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Models / Belle Jolie

Avg Rating: 4.6

Belle Jolie Vital Stats:
Hair:  Mousey Brown
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Leggy
Best Feature:  Dominant Character
Date Joined:  4 February 2022
Twitter:  @LaBelleJolie69

Slutty Belle is a 27-year-old from Italy who now lives in London. The Roman babe had done some amateur porn before visiting PureCFNM for her first professional shoot.
She came along with her boyfriend and shared him with the two other girls, then enjoyed sucking a load of other guys while her boyfriend watched approvingly!
They swing in their private lives and say they love sharing each other with other people. I bet most guys would love a girlfriend like Belle!
Belle Jolie Updates

Mummy's Little Dunce
Belle Jolie, Dulci Mae, Tasha Jobbins May 31, 2024
When Dulcie and Belle come round to see Tasha, they are shocked to find a naked man in the corner of the living room. Tasha explains that it is her stepson, aka "Mummy's Little Dunce". It seems she is punishing him for always jerking off in his bedroom. The other girls explain that it's perfectly normal...
An Evening Of CFNM
Belle Jolie, Dulci Mae, Tasha Jobbins March 29, 2024
Dulcie has read about CFNM and wants to experience it herself. She invites two of her girlfriends along and they find two guys who are eager to flash their naked bodies in real life. The girls watch and cheer as the guys remove their towels and swing their dicks for them. They take photos and encourage...
Actor's Trick
Belle Jolie, Dulci Mae, Tasha Jobbins January 12, 2024
Jake is waiting for his audition when two established female members of the cast decide to play a trick on him. They convince him that his role is to be performed in the nude and persuade him to strip naked and practice his lines in front of them. When stage manager Tasha walks in she is horrified to...
Female Whisperer
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna July 21, 2023
Four girls are shocked at a party when a male guest appears able to read their thoughts. He explains that he is a female whisperer and knows everything they are thinking. He then looks shocked, telling Amber to stop thinking about giving him a blowjob. When he embarrasses the other girls by telling them...
Recording Step Bro
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna May 19, 2023
Belle's step brother is hot and all her friends want to see him naked. She opens the bathroom door while he is taking a shower and films him washing himself naked. He spots her and she runs out to show her friends. He comes in a few minutes later wearing just a towel and demanding she delete the video....
College Send Off
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna March 10, 2023
Sam is jerking off in his room thinking about his step mum and her hot friends in the kitchen. Suddenly she shouts that he is late for college. He stuffs his boner into his shorts and rushes out - only for the women to all notice the big tent in his pants! They giggle and say there is no way he can go...
Mr Christmas
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna December 23, 2022
Everyone in the house is handing out Christmas presents. Justin is a bit shocked when he opens his and finds a Christmas-themed mankini! The girls giggle and tell him to try it on. He is reluctant but they insist! When he comes back in, Amber shows off her new thong to tease him and he is soon bursting...
Package Trick
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll August 19, 2022
Three models are discussing how they check out guys' packages to see how big they think their cocks are. Back stage manager Danny overhears this and decides to play a trick on them, stuffing socks down his trousers before walking over. But his plan backfires when the girls are so impressed with his huge...
Dorm Chats
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll June 17, 2022
Three college girls are chatting in the dorm about boy's penises, totally unaware that the housemaster is listening in. He interrupts them and they explain they are just curious about how cocks work. Sunflower cheekily yanks down his pyjama bottoms and they see his huge cock! They agree to go to sleep...
Schoolgirl Bullies
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll April 15, 2022
Nerdy Eugene is studying hard when three bratty schoolgirls walk in and disturb him. They tease him and grab hold of him, yanking his boxers up and giving him a wedgie! They strip his clothes off and giggle at what is inside his pants. Then they yank them down and push him on the chair, daring each other...
Shoplifting Gang
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll February 4, 2022
A gang of beautiful shoplifters have targetted a local fashion store. When the store security guard hauls Chloe into the back office and tries to strip search her, her friends come rushing to her aid. They overpower the guard and turn the tables - strip searching him! They tie his hands with rope and...