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Models / Jess Harrington

Avg Rating: 4.8

Jess Harrington Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Sexy MILF
Date Joined:  16 September 2020
Twitter:  @MissJHarrington

Gorgeous brunette Jess is a classic English beauty. The 31-year-old has been glamour modelling for ten years and has just increaed her levels to do more adult work.
The 5"4 bubbly Essex babe has all natural C cup tits and a sexy 32-28-30 figure.
Jess Harrington Updates

Teacher Spanked
Jess Harrington, Kitten December 17, 2021
Teacher Michael tries to take advantage of having only one student in his class but when he flops his cock out as part of "biology" he is caught out by Miss Harrington. She threatens to take him to the principal but he begs her not to. Instead, she decides to punish him there and then, yanking down his...
Filthy Overalls
Jess Harrington, Kitten September 10, 2021
When the gardenerr comes in covered in mud, Jess insists on washing his overalls for him. The problem is, he doesn't have anything on underneath it! Covered with just a towel, the poor guy is soon stripped naked by Jess's daughter Kitten who is jerking his cock just as her mum walks back in. Far from...
Are You Good Enough?
Jess Harrington, Kitten July 9, 2021
Jess is giving her daughter's new boyfriend a grilling to see if he is good enough. She checks how much he earns and his future prospects and then asks to see his cock! He is shocked but she explains that if he doesn't have a big dick she won't approve him. He drops his pants and Jess starts wanking...
Motherly Advice
Jess Harrington, Kitten May 7, 2021
Jess is worried about her daughter's relationship because her current boyfriend has a small cock. She advises her to dump him and get a boyfriend with a big dick. Kitten doesn't seem convinced so Jess calls in Calvin and orders him to drop his trousers! Kitten has never seen a big black cock before and...
Crime Investigation
Bluelah, Jess Harrington April 16, 2021
Police officers Jess and Blue have been called to a motel where a male guest is shouting for help. After breaking the door down they discover a naked guy chained to the bed. He says he has been robbed but, judging by the bondage gear scattered around the room, it is clear he wanted to be tied up. The...
Fake Script
Bluelah, Jess Harrington February 5, 2021
Jess and Blue are movie execs who like using their positions to get men naked. Today they are holding an audition for a movie that doesn't exist. They are going to get young male hopefuls in to read the fake script which involves them stripping naked and being jerked off. First actor Jake questions the...
New Manager
Bluelah, Jess Harrington December 4, 2020
Jess and Blue have heard that a new manager is coming to run their department. When they hear he is a guy they decide to honey trap him and then coerce him into giving them a raise. Blue makes herself scarce as he chats to Jess who lets him look up her skirt. As he gets hornier, she convinces him to...
Sitting On His Lap
Bluelah, Jess Harrington September 18, 2020
Jess and Blue decide to tease their nerdy flatmate Justin. They ask his opinion on their outfits for tonight and bend over suggestively in front of him. They then sit on his lap and ask him how the material feels. The sensation of two hot girls rubbing on his crotch makes the geek cum in his pants! The...