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Models / Sofia Rex

Avg Rating: 4.9

Sofia Rex Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Great actress
Date Joined:  20 August 2021
Twitter:  @sofiaarexx

Beautiful girl next door Sofia is a Sussex born redhead with a bubbly, enthusiastic nature.
Her natural effervescence stood her in good stead when she came to shoot for PureCFNM as it was her first ever professional shoot!
The 5"6 babe gave a fantastic performance though and is sure to become a fan favourite. The 22-year-old has already asked to come back for more naked men!
Sofia Rex Updates

Sex Noises
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex August 25, 2023
A group of friends are having a catch up and are interested in hearing about Peter's new girlfriend. He says she is wonderful, other than the strange noises she makes during sex! The girls laugh and say everyone makes animalistic noises during good sex. When Peter disagrees and says he is silent during...
Clothes Swap
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex June 23, 2023
Four girls are on a hen do in the same bar as a stag do. They have given the bachelor some tasks and the first is to swap clothes with the hen! The girls think its hilarious and urge bachelorette Honey to do it. She strips off and reveals her perfect big tits, quickly putting on the man's shirt as he...
Let Us Out
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex March 31, 2023
Four naughty girls are locked in jail when DCI Marc Kaye comes to interrogate them. The girls are repentant and offer to do anything to gain their release. The pervy old police officers senses an opportunity and enters their cell as the girls start to seduce him. Although they still have their hands...
Couple's Massage
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet March 3, 2023
Louise and Justin have a couple's massage booked at the spa. Zuzu gets to work on Louise but Justin makes the mistake of lying face up as Sofia begins massaging him. The sight of the two beautiful girls rubbing their hands all over his body soon has him tenting and Sofia lifts up his towel and giggles...
World Cup Bet
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex December 16, 2022
Sofia is fed up that Billy is watching so much World Cup football! She makes a bet with him that if Japan beat Germany then he can't watch any more football. He is so confident in Germany winning that he agrees and says he will also streak naked in front of her friends. He becomes worried when Japan...
Curiosity Show
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet October 14, 2022
Sofia has never seen a penis before and talks her friend Jake into showing her his willy. But as he opens his robe and reveals his cock, her two friends Louise and Zuzu walk in and catch them red handed! They are shocked that she has never seen a penis and sit with her to enjoy the show. Jake is embarassed...
Coach's Orders
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet July 29, 2022
Tomorrow is the biggest game of the season so the coach has sent his three sexiest cheerleaders to "relax" his star player. They push their way into his room and undress him, ignoring his protests that he has to study. When they yank down his boxers and see his huge dick they can't keep their hands off...
Taking Advantage
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex June 3, 2022
When stunning model Amber comes in for an interview, pervy Brian takes advantage of her and tells her he needs to see her in her underwear. As she poses for him in her sexy lingerie, his female colleagues walk in and are disgusted by his behaviour. They tell Amber to get dressed while threatening to...
Desperate Divorcees
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet May 13, 2022
Sofia and Zuzu are celebrating the anniversary of their divorces but they confide in Louise that they do miss cock! The two stunners haven't had much sexual activity since splitting with their partners but Louise decides to help them out. Her own husband is sex mad and she can't keep up. She calls him...
Compulsory Nudity
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex April 1, 2022
Cherry is on her first ever CFNM shoot and is confused as to why all the males walk around the studio naked. The other explain that the rule at PureCFNM is that no man is allowed clothing. She sees dick after dick walk past until she spots one that takes her fancy. Justin has a boner because he is in...
Art Thief Penance
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex February 11, 2022
Art thief John has snuck into the gallery but just as he is making off with a priceless piece, he is apprehended by three girls. They were watching him on the security cameras and handcuff him ready to call the police. Then they decide to have their own fun with him first, yanking down his pants and...
Unacceptable Lateness
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex January 28, 2022
When Calvin walks in late for class, teacher Honour is less than impressed. She decides to take matters into her own hands. She orders him to drop his trousers and get across her knee where she spanks him hard for every minute he was late! The girls giggle away until he stands up and they see his big...
Teasing The Nerd
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex December 10, 2021
Nerdy Shayan is playing a video game when Ellie and Sofia walk in. They tease him for being a geek and say he should be looking at porn not playing games. They joke about whether his balls have dropped and then decide to take a look, yanking him up and stripping him. Ignoring his protests they help themselves...
Enjoying The Show
Amber Green, Cherry Anderson, Honour May, Sofia Rex November 26, 2021
Marc and his girlfriend are attending a new after hours club when they spot two girls getting intimate with each other. Hostess Honour walks over and spots that Marc is getting aroused as he watches the two hotties kissing and going down on each other. She gropes his hardening package and then stands...
No Choice
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex October 8, 2021
After getting caught with his pants down by Bluelah and Jess in "New Manager", the girls have shared the photos round the office and now three more secretaries want to see Max's big dick. When he is reluctant, they threaten to send them to his wife so he soon strips naked and has them gasping at his...
Tennis Tent
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex August 20, 2021
Three ladies are shocked when the tennis pro appears to be rubbing himself against their asses during a lesson. When he develops a visible boner, they challenge him about it and threaten to go to the club committee. He begs them not to and they agree - providing he strips naked and shows them what was...