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Models / Amber Green

Avg Rating: 5.0

Amber Green Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim and Toned
Best Feature:  Classy and Feminine
Date Joined:  30 September 2020
Twitter:  @ambercoenxx

21-year-old Amber is a stunning new cam model and TV chat channel girl from the south coast of England.
The natural redhead has a flawless body which is all natural with pert B cup tits.
She is a gym regular which explains her toned ass and tight stomach.
Amber Green Updates

Female Whisperer
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna July 21, 2023
Four girls are shocked at a party when a male guest appears able to read their thoughts. He explains that he is a female whisperer and knows everything they are thinking. He then looks shocked, telling Amber to stop thinking about giving him a blowjob. When he embarrasses the other girls by telling them...
Milk Maids
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey June 16, 2023
Farmer Jake has hired some milk maids to tend to all his cattle. But they are so efficient that by lunchtime the girls have milked every cow and goat on the farm! Their hands need something else to milk and when Jake comes to check on them they pounce on him and strip him naked. They get to work on his...
Recording Step Bro
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna May 19, 2023
Belle's step brother is hot and all her friends want to see him naked. She opens the bathroom door while he is taking a shower and films him washing himself naked. He spots her and she runs out to show her friends. He comes in a few minutes later wearing just a towel and demanding she delete the video....
How Life Should Be
Amber Green, Angel Rae Doll, Maddy Gray April 21, 2023
Justin is in the waiting room when there is an announcement of a 20 minute delay. To his surprise, the pretty brunette next to him casually asks if he fancies a quick fuck to pass the time! He eagerly agrees and she sucks his cock before bending over and letting him fuck her until he cums on her ass....
Penis Inspector
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey April 14, 2023
Justin is walking his normal route home when he is stopped by an official looking woman with a clipboard. She announces that she is a Penis Inspector and if he doesn't strip naked he won't be able to pass. She is very insistent and he nervously strips off and lets her grope and prod his cock up close....
College Send Off
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna March 10, 2023
Sam is jerking off in his room thinking about his step mum and her hot friends in the kitchen. Suddenly she shouts that he is late for college. He stuffs his boner into his shorts and rushes out - only for the women to all notice the big tent in his pants! They giggle and say there is no way he can go...
Flashing Trap
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey February 10, 2023
A flasher has been exposing himself to girls in the park so 3 girls decide to catch him in the act and punish him. Amber wears a skimpy jogging outfit and goes for a run while the other two hide in the trees. When the pervert jumps out on Amber and flashes his cock, Barbie and Zoe grab him and wrestle...
Mr Christmas
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna December 23, 2022
Everyone in the house is handing out Christmas presents. Justin is a bit shocked when he opens his and finds a Christmas-themed mankini! The girls giggle and tell him to try it on. He is reluctant but they insist! When he comes back in, Amber shows off her new thong to tease him and he is soon bursting...
Survival Skills
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey November 25, 2022
Survival expert Marc is presenting a reality TV show following 3 urban girls' attempts to survive in the wild. It's day 3 and the girls are starving and overhear Marc advise viewers that an average load of male semen has enough protein to feed the 3 of them for a whole day. The girls instantly pounce...
Taking Advantage
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex June 3, 2022
When stunning model Amber comes in for an interview, pervy Brian takes advantage of her and tells her he needs to see her in her underwear. As she poses for him in her sexy lingerie, his female colleagues walk in and are disgusted by his behaviour. They tell Amber to get dressed while threatening to...
Compulsory Nudity
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex April 1, 2022
Cherry is on her first ever CFNM shoot and is confused as to why all the males walk around the studio naked. The other explain that the rule at PureCFNM is that no man is allowed clothing. She sees dick after dick walk past until she spots one that takes her fancy. Justin has a boner because he is in...
Surgeon's Hands
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay March 4, 2022
The nurses are getting fed up with the arrogant attitude of top surgeon John so they decide to teach him a lesson. After he has spent ages sterilizing his hands, they yank down his trousers, knowing he can't pull them up again without infecting his hands! The girls giggle away as he begs them to pull...
Unacceptable Lateness
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex January 28, 2022
When Calvin walks in late for class, teacher Honour is less than impressed. She decides to take matters into her own hands. She orders him to drop his trousers and get across her knee where she spanks him hard for every minute he was late! The girls giggle away until he stands up and they see his big...
Horny Pheromones
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay December 31, 2021
Kendall's company has developer a new pheromone spray that instantly makes men horny. Chloe and Amber want to test if it works so they spray some on work colleague Mark. The girls are amazed as he starts groping himself and then undressing, desperate to give his dick some relief. As soon as they see...
Enjoying The Show
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex November 26, 2021
Marc and his girlfriend are attending a new after hours club when they spot two girls getting intimate with each other. Hostess Honour walks over and spots that Marc is getting aroused as he watches the two hotties kissing and going down on each other. She gropes his hardening package and then stands...
Curfew For Men
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay October 29, 2021
After a spate of attacks on women, the government have imposed a night time curfew for men. Female police officers patrol the streets to keep order and find one guy not following the rules. They get him against the wall and strip him naked to humiliate him and teach him a lesson but when they see how...
You're Nicked!
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee July 16, 2021
Three female police officers are checking door to door for a suspected flasher. The woman gave a description of the man's genitals as it was dark and that's all she saw. So the three girls order the guy to strip in front of them so they can examine his cock and balls. Reluctantly he does so and they...
Carry On Sir
Amber Green, Chloe Sas June 25, 2021
Teacher Max is having a quiet wank in his classroom, believing all the students to be long gone. Unfortunately Chloe and Amber sneak up and film him jerking off! To stop them from goint to tell the headmistress, Max has to strip naked and jerk off in front of them as they sit and giggle. Amber likes...
Slumber Show
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay June 4, 2021
Kendall has invited two friends round for a slumber party, completely unaware that they both fancy her step brother. During the evening, Kendall tells them she once saw Luke's dick in the shower and it is really big. Chloe and Amber call him in and demand to see it for themselves. He is reluctant but...
Customized Boyfriend
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee May 14, 2021
Three girls are making their own "perfect man". Using a computer program they work out how they want him to look and are now choosing what clothing he is in. They discuss the merits of the chef, doctor and soldier but when he appears naked with a hard on, they promptly opt for that one! Their customized...
Sugar Baby Agency
Amber Green, Chloe Sas April 23, 2021
Sugar Daddy Justin is looking for a new girl to spoil and has narrowed it down to two girls. Each girl is keen to win over his affections and Chloe shows off her huge tits while Amber reveals her long sexy legs and panties! The girls tell him to strip and they are amazed at how big and hard his dick...
Early Massage
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee March 5, 2021
Lara uses her salon for dual purposes. Today she is giving a massage at 4pm but before then she is holding a sex education class for two young ladies to improve their tantric skills. Unfortunately her 4pm massage got the time wrong and arrives early, getting onto the table with no idea the girls weren't...
Dirty Kit
Amber Green, Bluelah, Lara Lee December 25, 2020
When Sam comes in covered in mud from football, his step sister Amber offers to wash his clothes. He strips naked, covering himself as she giggles and takes his clothes away. Unfortunately for him, her two friends come round for a coffee and catch him naked in the kitchen! They pull his hands away and...
Corruption Switch
Amber Green November 20, 2020
Mr Pure has another LadyVoyeurs girl in his office and plans to corrupt her into sucking cock for PureCFNM. But this girl is VERY different to the rest. She turns the tables on our hero and has him licking her pussy from behind while she talks to us fans about what a pervert he is. She then stands him...