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Models / Katy Kox

Avg Rating: 5.0

Katy Kox Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Raunchy MILF
Date Joined:  17 February 2023

Katy Kox is a housewife from southern England who enjoys some naughty adventures in her spare time.
One of those adventures was visiting the PureCFNM set with good pal Charlie Monaco to perv on some naked guys!
The horny 36-year-old MILF particularly enjoyed getting her hands on some virile young cocks and showing them all the things an older woman has learned!
Katy Kox Updates

Surprise Party
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona September 1, 2023
Charlie has planned a surprise party for her husband with all her friends there. They turn out the lights and wait to spring out on him. Unfortunately, when he sees the lights off he thinks he is in for a sexy time so he strips off in the hallway and walks in naked! The friends shout surprise but are...
Dress Down Friday
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona June 30, 2023
All the office girls are shocked when Billy walks in wearing shorts, flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt! He thought it was dress down Friday but it turns out that is only the end of each month. When boss Charlie walks in she is furious. She tells him that he either wears a suit or nothing at all and orders...
Squid Gamers
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona April 28, 2023
Four female contestants are worried about the next Squid Game. They decide to seduce one of the guards in a hope of getting a heads up on what the next game is. The four girls start groping him and unzip his uniform, gasping as his cock springs out. They push him onto the bed and take turns to jerk his...
Stepson On The Menu
Bluelah, Charlie Monaco, Katy Kox, Zeena Valvona February 17, 2023
Charlie is furious when her annoying stepson Sky interrupts her dinner party. She embarrasses him by telling the girls how she caught him spying on her in the shower. She then orders him to serve them naked for the rest of the dinner. When he comes back in the girls laugh at him trying to hide his cock...