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Models / Inked Barbie

Avg Rating: 3.7

Inked Barbie Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Submissive Slut
Date Joined:  25 November 2022
Twitter:  @xinkedbarbiex

Inked Barbie may look like a powerful bad ass with all her tattoos but in actual fact she is a 5"2 pint-sized submissive.
The sexy 26-year-old is a tiny UK dress size 4 and could easily lifted up and bounced round the room on the end of a hard cock.
She loves giving head and says her favorite position is doggy!
Inked Barbie Updates

Milk Maids
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey June 16, 2023
Farmer Jake has hired some milk maids to tend to all his cattle. But they are so efficient that by lunchtime the girls have milked every cow and goat on the farm! Their hands need something else to milk and when Jake comes to check on them they pounce on him and strip him naked. They get to work on his...
Penis Inspector
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey April 14, 2023
Justin is walking his normal route home when he is stopped by an official looking woman with a clipboard. She announces that she is a Penis Inspector and if he doesn't strip naked he won't be able to pass. She is very insistent and he nervously strips off and lets her grope and prod his cock up close....
Flashing Trap
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey February 10, 2023
A flasher has been exposing himself to girls in the park so 3 girls decide to catch him in the act and punish him. Amber wears a skimpy jogging outfit and goes for a run while the other two hide in the trees. When the pervert jumps out on Amber and flashes his cock, Barbie and Zoe grab him and wrestle...
Survival Skills
Amber Green, Inked Barbie, Zoe Grey November 25, 2022
Survival expert Marc is presenting a reality TV show following 3 urban girls' attempts to survive in the wild. It's day 3 and the girls are starving and overhear Marc advise viewers that an average load of male semen has enough protein to feed the 3 of them for a whole day. The girls instantly pounce...