
The petite 5"3 brunette has all natural A cup tits and a tiny waist but is full of confidence when it comes to handling cock!
Kitten Updates

Gym Perv
Ella Roxx, Eva Ray, Kitten, Zara Fox June 2, 2023
Kitten's workout has been disrupted by an old pervert staring at her ass the whole time. She gets some friends together and they follow him into the men's changing room and confront him. When he says it's her own fault for wearing skimpy shorts, the girls decide to teach him a lesson, stripping him naked...
Turning Her
Ella Roxx, Eva Ray, Kitten, Zara Fox May 5, 2023
A thruple are relaxing in a club when they notice two lesbians making out. Tony thinks they are super hot and wants to turn them onto cocks. Eva is only interested in pussy but when Kitten tells the other love bird Zara that Tony has a huge cock she becomes curious. When his big black cock flops out...
Betting On Cum
Ella Roxx, Eva Ray, Kitten, Zara Fox February 24, 2023
A group of girls are discussing how men can't control themselves and the slightest bit of female flesh makes them horny. Danny overhears and disagrees so they challenge him to prove it. They wager they can make him cum within 10 minutes and if he doesn't, they will give him £200. Eager to earn some...
Mob Boss
Ella Roxx, Eva Ray, Kitten, Zara Fox October 7, 2022
Mob boss Eva has caught the member of a rival gang on her turf. With her female henchmen she ties him to a chair and they strip him naked, giggling as they see his cock flop into view. They like what they see and start jerking it, ignoring his protests about having a girlfriend. As his cock gets harder...
Teacher Spanked
Jess Harrington, Kitten December 17, 2021
Teacher Michael tries to take advantage of having only one student in his class but when he flops his cock out as part of "biology" he is caught out by Miss Harrington. She threatens to take him to the principal but he begs her not to. Instead, she decides to punish him there and then, yanking down his...
Odd One Out
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London September 24, 2021
After being fucked in front of everyone in "Filming The Sky Girl", Kitten returns to the party room having changed her dress. Most of the guys have left but Max is still there having not had his turn yet. When his named gets pulled out the girls decide to all have a go with him. They make him strip naked...
Filthy Overalls
Jess Harrington, Kitten September 10, 2021
When the gardenerr comes in covered in mud, Jess insists on washing his overalls for him. The problem is, he doesn't have anything on underneath it! Covered with just a towel, the poor guy is soon stripped naked by Jess's daughter Kitten who is jerking his cock just as her mum walks back in. Far from...
Filming The Shy Girl
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London July 23, 2021
During a game of "5 minutes in heaven", shy girl Kitten gets paired with her crush Luke. One thing leads to another and they end up kissing before she sucks his cock. When she bends over and he starts fucking her they are unaware that one of the other party guests is filming them. He goes back and tells...
Are You Good Enough?
Jess Harrington, Kitten July 9, 2021
Jess is giving her daughter's new boyfriend a grilling to see if he is good enough. She checks how much he earns and his future prospects and then asks to see his cock! He is shocked but she explains that if he doesn't have a big dick she won't approve him. He drops his pants and Jess starts wanking...
Wank Club
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London May 21, 2021
"The first rule about Wank Club is you don't talk about Wank Club!" organizer Bluelah instructs the guests at her underground CFNM meeting. The males are instructed to strip naked while the girls watch. Then the females circulate the room groping and fondling all the cocks on show. The excited girls...
Motherly Advice
Jess Harrington, Kitten May 7, 2021
Jess is worried about her daughter's relationship because her current boyfriend has a small cock. She advises her to dump him and get a boyfriend with a big dick. Kitten doesn't seem convinced so Jess calls in Calvin and orders him to drop his trousers! Kitten has never seen a big black cock before and...